The BAN Game!

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  1. In this game, you ban the previous poster for any perceived offense in their post.

    post #1: hey guys
    post #2: banned for thinking were all guys!
    post #3: banned fr banning him!
    post #4: banned for spelling for wrong!
    Post #5: banned for being a spelling nazi!
    Post #6: banned for using the term 'nazi'!

    And so on, and so forth.

    Step right up, and don't be shy!

    BAN ME!
  2. Banned for trying to make me ban you
  3. Banned for avatar showing her tummers.
  4. Banned for banning because of an avatar.
  5. Banned for having a sexier avatar than me
  6. Banned for telling the truth..? {xD}
  7. Banned for questioning your own authority.
  8. Banned for acting as though you HAVE authority.
  9. Banned for emphasizing have.
  10. Banned for having a revealing avatar.
  11. Banned for your avatar wearing white.
  12. Banned for discriminating against white things.
  13. Banned for not letting her discriminate white xD
  14. Banned for replying to my ban.
  15. Banned for responding too late to the appropriate ban
  16. Banned for living in the past.
  17. Banned for using a period!
  18. Banned for using an exclamation point!
  19. Banned for being a hypocrite
  20. Banned for using the word 'banned'
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.