The Avatar above you is your partner in the Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. Another game from another forum I'm on. It's pretty self explanatory.
    Just give a little comment on how you think you'll fare with partnering up with the person's avatar above you in a zombie apocalypse.
  2. Dual blades, cool looking bike... yeah, that looks pretty good. The long string of hair needs to go though, however badass it may look; hair like that is guaranteed to cling onto something at the worst pssible moment, or even worse, be grabbed by a zombie.
  3. Uh... What are you? I assume you have magic of some sort or something.

    Wait, are you a Black Mage?
  4. I don't want Saber! She sucks! Papa even ignore her all day. Mamaaaaa, where's my Berserker?!
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  5. Well, due to the geosocio political economic state of the world right now, Looters took the last of the Berserkers.

    Now, get on the back of the motorcycle.
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  6. I'd rather be killed by a Golden Jerk rather than going with a Gender-confused king.
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  7. Um... Avoid any Golden Dudes and we should be solid.
  8. You have a tank, a Pokemon, and Sun Chips.

    I'm with you.
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  9. Epic looking person, motorcycle, sword.

    Think you'll kick ass. Awesome partner to have.
  10. Not sure if zombies are accountable in court, Mr.Lawyer.
  11. Yeah. That's probably one of the least effective jobs you can have during the Zombie Apocalypse. Right up there next to cripple and airline pilot.
  12. We could fight them off pretty well!
  13. Yep. To be more exact, my avatar is Black Waltz #3... right before his airship explodes/crashes into a wall. Thus the "oh shii--" -expression in his eyes. A good pilot, he is not, but since you have a cool bike that's not a problem :P
  14. You have magic, then we can take these zombies!
  15. You have the Unsullied and 3 Dragons, we'd be the most bad ass duo in the entire world.

    Wooper can be our Mascot XDDDD
  17. Awwww~ baby so cuuute~ Come here, Onee-chan will keep you safe from those bad zombies.
  18. Hello.

    It's me again.
  19. An edgy teen with swords and a motorcycle? I might be okay if he 'accidentally' falls off his bike and leaves me those dope looking samurai blades.
  20. Uh...

    Several things:

    1. That's a girl.

    2. That girl is King Arthur in a sort of Spirit form (I know.)

    3. If She dies, (which she can despite being a spirit), the sword is gone.

    4. It's parodying Akira.


    I don't think you can wield Excalibur...
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