The Badasses of the World

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After being sent to a concentration camp, he got bored and left.
Jack Churchill's also the only guy with recorded kills with a longbow during the war.

Dude was a fucking lunatic.
I like this list, it makes me happy.
Going to transcribe on of my favorite wartime true stories, the one where 3 men with nothing but a stick (literally) capture a tank. May or may not could considering the tank was Italian.

Also where POWs capture the plane that was taking them to the camp and decide to fly it to their own airfield (and almost get shot down by their own planes) North Africa was a crazy place in those days.
I'm amazed it took you guys this long to read this article, doubly amazed it took you all this long to hear about Mad Jack Churchill. The man is legendary.
Simo Hayha is the most badass on that list IMO. I think they made a documentary or a movie about him>?? Could be wrong though.