The Bakers Thread! - Holiday Edition

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  1. Hello my fellow Iwakuans!

    I am a huge fan of baking as I know many of you are as well. So I decided to create a thread for us all to share our favorite holiday treats. You can also post your baking questions and concerns here! Like... what is the trick to making home made candies? And such...

    So.... enjoy! And give us your best recipes!
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  2. Favorite Holiday treat? Fudge. the secret to making it? A cast iron skillet and understanding what a soft ball stage is (as in how it looks with the cold water test because it's easier). No you may not have my family recipe. there are plenty of skillet fudge recipes. And don't gimme that microwaveable crap. not nearly as fun (grandmas get passes on that because arthritis.)
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    My specialty is pecan pie! :D
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  4. I make a pretty good Stollen, but that's about it for baking.

  5. I love baking bread. At the moment, most I have done is the basic white bread and banana bread, but if I pull it out of the oven just as the hubby gets home... His dimples says it all :D
  6. I. LOVE. BAKING! My favourite for the current season - Apple hand pies! Suuuper scrumptious, and you get to use the abundant fall harvest of sweet and tart apples. (recipe here) Later, during the christmas holidays, I make mostly traditional Swedish pastries like klenäter and mandelmusslor, which translates to 'almond clams', though they don't contain any clams. The name is derived from its' shape, since they are baked in molds resembling clam shells. I also like to make a variety of candies, like knäck (caramel brittle), home made Reece's peanut butter cups, and mozartkugeln (a ball of nougat encased in marzipan covered in chocolate).

    100g margarine
    100g caster sugar
    2 eggs
    100g self raising flour
    25g cocoa powder
    1 level teaspoon baking powder
    1 tablespoon golden syrup
    3 tablespoon milk
    5ml vanilla essence

    2 mars bars
    2 tablespoon milk

    Combine all cake ingredients and beat really well.
    Put into a lightly greased large microwave ring mould and cook on high for 4 – 5 minutes. Leave to stand for 5 minutes before turning out.
    Put sliced up Mars Bars and milk into microwave for about 1 minute. Beat until smooth and pour over cake.
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  8. I can feel my teeth decaying just by looking in here.
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  9. This. Sounds. Sinfully. Amazing!

    I must try it!
  10. Well it's a good thing I have a scale that uses metric measurements.

    *looks at the dead battery*

    ... Fuck.
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  11. It's not for you.
  12. Thanks for getting into the holiday spirit Asmo. *flings fruit cake*