The Attacks

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  1. I stumble into the room, choking. Blood is dripping from the back of my head and I've been shot in the arm. I've lost a lot of blood already. "A-attacked ...scouts ...taken ..rein.. forcements ...sent.." I collapsed on the floor, unconscious. You are a medic or a fellow soldier in the throne room of the Hierarchy's castle, and there's been another rebel attack. It's been taken care of, but I have been badly injured.

    ((OOC: Plot- We are part of the largest militia force in the world. We have a huge castle and I have just walked into the throne room, reporting the attack on the border that is currently being retaliated. Are you the king? Fellow soldiers in the throne room? A medical advisor? A bystander for the king? You must be in the throne room at this time.))
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  2. Standing guard as one of the considered knights to the king he watched as he/she came in and collapsed right on the floor, His heart picking up speed as he left the throne side and rushed over to the downed person. He slid his arms underneath the person to support there back and held them until one of the medics would come. " What happened to you, was it an ambush? " he asked curiously, his dark armor making a sort of clinking noises as his armor hit itself.
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  3. I make a slight slurred noise, trying to find my speech. Finally I found enough strength to say "Yes.." before my head lolled sideways, falling on the man's shoulder.

    The King jumped to his feet. "Mya!" he gasped, dumbfounded that I was so badly injured. "I want six patrols on the border immediately!" He ordered. Three men left their stations to gather their patrols.

    A Medic ran in, kneeling on the other side of me and helping the man hold me up. "We need to get her to the medical bay." He said hurriedly, glancing at the shot on my arm.
  4. He nodded and lifted her up off the floor slowly and holding her as carefully as he could " I will be back my lordship " he spoke to the king as he looked at the medic " Lets go "
  5. The Medic nodded and led the way to the medical bay.

    The king just waved him away. "Make sure she is back on her feet." he said, looking very upset.
  6. He mumbled some things under his breath and followed the medic " Stay with me " he spoke to the downed girl who he was carrying.
  7. When they reached the medic bay, it was empty. He went to one of the beds. "Lay her here." he said, picking up two bags for an IV and hurrying off.

    I shift slightly, grimacing as my head moved. I was still alive, but I was breathing in short, spread out breaths and my heartbeat was slow, weak.
  8. Setting her down on the bed he looked around but then kept his attention on her and keeping sign of her vitals, he checked her pulse and made sure she was atleast still breathing.
  9. The Medic returned, injecting a red liquid in her shoulder before plugging her to the IV's. He looked at the man. "What is your name, sir knight?" He asked while scribbling on a clip board.

    Slowly, I open my eyes. The entire room is spinning and I feel like I'm under the artic ice, freezing cold and soaking wet. I shivered slightly, and was rewarded with a grimace as my head shifted on the pillow.
  10. Looking at the medic and back to her, then back to the medic " I am Aeral, most call me Al " he said with a smirk he didnt understand why he felt so concerned for this one soldier but something made him feel like he had to make sure she was okay.
  11. The medic nodded. "Well, can I ask you a favor, Aeral?" He asked, looking up at Aeral.

    I manage a slight groan, but frown. That wasn't what I wanted. I sigh slightly, slowly trying to speak to the man who had helped me. "H-hi.."
  12. " What can i do for you medic? " he said before looking down at her mumbling to say hello, it made him smirk and he knelt down looking at her face to face " Hello...feeling any better? " it was a dumb question but atleast he was being nice for once.
  13. "I need you to watch her until I'm back..okay?" he said, already going towards the door.

    I think a moment. "" I say quietly. "T-thanks...for..helping.."
  14. He nodded to the medic and smirked when she thanked him " It was no problem " he said heartily " you are very tough you know that "
  15. The medic left.

    "St-till..thanks.." I say, blushing at his comment. "n-not..really..should..have not..gone..alone."

  16. " Alone? wow you are strong..hah " he licked his thumb and ran it across her cheek removing a dirt smear

  17. I smiled slightly. "Maybe.." I say, looking up at him. "What...did you say..your name was...again?"
  18. " My name? " he smirked " Its Aeral, but most call me Al ", he checked her pulse again and made sure everything that was plugged into her he says working to a visual standard. He wasn't good with doctor stuff...he was better at putting people in the doctors place.
  19. "Nice to Al." She said with a soft smile. "I am...Mya."
  20. " Good to meet you Mya the warrior " he said smirking as he added on the ending " You seem to be able to form sentences better, so you must be slowly feeling better " he smirked checking her pulse again.
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