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  1. Welcome Fellow Iwaku Members,
    Before you today I have created an interesting challenge for everyone! I dare you to try this out. It's called; The Avatar Storyteller. Sound pretty self-explanatory and anyone's guess would probably be to tell a story about your or someone's Avatar. Well that is a great guess and partially correct! I shall explain what you have to do.

    Everyone will be telling a story for someone. You will be taking the person's avatar above you and making a short story out of it BUT the person above you will set One restriction after they have submitted their story. This restriction can not be used in the story in any way or form. Restriction can be challenging or simple it is up to them/you to decided. Stories should be at least three paragraphs with at least seven sentences each. They can be any Genre as long as it isn't breaking the restriction set by the previous person. I wish you luck and best of all, have fun! Be creative~

    >No Smut.
    >Horror can happen, but don't try to scare others too much.
    >You HAVE to place only ONE restriction down after your story. Cannot be: "No magic and horror." It's either "No Magic" or "No Horror" Of course you can be more descriptive of the restriction.
    >List the Genre of your Story above, will help prevent soft minds from running into something they don't want to read.
    >Must be at least three paragraphs.
    >Don't judge, discriminate, talk negatively towards others of their work or themselves. EVER.

    *The more detailed, the better the read is for others and will help expand your story.
    *If you are stuck on something look at their avatar and take in every details, background or text.
    *When in doubt of something don't be afraid to wait for someone else to show up. New person, new story.
    *Want to really do someone's avatar story but someone already took it before you posted it? Go ahead and post it letting everyone know that the story was meant for the other person. If you are feeling brave, write the person's above you as well.
    Got a tip to share? PM me with it and it will be listed here!

    Point of this Exercise:The Avatar Storyteller is a great exercise to help you be more aware of your "Surrounding" or in this case the avatar. Learn how to pick out certain details and use them to your advantage, warm up your fingers and mind for an upcoming roleplay, learn how to expand posts using details, and a few other things to help make your posts longer without having to put too much though into it.

    Now that all has been explained to you, who wants to be the first?
    My Restriction Is: You can't say anything about her body. (Includes Skin, Eyes, Shape, Size, Nose, etc.)
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  2. Fantasy

    Zsafine Gypsy lives in a big city called Gyro; she has her caravan set up in the middle of it to tell people’s fortune. Since she’s been living here in Gyro, which has only been a year now she has never got a prediction wrong, also she has regular customers who like to know their fortunes. She makes a tidy profit which helps pay for the house up the road from the market.

    She managed to get these accurate abilities from the merfolk in the sea of dread. She was making the journey to Gyro from overseas and one faithful night a storm came out of nowhere and tipped the ship Zsafine was on. She went to the bottom of the sea, luckily enough some merfolk put a necklace round her neck made of snasboth teeth. Snasboths are underwater lion type guardians who protect the merfolk. The necklace gave Zsafine the ability to breathe underwater and the merfolk showed them around their city. Soon enough they became friends, Zsafine made a camp at the nearest land so she could visit the merfolk people 2 or 3 times a week.

    One day some White striped Sharks were attacking the city of the Merfolk, she wanted to help and with the Snasboths and Merfolk soldiers they drove them away. Zsafine actually managed to help kill one and was proud of it. She took the tooth of the shark to take back home to make a necklace of it but before she left the king wanted a word and told her that the city will be moving and they have to say their goodbyes. Humans can’t survive the teleportation process but the king placed his hand over her head and granted her a special ability which just ten folds her natural talent. It just happens that her natural talent is fortune telling.

    Now here she is making a living on telling people’s fortunes and she has received a letter from the King of Gyro requesting a visit. The castle is a little far out, Quite a way from the main city and over a river at least they brought her an escort and a carriage.

    When they reached the castle they were earlier than the King thought and so they told her to explore the castle while she was waiting. Without hesitation she went looking around. She found herself looking at the city from the top of one of the walls and the river they had to cross to get here. She smiled, started playing with her cards and wondered “What does the king want with me”

    My Restriction: Nothing about being a Captain
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  3. FANTASY! (ahoy captain... sorry for the unstructured sentence i am a noob for this kind of stuff...)

    Scrubz, Captain Scrubz or so his crew called him. Scrub was a long wandering pirate that searched for treasures around the world since his early job as a pirate. Scrubz Von Elseiweisse came from a rich family where his father was the commander of a battalion of his hometown while her mother was just an ordinary housewife. Scrubz lived her early years in peace until his father was died in the battlefield and forced his family to sold all of the property as well as dismiss all of the workers. Scrubz's father death was heard all over the kingdom and bought all of them to mourn only for a little while... since then there were treated as the low life of the society...

    Scrubz dreamt on becoming a pirate when her mother was in grave situation where there were 5 men tried to raped her but luckily it all stopped when a shady looking guy with a height of 5'10" grabbed one of the soldiers arm and said "How ungentle for you to touch that lady in such a manner." the shady looking guy tilt his head to left where Scrubz was roped and smiled to him "You did a great job kiddo, now let me show the power of pirate to you." He reached out his sword which is an beautifully craved tilt in his Estoc. The soldier got mad and surrounded him with the imperial pike. They tried to stabbed him continuously but the pirate was just too fast that he dodged all attack without any trouble, and the pirate counter attacked with one blow to each soldier. He amazingly uses the blunt edge of the sword to knock the soldier unconscious. "Well kiddo I guess this is a good bye, My name is captain Henry G Dalora, I hope we meet again." He went to the enemy to pilfered some stuff and went back to gave Scrubz mother the soldier's armor "this will do for now.. oh would you kindly give this to your son after his 17th birthday? if so... this is a real goodbye.." he ran over to the harbor and Scrubz never met him since then...

    Years has passed by and Scrubz reached his 17th birthday and her mother just remembered what happened years ago (to be precise 10 years ago), she gave Scrubz a pendant that she received from Henry. Scrubz open up the pendant and it is revealed to be a Treasure map and a letter, it said "Dear anonymous, by the time you read this that's mean you're my successor as the captain of Poseidon, if you show this letter to a man called Geovine then Poseidon rightful owner will be yours and if you show this letter to my past crew then they are under you command. So are up for a treasure hunt?" and so he journey begins now...!

    My restriction: Nothing except it has to be a modern fantasy themed plot
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