'The Avengers' Romance

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  1. So, I FINALLY saw The Avengers. (AWESOME movie, by the way!)

    I was kinda thinking about a romance story using one of the Avengers' teammates.

    Maybe Thor (Stacisaur)

    Maybe Ion Man (Tenchi Dragon Heart Roku)

    Maybe Captain America

    Maybe The Hulk (Kittarah the Dragon)

    Maybe Hawkeye & Black Widdow (Excalibur)

    I would play a woman, the hero's love interest. The hero would save me from terrible distruction (damsel in distress, yadda yadda) and they'd end up dragging me around with them because I'm useful (in one way or another). Of course, as in every romance novel, we'd slowly fall for each other until they went off to fight and I'd realize I'm in love with them as I worried for their safety and then they'd get drastically injured and there'd be a huge dramatic scene where they're injured laying in my arms and I'm crying and I confess my feelings (whether or not they do is up to you) then they get all better and happy ending.

    So, if you're interested, respond to this thread or PM me, please!

    But, I'd be best as Thor.. <3
    He's my homie.

    I have interest,
    my availability is the worst part, though.
  3. If I do this, I'm going with Tony Stark. Iron Man is boss! >:3
  4. Well, if you are unavailable at the moment, I can put you down as Thor and we can schedule to start at a later date in time. Would you be interested in that?
  5. :3 Yus, if you think that is a good idea-r.
    I look forward to the slow meeting and gradual build in the story the most. - w- thats my favorite part of rping with relationships. > w< ~
  6. Okay so I shall put you down as Iron man. Shall we talk plot?
  7. Plotting yes :3
  8. Mkaii PM me with an idea if you would please.
  9. Idea sent :D
  10. Why do I like this idea so much.
    Geh, Bruce Banner is adorable. I might try to work on ideas, to see if I want to do this.
  11. Anyone wants to do a .. Hawkeye x Black Widow wimme?
  12. They are quite adorable together. ^ - w-

  13. Alright that's awesome, Shall I put your name down then?
  14. I'd be interested.
  15. Yes, indeed they are :P
  17. ARE YOU SURE!?
  18. I think. At least talking about it can begin. 8D

  19. Alrighty then, how bout you PM me with an idea?
  20. Yes, yes. Put my name down and I'll start thinking up ideas.