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  1. Monday, August 25th
    First Day of School

    Garrett arrived at the bus-stop first today. He was wearing a Hollister Tanktop, which donned his school colors. On his back was a drawstring backpack with his soccer stuff in it. He had no need to bring his school supplies with him, as they were already in his locker. He had always made time to get to school before the year started to set up his locker. He was a Junior now, two steps away from leaving Melbourne and going off to college. The morning was warm, like most summers in the morning were.

    He looked around, trying to see if anyone was heading to the bus-stop. Most everyone in Melbourne got on the bus here, unless they had a car. Garrett had a car, but the bus-rides were always more fun. He might of used his car more if the drive wasn't so boring and lonely. Maybe he could find some people this year and offer to give them rides, that way he could take full advantage of his driving permit, which he got during the summer.
  2. Darcy quickly pulled on the outfit she had prepared for the first day of school, a plain yellow flowing blouse, black Converse and skinny jeans, swiping some watermelon Chapstick on her lips and putting on her large glasses. She looked at her small digital alarm clock. 7:03. She ran downstairs as quickly as she could, seeing she had to be at the bus stop in 12 minutes. She ran a brush through her long, straight red hair as she grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on her wooden dining table and yelled goodbye to her parents, still asleep on this Monday morning. She grabbed her backpack and hurried out the door, hoping the bus hadn't left yet.

    She broke out into a sprint, her track skills kicking in as she approached the stop. She ran up to it, her hair slightly out of place and her glasses crooked. She fixed her appearance in the reflection of her phone and gave a friendly smile to the only other person at the stop, whom she recognized as Garret from her gym class last year. He was a junior, from Elmwood. She turned back to the road, looking for the bus as she bit into her apple.
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  3. It was 0459 hours.

    Nicholas closed his eyes, counting away the hollow seconds before his father's voice blared from across the hall. There was no need to look at the clock, nor any need to take out his phone and glance at the time, for his father was one step ahead of all of it. The sun was not expected to rise for another hour or so, but Nicholas had learned throughout the years that his protests made no difference whatsoever. Slowly, he heard the wooden floors creak beneath Lt. King's heavy feet. Nicholas sighed as the siren went off.

    In an instant, he could hear fainter footsteps from his little sister Maria, as she rushed from her room and into the corridor. Much more sluggishly, Nicholas crept from under the warmth of his covers, as he made his way out from the comfort of his room and into the coldness of reality. "Morning," he said, giving Maria a slight push. She shrugged.

    And this was how the King's began each of their mornings.

    It was 0700 hours.

    The roar of his father's truck announced his, and Maria's, departure. The house fell silent.

    Nicholas quickly made his way towards the kitchen, grabbing a can of Monster, before making his way out. The bus stop was within walking distance, only a few blocks away from his home. He put his drink inside his backpack before jogging towards the stop. He noticed two other that had already arrived, not recognizing them, he opted for a casual approach, "Glad to see I'm not the only kid stuck with riding that thing"
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  4. Normally, the sound of Lizzy’s crazy crooning of “It’s A Beautiful Morning” would be what woke Mendi up from her rest, but not this time. She hasn’t had a rude awakening like that for a whole year…and she mournfully missed it.

    Mendi sat up, this time to the sounds of Radiohead alarming the morning’s hour. She really had no concerns whatsoever to actually get up for the day – reason why she didn’t set her alarm in the first place. But her parents obviously felt the need, for they had set it for her as she slept. The idea of returning to school, after the worst year of her life, turned her stomach. It would be far too obvious that she was missing…not standing beside her practically at every step. Lizzy was more than a sister, she was a twin, and such people cannot be easily forgotten after death. It’s just not possible.

    Mendi forced her parents to keep Lizzy’s things in the room they shared. It made the transition easier for her, but dressing in her sister’s clothes and sleeping in her bed it didn’t really ease the sensation of abandonment; just made her absence hurt more. But, she had to let her go; she had to get over it all. This year was to be her’s. She had far too many things to do, and too many people counting on her to get her head on straight. It felt – wrong, but Mendi had no choice.

    This morning, except dressing in something from Lizzy’s side of the closet, she opted to wear something of her own. Tossing her light grey lace neck satin cami over her Speedo and shrugging on a pair of jeans, Mendi tied her hair up and finished setting herself before headed downstairs. Her parents, as always, had breakfast waiting for her and were nowhere in sight. Both of them worked crazy hours, but since they owned their own publishing house they had privileges to alter them when necessary. Mendi swore they would, at least, hang around to see her off for the first day of school. But she figured this moment would be painful for them too.

    Mendi’s cell phone rang as she casually took her time through the neighborhood towards the bus stop. Normally, she would have taken the car that her and her sister struggled to earn the money to buy. But, it’s sat in the garage for a whole year – untouched. She wasn’t even sure if there was any gas in it. Her dad wants to give it a good check up before she drives it again. So, the bus it is.

    “Yea, I’m on my way.” She knew Aujuli would be calling her to make sure she was actually out of bed.

    “Good,” her voice seems to smile through the phone. “If ya want, I can have Castor come get you.”

    Mendi shook her head, “You two go ahead. I’ll be fine. If I’m late, tell coach that I’m bus-bound, K?”

    They ended the call just when she reached the bus stop, finding a few familiar faces from her school’s track team. It was slightly uncanny – she wasn’t the only one.

    One of them commented about riding the bus and she snickered, “Yea, funny how we work our butts off to get a license and a car; yet, we still end up riding this contraption. Sucks…” She tossed her messenger bag down and sat on the bench to wait things out. She glanced at the others, Darcy & Garrett, and forced a smile on her face. If she was going to be there, she might as well get her spirits up.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Two siblings were already awake. One teen was sitting in a dining room eating his breakfast, while the other was still getting dress. The mother of the kids walked over to the dining room holding a plate and let out a small deep sigh."Where is your goddamn little sister?" She muttered looking over her shoulder taking in a deep breath. She was ready to roar throughout the house for her other child to come downstairs and eat her breakfast but was soon stopped quickly."I'll get her mom, relax." Chuckled the male child dashing to the stairs and up. Soon he walked down to his little sisters door and began to knock effortlessly, his knocks sounding loud even without trying."SIS! COME DOWN OR ELSE NO BREAKFAST." yelled the male at the door."HOLD ON IM STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT AN OUTFIT!" Responded the sister from the other side of the door. Vincent, the male and older brother of Penelope then let out a deep sigh whispering to himself."I told her to get her clothes ready for today, seriously--It's been half an hour." As he jogged down the stairs and sat back down in his seat at the end of the long dining room table, A large gold Labrador retriever following him and sitting next to his seat in silence.

    Soon Penelope came rushing down the stairs, sitting at the other end of the table eating her own breakfast, or Atleast more like swallowing and occasionally choking slightly here and there."Done..." She muttered with an annoyed tone. Vincent looked up and stared."Seriously? The same outfit as me, or Atleast a similar one?" He said in a tone of slight questioning."Biter."

    "Well, unless you want me to change for another half hour again and make us late for school, I'll be glad to do that now then." Nodded Penelope in sarcasm as she stand up but was soon stopped by Vincent suddenly.
    "Woah woah woah woah woah. No, football tryouts are today surprisingly. I don't want to be late and make it seem like I'll be a 'late player'."
    "Ok then." Smirked Penelope sitting back down.

    Their mother looked at the time and yawned."You guys might as well walk there. It's only 10 minutes away." She said. The siblings looked at each other in silence and grabbed their things, throwing the foam plates away. Despite being rich, their family was cheap too.

    As they both sat at the stairway slipping on some custom made chucks -or converses- that had a Mickey symbol -for Vincent- and Minnie symbol -for Penelope- they stand up."Oh--Wait!" Penelope said."First day of school picture!" The girl finished grabbing her camera from a nearby table and dragging her older brother to a large mirror that was hanged in the halls upstairs. Penelope quickly took a picture of the two being matching siblings and soon they ran back down the stairs and out the door."Lock the door!" Called Vincent to his mother before the door closed and the two began to walk to school, looking flashy as Mickey and Minnie matching siblings.

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  6. Garrett smiled as he looked at Darcy, whom he recognized as a member of the track team. "What's the hurry? We both know the bus ever gets here on time anyway" He chuckled. He pulled his backpack off and from it he produced a brand new soccer ball. He began to juggle it (with his feet, of course). This was actually an average morning ritual, something he started doing his freshman year. He turned to Nicholas, and spoke while he juggled "Oh c'mon, its free transportation, meaning I don't have to buy gas." Now he kicked the ball up higher, and caught it when he turned to Mendi. He smiled at her. "What's up gurllll" he said, in a very mocking voice. He chuckled at his own joke.

    The bus was about a block away, and the roar of the engine could be heard by those at the bus-stop. The bus driver was half-awake himself, driving to the last stop. Troublemakers, the driver had called them.
  7. 3:00 AM

    The only sound in the entire house was the slight racket of music being blared through headphones; you know, that sound. That sound that allows one to hear music, but only a crappy version of it. In her head though, the song was clear as rain-- as clear as her eyes were open in this early morning hour.

    The sound of an amateur artist who had a decent crowd on YouTube sang into her head. His name was Jeet, and she had fallen in love with this particular song. She'd wasted an entire summer with it.

    6:00 AM

    In the past three hours, two things had changed. One was the faint blue light that was flooding into her bedroom and the other was the volume of the music. It was now much more loud and clear. Thirty minutes ago she'd crawled out of bed and began getting ready for the day. It didn't take her as long to get ready people might think. A shower, brush her hair and dress. That was all there was to it for her. She believed in a conspiracy about makeup that put her off to such things.

    Once dressed and ready to leave, she left as simple as that, and headed to the bus-stop she'd gone to for the past two years. It wasn't far from her house, in-fact, it was just half-a-block and around-the-corner. Those who saw her might recognize her; she'd gained a bit of a name for herself the first two years of her high school life as 'the girl the guys wished was on their basketball team' and she was trademarked by two things; her hair, and her hat. The hat seemed almost comical. It was white, and felt of fur, with a long bill in front and almost added four inches in height to rather rather tall figure. The hat also had pokodots of brown swimming around it. Her hair was blue, same as last year. The exact same, in fact. She hadn't re-dyed it sense then and now, it was more of a former blue. Her hair looked dry and was now a gray with a slight blue tint to it that almost seemed eerie on the young woman.

    The past two years, most had known Melodyne for her frequent, albeit unskilled, singing along to her cheery music but not today. Not now. As she reached the group, all of whom she'd have recognized had she looked up, she remained silent and found herself merely leaning against the nearby fence. She was deaf to any conversations they had made, thanks to the music buzzing in her head which was loud enough for them to sing-a-long with, had they known the lyrics. However, when the bus rounded the corner, she looked up as if she'd heard it. Had the Melodyne from the past two years been there, she'd have said she had felt the vibrations through the ground and her feet besides that being an asinine notion. The girl stood straight, she was almost shrouded in a thick camping coat that had more pockets then she'd ever need and pants of the same nature, and stepped forward, watching the rolling transportation approach them.
  8. Day one. Begin monotony, Tanya thought. Her alarm was buzzing and the teenager was already reluctant to remove herself from the cocoon of covers that she'd tangled herself into through the course of the night. "Come on, you can be late tomorrow," she muttered to herself, reached over, and slapped around on the desk until the alarm stopped shrieking. Then she pushed herself up, grateful that she had the foresight to shut the blinds, and pack her bag the night before.

    "Shiloh, up, boy," Tanya said, and nudged the mutt that was sleeping against her leg. He was a medium sized dog, mostly white, but with a large grey spot on his right flank and the left side of his head, as well as on his hind left paw and tip of his short tail. The dog raise his head and shook it, ears flopping everywhere, and ended up looking at her with one sitting atop his head. With a grin, Tanya wiped it off of her dog's head nd ruffled it, making the dog shut his blue eyes before they both got up.

    Quickly, Tanya double checked her bag- a satisfactory amount of notebooks, pencils, pens, and erasers, phone, wallet, keys, even a calculator, and her tryout jerseys for soccer and football- and then showered and donned herself in her school clothes. First day impressions had stopped mattering once Tanya entered middle school, so she went simple; a green t-shirt, khaki shorts, a pair of sneakers, and her hair brushed and tied up.

    Next, Tanya crept past her father, who was still sleeping- how that man slept through the girl's alarm, Tanya would never know- and down stairs with her bag and dog. She opened the back door to let Shiloh do what he needed to, and set coffee going for her dad. She briefly considered making breakfast, but looked at the clock- 7:02 did the microwave proudly beam- and sighed. Quickly, Tanya let the dog back in, brushed her teeth, grabbed her bag, and ran out the door, to the bus stop.

    "Wake up, Glenn. School's back," his mother promised from the other side of the closed door.


    "Already gave it to you. Wake up, I've got breakfast if you do," she bribed, and Glenn could hear his mother retreat back downstairs to the kitchen. Pushing himself up, Glenn sighed; he knew she was right. In a state of half sleep, Glenn walked himself to his bathroom and showered; he brushed his teeth and dressed. Grey t-shirt with dark blue strips around the sleeves, collar, and bottom of the shirt, and a stripe of the same dark blue across his chest. Thin, tattered jeans, even though it was August. Black sneakers in need of replacement. An attempt to comb his hair, only to muss it back up again to retain the lock that Glenn had so not painstakingly set up for himself over the previous two years.

    Next was his bag. A notebook, his schedule- more for room numbers and locker number- a few pencils and pens. Calculator. Laptop. After some deliberation, a tangle of metal that his uncle had given to him, just a couple weeks ago. It was a puzzle, supposedly Japanese, where the goal was to twist the metal until it was no longer twisted, but instead a loop.

    With that all squared away, Glenn grabbed his phone and wallet, and put one in each pocket, and his keys with his wallet, then walked downstairs. As promised, his mom had made him breakfast; an egg with some toast. Not surprisingly, it was still warm; Glenn figured his mother had lied about having it being made when she went to go wake him. Not that he minded- she'd been doing that and leaving him alone in the kitchen for most mornings of his high school career. Just because this was the first day of his junior year didn't make this morning any different.

    After he ate, in silence, Glenn put his dishes in the dishwasher, and headed upstairs to grab his bag- and brush his teeth again. There was something stuck, that he could feel, but his tongue just couldn't quite work it out; it was too small. After his mouth was again cleaned, Glenn took his bag. He did a mental check of everything he needed to have or do and, sure that he'd done everything, shouted a goodbye to his parents, and walked out the door and meandered over to the bus stop. When Glenn arrived the bus itself wasn't very far away.

    Tanya and Glenn were there within seconds of another. "I see you didn't sleep in," Glenn remarked, easily. He and Tanya had been friends for ages; best friends, even. People had managed to get over the idea that the two of them were going out in middle school and their freshmen year, where Tanya made it clear who she was and wasn't going out with at any given time.

    "I see you didn't laze your way out of school," Tanya teased back. Glenn shrugged; true enough, there had been days where he simply didn't go to school, for no other reason than he was comfortable at home. Not that Tanya blamed him- she'd do much the same if given the option, but unlike Glenn's parents, Tanya's father was adamant about her going to school.

    "Looks like a popular ride today," Glenn observed, looking at the crowd that had gathered to the stop.

    "Yeah, but-" Tanya directer her words to everyone now- "how many of you are gonna keep taking the bus throughout the year?"
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  9. "What's up gurllll?"

    Mendi tried her best not to show any reaction to Garrett's goofy behavior, but she couldn't help but to giggle. "The sky, boiiii, that's what." She would of stood up and attempt to steal the ball away from him, but she already knew he was far too fast on his feet - even with a ball before it.
    Garrett was one of the fastest guys on the track team, if she had any vote on it. So, instead of playing 'Keep Away', knowing she would lose, Mendi washed her smile off her face and stood up and grabbed her bag. The sound of the bus echoed off the elaborate houses, announcing how soon it'll be there.

    A few more people had made it to the stop on time: two girls she's never really met but had seen last year, and Glenn, a guy from last year's Language Club. Geez, she's seeing more people she knew somewhat from the year before than she'd hoped. In reality, Mendi wanted to drop her head under water and wait as the world passed her by. But, that was not going to happen - not with all the friend and family and teammates around her who refused to watch her drown. Still, Mendi honestly didn't want to go to school - alone.

    "How many of you are gonna keep taking the bus throughout the year?" The girl that came with Glenn asked, and Mendi had to actually think about it. Her car will be running good as new soon, but that was Their car - the one her and Lizzy earned together... The memory was still far too fresh.

    "I'm probably going to," she answered before realizing. "'s in the shop permanently, I guess."
  10. Alexandria shifted uncomfortably on her bed, trying to cover her face from the sun. "Wake up, Alexandria." She felt her mother lifting the covers that was covering her body from head to toe. Alexandria grumbled in response, unwilling to get up from bed to get ready for school. Her mother added, shaking Alexandria in order for her to wake up, "Didn't I told you not to stay out late last night."

    Alexandria lazily sat up from bed, eyeing the bass guitar that was sitting in the corner of her room, "I'm already up. Plus, I came back before curfew last night. You should be proud of me." After that, she winked at her mother playfully before grabbing the band shirt she bought at the beginning of the vacation and a pair of black skinny jeans, making her way to the toilet. She took a quick shower and got dressed. The shirt was longer then expected since she bought it a size larger. She combed through her straight raven black hair, getting rid of any tangles. After that, she put on her contact lenses and tied her hair into a high ponytail while her long fringe covered her eyes a bit. "Ah, that reminds me... I need to get it cut soon." she sighed, inspecting her fringe in the mirror.

    After wearing her clothes, she slipped on her grey Converse high tops. She went back into her room to get her black school bag which had many badges of anime characters and band logos. She walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen, where her younger brother was already eating his breakfast and her mother was packing their lunch while her father was nowhere to be seen. She walked past her brother, ruffling his hair which earned her a growl in response, and walked towards her mother who was already holding up her lunch towards her. "Thanks, mother." she said as she took the lunch bag from her mother and then kept it in her bag.

    She turned around and made her way to the front door before she could hear anymore nagging from her mother, "I'll see you all during dinner time." She waved, her back facing them. She exited her house and made her way to the bus stop, which was about a five minute walk from her house. Three, if she brisk walked. She felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. She took it out and saw an unread message from her band's leader. It read; 'Happy first day of Sophomore year, Alex~ Enjoy! -Gabe ;)'

    Alexandria grumbled, ignoring the text and shoving her phone back into her pockets. She hated going to a different school from her bandmates, she always feels distant whenever they talk about school and stuff. Sighing, she told herself to be positive again. She wasn't really excited for school - heck, she dreads school - but she couldn't wait to start this year's Paranormal Club's activities. In a few minutes, she reached the bus stop she always waits for the bus at everyday. The usual people were already there, waiting for the bus. "Good morning, everyone. Excited? I'm not." she says, mumbling the last few words sarcastically.
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  11. "What's the hurry? We both know the bus doesn't get here in time, anyways." Darcy faced Garrett as he talked, smiling slightly. "That may be true, but you never know. Remember last year when the bus came 20 minutes early and everyone missed it?" She joked, looking to face the newcomers casually making their way toward the bus stop, as well as those already there.

    She was able to catch many different clothing ensembles, such as matching Disney shoes and sweatshirts as well as the familiar blue hair of Melodyne, the tallest basketball player in the school. She sat down on a bench at the stop as she whipped out her schedule, making sure she had her classes and the room numbers memorized before she carefully set the paper back into her backpack, trying not to damage any of her school supplies. She sat up and looked at her phone. 7:18. Garrett was right, she realized with a chuckle, The bus was late, even on the first day of school.
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  12. The queen sized bed stood in the middle of the room, with creamy white, iron rods on each corner raised up for about 2 meter. Between two and two of these iron rod there was a white rod, which from again, there was curtains hanging from.
    With them hanging loose, shielding her from the light that was pressing its way into the room in the early morning, she had a much softer morning than many others.
    The pillows covered in silk, and the duvet in a creamy white silk sheet, the blonde girl woke up perfectly fine.
    Show Spoiler

    As always she had her eyes covered with a eyemask in blue, and her hair in a braid to avoid knots coming to it.
    As a spoiled little princess from the stories she was.
    Amy was her parents little princess though. No one could deny such a thing.
    Which was very easy to notice when her mother came to wake her up as she always did.

    "Good morning sweetheart. About time to rise now" Her mothers voice was gentle, sweet, friendly. It was like the wind during the heat waves. Warm with care.
    She carried a plate that had a cup of coffee, and a crossaint on it, and placed that by the make-up table in the room, knowing that the young girl needed to stick to her morning routines otherwise someone would deal with a broken cup and lots to clean.

    After watching her mother leave, Amy walked over to the table in her half-awake state, staring at herself in the morning as she drank the coffee.
    Inbetween the bites of the crossaint, fresh from the oven, she put on her make-up, a little bit of powder, a little eyeliner in grey, and light blue eyeshadow. Not too much, not too little. A perfect balance.
    The outfit had been made ready the day before. A white blouse, grey jeans and a pair of high heeled black pumps. Even if she dressed moderately, she could easily be noticed.

    Show Spoiler

    It did not take long to walk down to the little busstop which the horrible bus would stop by. She would have driven to school herself, but that car was unfortunateely not suitable for driving to school in. So she walked down to the stop where unfortunately some others already were. "
    Hey guys" The blonde greeted them as she stopped just by them. The big back bag was over her shoulders and soon the bus would come.
  13. Instead of walking to school, the siblings decided to take the bus despite living fairly close to it. They waited and waited until finally, the bus stopped and they went in. A grinning sister nervous to take her seat as she covered her smile with her sleeve looking over her shoulder. She didn't want to choose a seat, she wanted her older brother to take initiative for her slight shyness and he sighed walking Infront of her."Let's just sit here sis." Vincent said peeking over his shoulder only to see Penelope's other hand cling onto the back of his Mickey sweatshirt and she sat inside while her older brother sat on the outside. The two were both sitting way in the back and some students continued to stare at the siblings.

    It was easy for Vincent to make friends. Some of the students in the bus, recognized him and knew him while others simply tried to talk to him here and there. As everyone was sitting a football can be seen being thrown around here and there by the guys."Hey!" Vincent yelled raising a hand as he snapped his fingers loudly."Throw it over here!" He added chuckling. The football was thrown at him and he caught it with ease as he threw it to another guy, they were just playing catch. Nothing special.

    Soon some girls turned and looked at Penelope."Is he your brother?" They asked. Penelope nodded, grinning."Yeah--Why? Think he's cute?" She giggled."Well--Duh! How old is he? Is he single?" The other girl asked interrupting."Older then me, and yes." The brunette answered as she smiled. The girls Infront of her giggled as they told other girls in the bus and Penelope shook her head. But on the other hand while Penelope was talking to the girls, the guys began to talk about Penelope with Vincent.

    "She's cute."
    "How old is she?"
    "Younger than me."

    Soon the game of catch was soon interrupted by the bus driver who had yelled for them to stop. Immediately Vincent caught the ball and stopped, sitting in his seat with a blank expression and once the driver turned away he snickered with the guys, handing the ball back to some other guy and silently sitting there. Penelope poked her finger inside his ear, and suddenly--he jerked back as his shoulders went up to cover his ear. Penelope laughed." You're already popular with the girls!" She said."Right back at you--But with the guys." Grinned Vincent in response.
  14. "'s in the shop permanently, I guess." Garrett sighed "That really sucks Mendi. I have a car, but it's no fun to drive to school alone, so I ride the bus." His soccer ball was cradled between his arm and his side now, listening to the sounds of the approaching bus. He looked at Alexandria as she entered the group; "Good morning, everyone. Excited? I'm not." Garrett smiled at her. "Oh c'mon, it isn't that bad." to Garrett, highschool was the best opportunity in life to meet new people and have fun. He responded to Darcy next: "Speak of the devil" he said as the bus rolled up to the curb they stood on. Garrett was the first one in, and he made his way all the way to the back of the half-full bus. It was loud, laughter and talk of summer filled the vehicle. He sat in an empty seat adn scooted in close to the window, making room for anyone who wanted to sit next to him.

    A couple of freshman girls who sat in the seats near him stared and giggled. One girl sitting behind him, who looked particularly old for an underclassman tapped Garrett on his shoulder. He turned and looked at her as she spoke.
    "Aren't you Garrett Wilson?" he nodded. The girl sat back down, and giggled some more. "That was peculiar" he mumbled.
  15. Darcy stood up and hoisted her full bag over her shoulder, running to the bus to try to be as close to the first person on as possible. However, she wasn't quick enough. The whole mass of teenagers that were waiting at the stop all surged forward at once, leaving Darcy at the back of the pack. Someone shoved in front of her, but she couldn't make out who it was before she was pushed onto the full bus, already filled with kids from her school. She scanned the aisles as she looked for an empty place to sit. On one side of the bus sat a group of boys and girls crowding around the look-alike Vincent and Penelope, chattering excitedly. Before she could prepare, a flying football nearly collided with her face, thrown by a cocky senior guy trying to reach Vincent. She glared at him before moving on.

    Finally, after scanning the bus, she just decided to sit next to a tall freshman girl behind Garrett. Nicholas, another guy she recognized from last year, was struggling to stay awake in the seat next to her. She smiled, amused. She lived close by to Nicholas, and knew about his obsessive military dad. She could see why he was nodding off. She faced Garrett over the seat and smiled, earning a nasty look from the girl, who was obviously trying to flirt with him. She rolled her eyes at the girl. She was single, but at least she wasn't desperate enough for a boyfriend that she flirted with guys two years older than her. "So, um, can I see your schedule?" She asked Garrett after turning back to face him.
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  16. The buss reached the stop, and she shrugged under the coat. This would be another annoying journey. She let the others race in, not wanting to be bumped between everyone while in pumps, and walked in, sitting down somewhere in the middle where there still was a free seat.
    The football stars of course sat not too far away, all loud and with a football flying around between them. That was why she avoided the cheerleader team, despite having been asked to join before. No, cardio and running during her freetime was enough, she didn't need to do cheering too.

    The horrible yellow busses that they had to sit in made her shudder though, and the noice was just annoying as hell. Didn't they all have senses to be quiet that early in the morning? Some people were trying to wake up still after all.
  17. When Vincent had long stopped, he watched the other guys continue catch. Soon the ball nearly hit Darcy's face and he perked his head up, trying to see where the girl now sat at so he can apologize for the guys -even though he wasn't playing with them-."Aye, give me the football." Vincent said looking at a fellow other senior and snatching it from his hands. He chucked the ball to Penelope and she held onto it looking at him."I'll be back." He said then looked back down at the football."Hmm, lemme see that, sis." He said. Penelope lightly tossed the football at Vincent and Vincent slowly made his way up, in a crouch in attempt to sit next -or Atleast across- from Darcy."W-Wait!" Penelope said standing up and following.

    "Hey." Vincent said trying to get her attention."Sorry for the ball to the face thing." The male apologized for the guys he didn't even know. Vincent looked down at the football in silence then back up at Darcy, handing her the football."Take it. You should be the one deciding if they deserve it back." Said the male. He placed the football on her lap with ease before looking over his shoulder at some 'lonely loser' who was awkward. Vincent slowly smirked and nodded at the 'loser' who no longer sat alone with Vincent by his side."Sup?" He chuckled and looked at Penelope. They were saying something in their eyes despite being quiet and Penelope smiled back as Vincent looked over his shoulder."Mind if you switch seats and sit next to my sister?" He asks. The student got quiet in shock and Vincent moved to the side allowing the nerdy and awkward socialite to make his way and sit next to Penelope. For the most part, most of the bus was shocked and Vincent had the whole seat to himself now.

    Surprisingly, neither siblings were hateful towards anyone nor judgmental. Penelope talked with the awkward kid and soon left him alone when he was studying next to her. She looked at another student Infront of her which was garret and tilted her head. She leaned forward."Hey--You're that Soccor guy I kept seeing here and there when I go to the field to see my brother play football or when I pass by." She said."The field Around Elmwood I hang around." She adds. The girl tried to remember his name but couldn't. All she know was that once in a while they would only say hi and bye and that's it, nothing more and she made a silly face."It began with a 'G'.." She said to herself pondering.
  18. As the bus pulled up, Mendi nodded to Garrett, understanding fully what he meant. She smiled and waved at the other students she knew who road the bus normally, but that was about it. She wasn't sure she was in the mood to socialize or not, at the moment, but the excitement on the bus was just so contagious. It was as if last year didn't change a thing. All of her friends were there, people she's met from time to time, and a few she's met through Aujuli and her brother, Castor. Footballs were flying, people were flirting or catching a few zz's; like old times.

    Taking her time to find a seat, Mendi scanned over the aisle. Several guys she knew from the football team watched her passed, giving her a thumbs up or winking, all of which she ignored. They obviously thought she was Lizzy. Still, the bus was filling up fast, and as the bus driver attempted to stop all the tomfoolery going on so he can continue his route, Mendi was feeling less like herself and more like a stranger among people she knew.
  19. "Sorry to hear that," Tanya offered to the girl, but doubted it was heard. The bus pulled up, and everyone crowded onto it, slowly. It was astounding how mny teenagers could be packed onto one bus- and while Tanya didn't mind in the slightest, Glenn did. "Other side of the aisle from Garrett, see it?" Tanya pointed out. Her friend nodded.

    Glenn never did enjoy large amounts people, even if Tanya did. So Glenn scotched by his friend and took the window seat- how they managed to find an open double seat in all of this chaos, he'd never guess- while Tanya sat in the aisle seat and swiveled around so that her legs were in it. "Hey- is that schedules I hear?" the girl asked. Glenn leaned over to listen. Between the two of them, from clubs, sports, and classes in school together, they recognized quite a few of the people surrounding them.
  20. Garrett now looked at Darcy, who sat with the weird freshman girl. "So, um, can I see your schedule?" Garrett smiled awkwardly, clearing his throat. "My schedule is at school with the rest of my stuff, sorry." Another person demanded his attention, a girl he sort of recognized was speaking to him. "It began with a 'G'.." Garrett smirked, and completed the rest of his name for her. "Garrett. I'm Garrett. I think I've seen you a couple times on the way home from practice and stuff like that, but I can't recall your name." He blushed, embarrassed about his own short-term memory. "I'm sorry."

    His mind shifted to the unofficial start of the soccer season. A student organized soccer game, which would probably end up having more spectators than the league finals. This game would establish which team would be feared this year; The Melbourne Raiders, or the Elmwood Generals. Most of the school knew about it, but he figured that he might try and get his bus pumped up for the big game after he finished talking to Penelope.

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