The Attack (Taken)

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  1. From behind the short wall, the cells were completely visible. Two Elven spies sat on one side, watching their fallen comrade. They had one chance. There were six guards. Can they do it?

    Vale glanced over at Leta. "You ready?" She asked, drawing her bow and aiming it at the lone guard in front of Acer's cell.

    Acer was chained heavily to the floor, barely conscious and bleeding heavily.

    Vale exhaled silently. "We've got one chance, you know the plan. I distract the guards, you get Acer and leave, don't worry about me. Got it?"
  2. Leta nodded briefly. She really didn't like leaving Vale behind, but there was no choice. Acer was the priority of this mission.

    She readied the small dagger in her hand. It was thin enough to fit to the lock and sturdy enough not to break.

    She quickly glanced at Vale to make sure she was ready and sprung towards the cell. She ran near the wall not to be in Vale's way as she began shooting.
  3. Vale stood up. "OI! OVER HERE!" She yelled, firing an arrow and sprinting the opposite direction of Leta. The guards followed her.

    Ace mumbled. "Vale?.." He recognized the voice.
  4. Leta hurried to open the door to Acer's cell. The lock was pretty simple and opened quickly. Luckily for her all of the guards followed Vale, though it was not so lucky for Vale.

    Focusing on the lock she didn't notice Acer mumbling something, and only concentrated on freeing him from the chains. There were two locks more complicated than the one on the door, but easy enough for her to pick.

    "Don't worry, we'll get you out of here." she reassured the wounded man not even sure if he could hear her.
  5. Ace blinked, wincing a little. "Leta?" He said a little louder.

    Vale sprinted around the corner, pulling the guards further away. Something ripped through her shoulder, but she ignored it, turning and stopping, firing a hail of arrows on the guards. Two stayed up out of the five and continued after her as she turned to continue running.
  6. Leta jumped a little hearing Ace speak. "Yeah, here to help." she mumbled to him.

    She grinned at the satisfying click from the first lock and quickly moved on to the next one. She kept glancing at the direction Vale and the soldier's had ran to, hoping that Vale would miraculously make it out of the building.

    "Do you think you can walk if I support you?" she asked from Ace with her eyes on the lock. They might have to run out of there and Leta was worried that she most likely wouldn't be able to drag a man larger than herself out if he was unconscious.
  7. Acer grimaced as he tried to sit up. "I..I don't..know.." He mumbled. He didn't even know if he could make it to his feet, let alone walk, but he would try. "I..I'll..try.."

    Vale jumped, catching the edge of the wall with her hand and pulling herself up. With this sudden advantage, she turned, firing an arrow at one of the guards. Now it was one on one, and both had their bows out, aiming for the deadly shot between the eyes. A staredown started.
  8. Leta managed to pick the other lock and quickly proceeded to help Ace. He was heavy and bleeding heavily. Her black shirt was slowly stained with his blood.

    "Are you going to be okay?" Leta asked from Ace concerned of his wellbeing. They should hurry and get out of there, Vale was skilled but even she couldn't hold the guards forever.
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  9. Ace stumbled slightly and leaned fairly heavily on Leta. "M-maybe.." He said in a low voice. He pointed to a sword in the corner. "My..w-weapon.."

    Vale was the first to fire, but the man's arrow was second. She tried to dodge left, but it collided with her shoulder. Yes, she would have fallen backwards..but as the two arrows collided, a pole came down on the wall, clipping Vale's unhurt shoulder and causing her to fall forwards. She hit the ground and screamed quietly as it jabbed the arrow deeper. "Damnit.." She muttered painfully, standing up. She was beaten, but not yet defeated. No guards were in sight..yet. She picked up her bow and arrows and her enemy's arrows and started to sprint back to the cell. "Come on..We've got to get Ace out.."
  10. Leta winced a bit under Ace's weight and stumbled to get his sword. She tied the sword to her belt the best she could and grabbed a better hold of Ace's shoulder.

    Walking with the man reclining on her was hard. If they would meet any guards fighting would be hard with her other arm around Ace's shoulder and the other supporting him from the side.
  11. The area seemed clear for now. "Who..else...came?" Ace mumbled, knowing that it was strangely empty.

    Vale sprinted around the corner and almost collided with Leta. "There! We're clear, for now at least." She took a deep breath, ignoring the warm blood dripping lazily down her shoulder. "Come one." She walked up on Ace's other side, draping his arm over her shoulder to help carry him. "We've got to move." She said softly, stepping forwards and taking half of Acer's weight, equally distributing it between the two.

    Ace blinked. "V-Vale? Y-you C-came?..." he sighed painfully, stumbling.
  12. Leta jumped when Vale appeared from behind the corner and sighed in relief as she recognized her. "Glad to see you're okay." Leta happy to see her alive and ignoring the blood flowing out of her shoulder.

    Leta was glad to have Ace's weight divided between the two of them, he wouldn't have to carry so much of his own weight now. But he was still bleeding, and the wounds should be treated as soon as they'd have time.
  13. Vale nodded. "Yes I'm okay Leta, and yes I did Ace. Now stop struggling so much please Ace." She said softly, but her eyes were harshly picking their surroundings apart piece-by-piece. She paused a moment. "We cannot take the same path we came from." She said suddenly, pointing instead to a small overhang. "It's an underground system, empty for now, and we need to use it. It's the safest transport way." She said, pausing to see Leta's idea on what to do.
  14. Leta agreed to Vale's plan with a small nod. Taking the same path would be stupid, the guards they had killed on the way were surely noticed, or would soon be found, so it would be a suicide. Besides, Vale knew the area better than she did, so she was sure to know the best way out. And they might be able to slip to a small alcove and treat Ace's wounds.
  15. Vale led them along a small, obscure path for about five minutes before stopping by a large tree. "Come on." she said softly, setting him down. "We've got to fix him up." she told Leta, pulling a small kit from her pocket.
  16. Leta followed Vale's lead silently. Ace had apparently lost consciousness along the way, and she was getting seriously worried. She sighed from relief as they stopped to tend his wounds, not only for his sake, but also because carrying Ace was tiring. leta carefully leaned to Ace and carefully started to investigate the wounds. There were two larger gashes in his chest, along with a few smaller ones. She was relieved that Ace wasn't awake as she carefully separated the shirt from the wounds, though he still stirred a little in his sleep.
  17. Vale stood guard at the entrance, the stab on her arm had stopped bleeding. "We're clear Leta, do what you need." She said quietly, crouching a little up the path to keep watch.

    Ace made a small 'uckgg..' sound in his unconscious sleep.
  18. Leta only gave Vale a short glance before turning her attention back to Ace. She did her best to clean the wounds. Ace grimaced, but didn't move. They had prepared for something like this, so she had some herbs with her, and she crushed them between her fingers to sort of a paste and spread it on the wounds. She ripped Ace's shirt and used it to bind the two large gashes. There was nothing to be done to the smaller ones right now, they'd have to wait till they were safe. Leta was no healer, so the bandages looked shabby, but they served their duty to stop the bleeding. She held the waterskin on Ace's lips so he could drink.
  19. The water dripped down his throat and caused him to splutter a little but he returned to conscious. "What.." He blinked, looking around before groaning. "Ugh..."

    Vale moved over next to them. "Ready to move?"
  20. Leta was glad Ace managed to drink at least something. She nodded to Vale. "Yeah, I've done everything I can for him. Would you like me to do something to your wound? If not, we're ready to go."
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