The Awakening Kiss

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  1. This is a romance action roleplay about a woman who is a student at a dojo, training under her teacher. As time progresses, the teacher starts realizing that his student has some sort of strange power. She is suprisingly able to control her power, but it is still weak. The two train endlessly each day to help ensure that the girl's powers grow to there full potential. But, there is a side affect that both are unaware of, the more stronger she becomes, the more chances she will be engulfed in her own power, causing her to become unstable and the only way to stop it from spreading, which she has yet to find. But, little to the teachers knowledge, he is the one who is destined to help her control this power.

    If you are interested, pm me or respond to this link.
  2. sounds interesting, but i might need a little guidance if i join :P
  3. Sure I will help you out =)
  4. okay, cool. as soon as i find my charger, i'll be good to go.