The Asylum

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  1. On the outskirts of the city, a asylum awaits for the criminally insane.
    Where those who need help, get admitted, whether it's right or wrong.


    Will you make it out?
    After a mysterious disappearing, both staff and patients become slightly on edge.
    Will they turn on each other in their time of need?

    Both female and make patients are mixed in the activity room, while they sleep in separate rooms, some on mixed wings, some separate.
    Will you be a patient? Will you ever find the truth behind your crime? Will it ever be justified? Will more people disappear?
    These are the questions..
    Within lies the answers..

    Welcome, to the asylum.
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  2. :London Crown Court Case Record:
    Name:George Watkins
    Appearance: 6ft tall Brown hair kept short,blue eyes
    Convicted of following Crimes: First and Second Degree Arson,ASBO(x2),Larceny(5),
    Grand Theft Auto (Acquitted)
    Jury and Judges Decision: Found Guilty but pleaded Mental insane.
    Sentence:Indefinite Prison sentence in a Mental Asylum.
    George Didn't struggle on the way out of court whilst being frog marched by two police to the Prison lorry as he has lost of thoughts of trying to escape as he thought about what would happen now and how long would he be inside for, he sat down in the cell inside the police lorry and the door closed.
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  3. U.S.A official court records

    Brendan Merriweather
    Age: 20
    Date of birth: 19-08-1993
    Place of birth: Huntingdon, PA.
    Description: short brown hair, blue eyes, 6'2", Athletic.

    Crimes: Murder
    Armed robbery
    Aggravated burglary
    Possession of firearms
    Possession of weapons of mass destruction

    Optional notes: diagnosed schizophrenic, and depressed.

    Jury and judge's judgement: guilty as charged, mentally unstable, criminally insane.

    Sentence: prison sentence in mental institution, 25/life.

    Brendan smiled as they sentenced him, he should've cared but didn't.
    They cuffed him, and he got transported by 4 police men as they brought him to the police car, his case was followed by the media, and so many people hated him. Reporters were filming, taking pictures, trying to ask him questions. He smiled at the camera as they approached the car.
    He was going to a place where they could handle filth like him, that's what they said.
    He laughed as the car drove off. He was ready, and prepared for whatever was coming his way.
  4. After a police transport by plain over to the USA, George was dragged on to a Prison bus that then took a half an hour drive out to Pennsylvania state Mental Asylum also known just as The asylum, George was pushed off the bus and in to the hands of two ward officers who scored him inside .
  5. Brendan already had arrived, he was seated in a big room, the ward officers claimed it was the activities room.
    There was this awful song on repeat, and he was fairly bugged by it.
  6. George stumbles in to the room and puts his fingers in his ears he wanted to burn this song so bad it was that annoying.
  7. Brendan looked up and narrowed his eyes "hey! You! Come here!" He said with a grin on his face
  8. "yeah what?" George replies as he walks over
  9. "You're new, right? Where are you from?"
  10. "im from england, ive been convicted as mentaly insain i have convictions of first and second degree arson among others as i love fire some might say im a pyromaniac" George replies
  11. Brendan smirked "that's all? That's why they put you in here? You're not insane just because you like fire.. They're insane for saying that."
  12. "well concidering i have a mental disorder or thats what is classed as and the council in london though id be safer here instead of leting me in normal jaill then geting out and torching london once more. so why are you in here ?" George askes.
  13. Brendan started laughing "me? What am I not in for?" He replied jokingly "'nahh.. Just kidding.. Murder, manslaughter, gbh, robbery, burglary, posession of fire arms. Etcetera, etcetera."
  14. "meh i almost got murder but the fire i started never actuly killed anyone they got out from the fire" George replied
  15. "Oh.. I didn't do it with fire, not with a gun, bare hands and knifes.. The first time, I squeezed the life out of someone.. And feeling them die gave me such a rush.. I had to continue doing it." Brendan shrugged "then I got diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia.. And here I am, in the fucking looney bin."
  16. "theres just somthing in fire that did it for me it all started when i was 16 when i burnt my neighbours shed and i sat there as the sun set watching it burn with my girlfriend as we laughed "George replied a smile on his face and a tear came to his eye.
  17. "Memories are such powerful things.. Don't cry man, you'll get out of here.. You still have a chance."
  18. "thanks, oh i forgot to introduce my self im george " george said.
  19. U.S.A official court records

    Name: Paula Reid

    Age: 23
    Description: short brown curly hair, brown eyes, 4'11", petite

    Mass murder (Poison)
    Possession of firearms
    Possession of deadly toxins

    Optional notes: Split personality, Depression

    Jury and judge's judgement: Found guilty, unstable

    Sentence: lifetime imprisonment in the Asylum
    Paula was sitting near the window and silently watches everyone. She almost never speaks. On that day, she noticed there are new arrivals. After watching the two of them for a few minutes, she resumed her gazing at the window.
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  20. George notices a girl by the window and walks over to here "hi" george says.
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