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The Avatar and The Exemplar

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DrewVonAwesome, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. A long, long time ago...

    The worlds were put into disarray as Raava and Vatu, the very essences of good and evil, battled for control over the lands. They once were only two main places. One contained people known as benders. Those who could control the elements of air, earth, water, and fire. The other were known as embodiments, whose who gained powers similar to the four elements. When two men, one from each nation, found these two forces fighting one another. They both sought to help separate the battle. This only caused the worlds to fall into disarray. The two men ended up working alongside each of the spirits. Each were able to bend or embody all of the four elements, and the battle they waged lasted for days. Soon though the good spirited soul won out. However the spirits eventually lost their hosts bodies, and went on to begin a long process.

    Ying and yang, good and evil. This balance has become something that the four nations know all too well. Each generation saw an avatar and an exemplar born, and each one saw one grow with compassion, and an urge to seek peace. While the other only sought power, wealth, and destruction. The good and the evil always seemingly happened randomly between the avatar and the exemplar. Which caused general unease when either began to make their presence known.

    With the most recent forms, the avatar and the exemplar were sequestered to a small island with many great tutors. The belief that being away from worldly cares and other common evils might allow neither to fall into such vicious mindsets. However this only caused the exemplar to be angered by control, the rules put upon him. Soon the island was abandoned, and those who were on it, including the avatar himself, vanished.

    As the exemplar and avatar haven't been seen, the already fragile rift between benders and embodiments has only grown more and more tense. Creating a situation that will soon give the exemplar exactly what they want, a world without rules, governed body, a place of madness and anarchy never ceasing.


    Rules/Key facts:

    The world is much like the one made in the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only while it is set in the original time-line, there are some changes.

    Most notably are the concept of embodiments. People who have power personifying the element itself. Those of the Water Tribe have elastic powers, being able to bend, stretch, and like water flow in ways normal bodies couldn't. People in the Earth Kingdom who are embodiments have the hardened strength of Earth. Skins that are hard and rough, able to withstand harder blows then others. Though their skin can crack from hard enough impacts. They also possess the great power that the earth itself has.

    The Fire Nation embodiments are basically Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four (Which can be said of the other three powers, as the original idea for this RP was combining Fantastic Four with Avatar), able to essentially turn themselves into human fire that can fly and throw out balls of fire. Finally Air Nomads can vanish into thin air, and known for their high intellectual peace of mind and tranquility, can create force fields.

    Benders operate the same way they do in the canon shows. Able to control a particular element. The only other major thing is while this is the older setting, Republic City will exist as a central hub and the starting point for the RP. As it'll help keep all the different nation based people in one area in a logical manner. The city won't be as massive as it was in Legend of Korra however, it is still in its early stages, large but not unreasonably. Cars aren't around yet so everything moves through horse carriage.

    The only other thing that needs to be explain is both avatar and exemplar are being played by myself and Alice Hale respectfully. Also there is a limit on benders and embodiments that can be played. Just so that way the entire thing isn't just benders.


    Character sheet

    Hails from: (Water tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads)



    Name: Siku

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Hails from: Northern Water Tribe

    Bender/embodiment/neither: The avatar

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Siku didn't really have anything special about him when he was first born and raised. He had parents who were loving and kind, and generally Siku was able to have a well adjusted life. Though even from such an early age Siku yearned to travel, see the four nations, maybe even see what laid past them if anything.

    When Siku however showed all the signs of being the avatar though. All sanity went out the window. Suddenly he felt people around him change, scared of him, it made life a little more challenging for Siku until one morning his parents told him he was being taken to a place where he could train and learn in tranquility. It was a rough early going for Siku, as he cried on the ship that took him away.

    However the experience was quite great for Siku. The island he was taken too, while small, was lovely, and he instantly had a friend in the exemplar Avanish of the Earth Kingdom. The two played constantly when they weren't being taught and trained by their teachers. Things were great for Siku early on, until as the years passed he noticed in Avanish this troubling thing start to brew. Feeling constricted by all the rules and pressure, the lack of seeing his family. It was all getting to him, Siku tried to help out as much as he could but eventually things became too much.

    Siku saw the island burn and people getting hurt at the mentally snapped Avanish's hands. When Siku put his bending training to work to try and stop him. He was woefully unprepared, and perhaps too hesitant to hurt his friend. Avanish was able to beat Siku down, even as Siku repeatedly reached deep to continue to try and stop his friend, reason with him. Avanish continued to punish Siku until he finally left for good.

    Even with the traumatic experience though Siku refused to give up. However with his own doubts about his abilities, not to mention fear that if he was shown to have failed already in stopping the exemplar people would panic. Siku went into hiding in Republic City. Spending his time working at a tavern while living on a ship he had bought which usually stayed docked. Siku would like to think he can still save Avanish from himself, but he already have too deep a feeling that might be impossible now.

    Notes: Despite what had happen, Siku still respects Avanish. Plus generally doesn't have any hard feelings to embodiments in general. Believing that hate is just too strong and pointless a feeling to have.








    Hails from:

    Earth Kingdom


    He is the exemplar, the avatar of all embodiments




    Avanish was born to a loving mother and father who could not have been any more proud when they found out their own son was to be the Exemplar, they loved the idea of their family name going down in history for something remarkable. They were hurt that the world took him more as a threat and to contain the power and teach the Avatar and Exemplar about their power and compassion on people they took Avanish away at age four.

    Since then Avanish has lived in a strange facility where he was not allowed to see any family. He grew close to Siku, seeing that he was the only one his age. They would play together and form a tight friendship. At a first glance everything seemed perfectly fine with Avanish.

    But something was changing inside of Avanish, something nobody could have stopped. The more he was kept inside the more he wanted out. He hid this away, telling himself that this was for the best! He needed to be here, right? But he couldn’t stand authorities, the pressure, and the lack of communication with his family. He forgot what they looked like and couldn’t stand the standards and morals people were teaching him. He is the Exemplar! He is powerful! Why should they take control of him and keep him locked inside?

    Finally Avanish lost it and broke free of the facility. He basically lit fire to the facility, island, which kept him hostage for so many years. Siku tried to stop him but Avanish just beat him down over and over again, his power growing in the rage he felt. He wanted to travel, adventure, and do what he felt was right for this world!

    Now Avanish has disappeared without a trace, some say he may be in Republic city and others say he left to find his family. In his wake he has left a trail of fire. Nobody knows what side he is fighting for. He fuels anger for both sides of wars. His main cause right now is Benders vs Embodiments and The People vs. The Government/Leaders.


    Avanish still respects Siku and often feels bad for what he did, but not bad enough to do anything about it.
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  2. Name:



    Hails from:
    Earth Kingdom​

    Water Embodiment​


    Nukka was born to a family who thought they had it all. They were strong and wealthy. But at 3 years old everything fell apart when her older brother, Avanish, was taken away. Her parents were suddenly shunned and rumors spread about the family. Their name was run through the mud and tarnished. A once happy couple starting a family turned into a miserable couple who couldn't cope with the idea of their son being the Exemplar. They never got to see him and suddenly they were sent into a spiral of depression and neglect.

    Nukka was unfortunate to be caught in this. She doesn't remember her brother, all she knows is the pain he has unfortunate caused her family. Nukka grew cold to her parents who were hardly parenting her. She didn't want this life for her.

    Around her 8th birthday her water embodiment powers started to really show and this made her parents grow to resent Nukka, she was a reminder of the son they would never know or have.

    So they sent Nukka away to live in a water tribe with her grandmother. That was the last time Nukka saw her parents, on the ship to her grandmother. Yes they are still alive but they had lost it, she never considered them parents anyways.

    The water tribe took her in and loved her, making up for the 5 years of neglectful parenting. They emerged her in the water culture, specifically water embodiment. She wanted to train and work hard. She had abilities and doesn't want to waste them.

    Nukka grew to be a very strong women. At age 16 she is matured beyond her years and awfully charming. She trained her water embodiment to be strong and separately trained in many different fighting styles.

    She has now left the water tribe to begin her travels. She hopes to find Avanish. She also loves the idea of an adventure and romance. She's kind of hopeless like that. She's charming but don't turn your back on her.​

    Yes she has a tattoo.​
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  3. Name: Fang (Not his real name, but asking what that is wouldn't be wise)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Hails from: Fire nation

    Bender/embodiment/neither: embodiment




    Background: Right from the start Fang had unfortunate circumstances, he was prematurely birthed and in all the confusion things were assumed incorrectly. Leading to his birth name which he is very protective of out of embarrassment. He never got to know her very much, or his father for that matter, as they both led incredibly busy lives and barely home. Often leading too Fang going out and getting into all kinds of trouble. Especially after he find out about his embodiment powers. Soon he caught the attention of a group of thieves in the city he lived in. It quickly became his escape from boredom. Learning how to pickpocket, use slight of hand, Fang learned quickly and adapted well. Now spending time on his own in Republic City, Fang is a target of the local authorities but knows how to slip their grasp time and time again.

    Notes: Fang has a particular topic he loves to talk about, and that's himself. An ego the size of the four nations he believes himself to be the best fighter and embodiment out there. Couple that with his love for ladies, plus his short temper, and you have a variable firecracker of a person.
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  4. I'm on a Korra kick and I could use a shaking off of the cobwebs from my fight-scene writing.


    This is a rushed hybrid so I can hurry up and post!

    Name: Tsuchiko Sagi
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Hails from: Somewhere in the Southern Earth Kingdom
    Bender: Water.
    Further Style Notes: Her job hasn't required much in the way of fighting, so she's a little rusty at it. But she's pretty versatile with mundane applications and has crazy control to the point that she sometimes bends elements unconsciously in fits of emotion, adding to her reputation as a bit of a weirdo. Having Earthbenders in her family, the observant may note that it sometimes shows in her fighting, particularly her use of ice.
    Background: The fourth of seven children in a mixed Water Tribe/Earth Kingdom family. Though her family sometimes struggled to make ends meet and she was sometimes distanced by being one of the few waterbenders in her hometown, Tsuchiko recalled her childhood as mostly happy. But after one particular incident that she doesn't like mentioning in specifics, she concluded that life was passing her by and she would change her fortunes or perish in the attempt. She left the village and drifted, taking on odd jobs. She even tried bounty hunting for a year and nearly perished in that attempt. She resumed more peaceful work and eventually came to Republic City, hoping to find opportunity. She's been working multiple, mostly temporary jobs related to cleaning and has just recently opened a cleaning business. While her waterbending skill was decent enough as a bounty hunter she is somewhat rusty as a combatant since coming to the city. One noteworthy flaw of hers is that she tends to view the wealthy with a mixture of admiration, envy, and hostility as she herself attempts to become one of them.

    She is unaware that she will run afoul of the Triads at the beginning of the game by blowing off an extortion attempt. The consequences will take her in unexpected directions.

    It's possible the other main characters have seen her before as just another nameless, faceless cleaner while going about their business.

    Top of the head
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  5. Profile looks good, hopefully though you know what's up with the storyline since it is different and what not. Plus having her in or close to republic city will help. But I have an idea if you want to skype or pm me.
  6. Thanks. I was thinking she'd start in Republic City, end up on the run from Triads and have that somehow push her into the main plot. With your help, I'll figure something out.

    Also, considering the relative ages of everyone else, I think I'd like to change her age to mid 20s so she can play up both the "semi-experienced older woman" of the group and the "plucky young woman from the country caught up in craziness who still has lesson to learn" angles at the same time.
  7. Yeah you can go ahead and change her age. (: ((I can tell her that right? I have that authority, correct?))

    Also, I changed Nukka into a water embodiment now. So her picture is a lie. She can't bend water like that. Imagine that is is her body.
  8. Far as I'm concern we co-gm this.
  9. So... Basically that means you get to make all the hard decisions and spout out your ideas to me over Skype and I just nod my head? And answer questions every now and then? Yeah? *nods* Yeah! I like that idea!
  10. [​IMG]


    Soru Deshuga​



    Male ​

    Hails from:

    Fire Nation​


    181 CM tall, 71 Kgs, athlethic build. Red hair, scar on his face, pale skin. Usually seen wearing dress pants, shoes, shirt and a black nice jacket. The sleeves are always folded.​


    Born in the Fire Nation, Soru showed his abilities as a firebender at a very early age, firebending coming as naturally to him as walking did. He proved to be quite the prodigy and was trained in the Fire Nations Royal guard, to protect and serve the Fire Lord. Which he did, for a time. He got along famously with the princess, Shirana, Shirana however, was an embodiment, not a bender like her father. Shirana helped Soru master his firebending further, the two practiced day in and day out. She refered to Soru as “Her Comet”.

    However, at the age of 17, life changed for Soru, whom was currently one of the most promising young benders in all of the fire nation, and on the fast track to becoming a military commander. He was caught in a fight with a superior, Maato, Maato insulted the Princesses honor, and the fact that she was an embodiment, like he usually did, but this time, he went too far.

    Soru challenged him to an Agni Kai, in which Soru demolished Maato. The next night, someone came into Soru's house, to hurt him. Soru fought them off, and then chased the assailants into the night, throwing fire after each one of them. But, something went wrong, his fireball was deflected and thrown into a local house, and just a few moments later, the fire had spread all over the capital, it took them three days to put the fire out.

    Soru was proven guilty, and would be stripped of his military priviledges. Maato witnessed in court, telling lies how Soru had chased some kids and tossed fire at them carelessly. It pissed Soru off, and in court he assaulted Maato, one blast hurt Maato so bad the guy would never walk again, but Soru was subdued with a lightning blast from the Fire Lord, the blast hitting his chest, and grazing his eye, earning him the scar on his face.

    Soru should have gone to jail for the rest of his days, but instead, the Fire Lord, because of Soru's relationship with his daughter, decided to let Soru keep his freedom, and instead he banished Soru to never return to the fire nation, and if he was ever seen in the fire nation again, he would be captured and imprisoned.

    Soru left his home, his mind heavy and his heart empty. He set his sights on the earth kingdom, where he roamed for about a year, getting contacts and people he could trust, as he soon became a very successful smuggler. ​

    Guy flies. And shoot lightning. Very, very Frightening.​
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  11. Name: Kye

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Hails from: Earth Kingdom
    Bender/embodiment/neither: Bender

    Appearance: (information on photo applies to my character.)[​IMG]

    Background: Kye use to live in a small village that was only known for it's excellent training in martial arts. Kye, being the youngest of 8 children, grew up training in her fathers famous dojo. She had a happy childhood growing up, but the village was constantly tormented by fire embodiments from a neighboring. One day on a peaceful harvest day, a large gang of fire embodiments, setting fire to the village and slaughtering her people. Kye had hardly made it out, losing her arm and gaining scars. She was one of only a dozen who survived, her family not being one of the few. Kye traveled her life learning different style of fighting. For a job she took up bounty hunting and sometimes did other dirty jobs without question.

    Notes: Despite the lose of her arm Kye had gotten along without it. In combat, she would use her earth bending to form a rock arm and often times a full body rock suit. She trained herself use to the rock arm like an actual arm, allowing herself to fight or do heavy lifting normally.

    Is this alright? ^^;
  12. Looks good, FANG HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT Y'ALL....


  13. XD just in case, I got my eye on you, Fa-- oh wait, are those cookies?!
  14. "Yes, and I totally did not just steal them from the bakery down the street!"
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  15. Alright so I'm thinking unless someone wants to be a minion for Avanish, I'm only allowing one more to join.
  16. Avanish don't need no minion, fool!

    Well maybe. I don't know. I don't know. He isn't going to be in every single one of my posts, only when necessary or when he causes more problems. HEHE
  17. Only one more? Well, if I could reserve a spot before someone snatches it from my tiny hands, I would love to join! It's just the choice between embodiment or bender... God, they're both so cool! Though, you seem to be having a 2:3 match for embodiments and benders so I guess embodiment is the way to go! Sort of... I don't know things.
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  18. Holy shit you guys a writing owl!
  19. OH MY GOD, WHERE?! Oh wait.... Ha ha ha, I guess that's me! :P
  20. firstly, is this still accepting.

    secondly, if it is then: question. If bending is known to work by a basis of one controlling one's own elementally inclined chi, affecting change to outward objects, is embodiment then just the controlling one's elementally inclined chi, but affecting change on oneself instead of one's surroundings? Or does embodiment draw on a separate power source entirely, like for example energy from the spiritual realm (since being possessed by a spirit could change your form after all)?
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