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  1. Lately it feels as though we've been seeing thread after thread get posted, argued within, and subsequently locked all for the sake of some touchy subject. Maybe it's all on purpose, maybe it's not..

    Let's try to keep it aaaaaaall together and see how that works out, mmkay?

    Lemme get this started.

    Diversity is subtle white genocide.

    Just to really kick things off, lemme make sure all the good folks take notice. @Asmodeus @Brovo @Jorick @Darog
    @Gonzo @ElBell @Seiji @Kaga-kun and I think @Orochi . If I missed anybody it's likely I couldn't remember you for something ridiculously attention grabbing in General.

    Do Not Open. (open)
  2. *blink, blink* I'm important enough to get mentioned? I'm one of "the good folk"?


    At any rate, this thread sort of sounds like it's some sort of attempt at change but I really have no idea what I'm being asked to do. o3o

    And yes, I saw Asmo's "Black and White" thread. It doesn't help clarify. o3o
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  3. Woooow.

    Just Woooow.
  4. I heard there would be fried chicken.
  5. We tried this already. Didn't take.


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  7. How about let's just not do this?
  8. [​IMG]
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    1. Post Thread
    2. Add something to it
    3. ???
    4. Profit
    All's well with this I see.
Thread Status:
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