The Aurora Hovercraft

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  1. April 20, 1888
    The Aurora, GONE!
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    The greatest airship ever to set forth from Lionsgate City, just outside of London, disappeared on its way to New York City over the Pacificus. It was rumoured that its cargo held a powerful weapon, and that it may be the reason it disappeared. Others speculate that it had a malfunction over the ocean, and then made a water landing. The last time the captain called in to Lionsgate City, his report stated that they might need to turn about as their hydrium sources were low and they didn't bring enough to make it to New York. Then, the first mate was heard in the background, saying that they will go on anyways. A cargo ship heading to Lionsgate City from Havanna, Cuba,The Chicagoan, telegraphed Havanna reporting that they saw strange lights and weird wind and cloud patterns in the vicinity of the famed airship. While no one knows quite what happened to the famed passenger and cargo ship, we do know one thing, and that is this: The Aurora was carrying a weapon of some kind, one that could grant the greatest power to any country that owned it. Why was it on the Aurora, and not in London, where it could be protected. Why didn't the Aurora have enough hydrium to get to New York. And why didn't any sort of problem arise before she took off, when she was going through her routine inspections? More on page A3

    April 20, 2012
    Strange zeppelin shot down over New York City
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    It was eight in the morning on the twentieth day of the fourth month, and New York City was just waking up. Strange sounds and lights was what many woke up to, all surrounding an odd cloud formation. Neither meteorologists nor the best scientists could explain it, until, seemingly out of nowhere, a silver zeppelin began emerging from the cloud formation. It flew the Union Jack of England. Thinking it an attack on American soil, the military was mobilized, and attempted to make contact with the strange airship. After several minutes of this, the president ordered a call to the Houses of Parliament in England. The government there had no idea of this, and declined any accusation towards the airship being thier's. Unsure of what else to do, and fearing an attack unlike 9/11's terrorist attacks, the airship was shot down, landing in Central Park. Blocking off any entrance or exit, Black Ops and Navy SEALS surrounded the now-burning flying machine. However, pictures had already been circulating, and the top tweet on Twitter was, "The zeppelin shot down by the armed forces shouldn't have been shot down. It was just trying to get from Point A to Point B, and wasn't doing harm to anyone. The American government is being too overreactive and xenophobic. There were several ways to make contact, maybe the people inside the zeppelin didn't have phones or radios, what about loud speakers . It isn't that hard to give up on communication devices like that." posted by a Zachary Jeoffries, a political blogger who runs the blogspot site, Blood red, white, and blue. Searching the zeppelin for survivors, the armed forces went in, after dousing the ship with water provided by the fire department. Although no one has gotten information on what was inside, many speculators are guessing, and it is the top topic on every news station. More on page B8.

    "Captain!" shouts First Mate Bennis. "We have to turn around. We won't survive this storm." Captain Whittaker just chuckled.
    "Full speed ahead, Helmsman George!"
    The Aurora pushed forward,
    going into the clouds that had strange pulsations of light dancing through them. They needed to get the Tyranai to New York as soon as possible. The Tyranai were a group of magic people. They had violet eyes, the only way to tell them apart from normal people, aside from their magic powers. Each one had a different sort of magic, and no two were the same. Inside the clouds now, the Aurora was tossed around in the wind, even though she was the most smooth-sailing ship in these seven continents.

    Soon, outside the two-story control car windows, the lightning blue and purples enveloped the entire ship, and a rumbling unlike any other was felt. Running in, one of the Tyranai rushes into the control car, shouting, "Captain Whittaker, what is the meaning of this? We have a very important appointment to make in New York. If we don't make it there--" She was cut off by Whittaker.

    "The Aurora's will get you there. She's the safest ship you'll ever find."

    "And what do you expect me to believe is that?" The Tyranai gestures out the window in an outrage."

    Just then, all the lights in the Aurora went out, the power shut off. Outside, the sky grew dark as well, making it impossible to see. Shouts from the crew rang out, trying to figure out what was wrong. And then, they were coming out of the clouds, a glorious city expanding beneath them.

    "This isn't New York City." Whispers the Tyranai.

    But it was, just 124 years into the future. And four hundred feet below, people were freaking out.

    You are one of the Tyranai, aboard the Aurora. A time flux happened, and now you are in modern day New York, rather than your time. You have magical powers, and can use them at will or instinctively, depending on your age. The American government is attempting to make contact, but doesn't have the necessary equipment. After shooting down the zeppelin, the only survivors of the four hundred foot crash are the Tyranai. Thinking they are terrorists or worse, the government takes them into custody. This is the story of what happens afterwards.

    Human Race:
    History (How you found out you were a Tyranai, etc:
    Type of magic used:
    Additional Info (Optional):

    Open to anyone, as long as they can do a two-three paragraph minimum or 12 sentences.
  2. Name: Nymira Rhiki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Human Race: English
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    Personality: Nymira is a shy girl, but if she is worried about something, she quickly becomes without fear, and will do anything to make sure she and her friends will make it out okay. She is the one who ran into the control car before the flux, but only did so because she was fearful of what the captain was doing. Her favorite color is blue, and she wears blue robes most of the time. Get her angry, and you will not live to see tomorrow.
    History (How you found out you were a Tyranai, etc: Born to a noble family, she didn't live in a setting where she could tell people much, and found out about her powers at a young age, but was afraid to tell her parents or tutors because they'd think she's crazy. She has a proficient knowledge, and likes to read. She has learned German and Spanish as part of her teachings, but uses mostly English.
    Type of magic used: Cryokinesis. The ability to control ice or simply just cold.
    Additional Info (Optional): Picks up on languages quickly.
  3. This sounds pretty awesome. ^^

    Can I just ask why were the Tyranai trying to get to New York?
  4. Since they weren't people in the human sense, England technically owned them. Because of this, they had the "rights" to use them as they wish. So I have two or three different ideas.

    1) England sold them, and told the Tyranai that they were going on a good will mission, but were lying.
    2) England was going to go to war with the US, and had the weapons to do so.
    3) They were guarding the Aurora, as it had some of England's most prominent political figures on it.