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    Let me know how I can help if ya need it!
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  1. This is kind of cool
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  2. I AM HERE!
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  3. Yeah, I'm liking this new system.
  4. What the fuck, I just noticed Randy as Lorde. Has he been in the picture the whole time?
  5. oh god, now i'm being reminded of the whole jail cell scene with Intoner Zero lol
  6. Kimmy played Yuki.
  7. Here we encourage creativity and want our members to pitch in ideas so that we can have fun! If you have any interest in GMing your own game, and would like to have your idea heard at that, go ahead and tell it to us here!


    Due to the amount of ideas being submitted, ideas are now to be posted in this interest check thread, where it must gain a certain amount of votes of approval before being put on the schedule. If you wish for the event to be played out immediately, then you may submit it as a side-story, but you must first get approval from myself and Verite first.

    I'll add ideas to the interest check if the idea creator wants me to, as long as they've at least fit the requirements for being active in two murder events. If someone wants to adopt someone else's idea, that can be added too as long as everyone has permission.

    As we have a backlog of ideas, there should be ample time for one to fit the second requirement (having co-GMed a game substantially) before their game comes up.


    If an MG fits the requirements and is approved, the idea will be put onto the "Upcoming Games and Tales" list in the Games and Characters thread once a name, a basic premise, event type (Game or Tale), and an intended time to play it are all given.

    Do also see the List of Available Co-GMs thread in case you think you may need a helping hand here and there.

    Also note that you must have a very flexible schedule. We'd like to be flexible too, but not too flexible, or else some people will never run the games they want.
  8. Thanks Hospes! So... I only know four of those characters then.
  9. Idea originally posted by @Yun Lee

    Murder Game/Tale: Brave New World

    (Spoilers for the game Off ahead)

    You're unable to tell if it's day or night when you wake up, as you wake in a place that's rather odd. Not knowing where you are or how you got here, you look at your surroundings.


    Surrounded by water, you stand before a yellow tower, and nothing else. In fact, it's almost as if you've landed on a deserted island.

    "There cannot be any other living beings in zone 0, so I must assume that you are only mere figments of my imagination."

    A peculiar voice on its own, you are surprised to find that the speaker is even more peculiar:


    From there, you learn that the cat is known simply as The Judge, and you are in a place known as Zone 0. You also learn that there is someone else among you that seems to have an idea of what's going on.


    He's a man of few words, but he calls himself The Batter, and says that he's here on a sacred mission: to purify this world. However, in order to do so, he must find and eliminate the Guardians of the three zones-all of which, oddest and most frightening of all...are in your very group.

    The Game

    The game is a deviation from a typical traitor vs survivor setup: in this game, there are two different types of "traitors": Purifiers and Guardians. However, each group is trying to kill the other, in one of two ways: either by directly murdering someone they suspect to be on the opposing side, or by indirectly getting them voted out for a kill. That means each round will result in three deaths: the victim of the Guardians, the Victim of the Purifiers, and whoever is voted as Traitor. However, this game will only have three (possibly four) rounds, so it wouldn't be a proportionally large body count.

    This game doesn't have a bad or good ending, as whichever side is good or bad is dependent solely on the player's opinion. If all Guardians or all Purifiers are killed before the end, by default they lose and the ending for the winning side is achieved. If both sides still have living members by the end, a final battle will ensue, where the survivors will side with whichever side they want to win, and as a result will only win if their side comes out victorious.


    There are three roles in this game, two killing roles and the default survivor role. A nice game for cute children, indeed.


    These people work alongside The Batter, choosing someone each round they suspect is a Guardian and killing them, in the hope of Purifying the world as a result. Their main goals are to kill Guardians, find a Guardian guilty of a murder each round, and get survivors on their side for the final battle.


    Guardians work for The Queen of this world, and as a result want to prevent Purifiers from completing their mission. Each round choose someone they think is a Purifier and kill them. Their main goals are to kill Purifiers, find a Purifier guilty of murder each round, and get survivors on their side for the final battle.


    Elsen, or survivors, are nonkilling people who merely want to survive this ordeal. Their goal is to survive the game, as well as to choose the side, Purifier or Guardian, to join with at the end, and assist them in their goal of eliminating the other side.
  10. Ahh, gotcha. And if you know Pyrrha, don't you know Jaune, too? And lol.
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  15. Playing Currently
    M. “ Stiles” Stilinski
    Next character on the roster to play
    Scott McCall and M." Stiles" Stilinski ( Teen Wolf)
    Lincoln Campbell (AOS) and Tommy Merlyn ( Arrow)
    Scott McCall ( Teen Wolf)
    ( I do have arching plans for Tommy and Scott, so a PM would be nice if you want to play him.)
    Ideas for the future characters to play
    Scobert ' Scooby' Doo ( He will definitely be one of my claims) and Velma Dinkley
    Piper Halliwell ( Charmed) and Chris Halliwell ( Charmed)
    Fangs Fangsworth/ Fangface ( Fangface)
    Rip Hunter ( Legends of Tomorrow) and Leonard Snark. . . I mean Snart ( The flash/ Legends of Tomorrow)
    Steven Rodgers/ Captain America ( Marvel Cinematic universe) and Shego (Kim Possible)
    Rebecca Bunch and Greg ( Crazy Ex-girlfriend)
    Caitlyn Snow ( The Flash)
    Melissa McCall ( Teen Wolf)
    Stiles Stilinski (void version) (Teen Wolf)
    Lydia Martin ( Teen Wolf) and Allison Argent( Teen Wolf)
    Liam Dunbar ( Teen Wolf) and Mason/ Beast of Gervaduan ( Teen Wolf)
    Scrappy Doo ( Scooby Doo)
    Lucifer Morningstar ( Lucifer) and Cameron Goodkin ( Stitchers)
    Perry Mason ( Perry Mason) and Benjamin Matlock ( Matlock)
    Elphaba ( Wicked)
    Elizabeth ( If/Then)
    Raven Queen ( Ever After High) and Dexter Charming ( Ever After High)
    Max Thunderman ( The Thundermans)
    Phoebe and Chloe Thunderman ( The Thundermans)
    Penelope Pitstop ( Perils of Penelope Pitstop)
    Megara( Hercules)
    Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
    Jamie Wellerstein and Cathy Hyatt ( The Last Five Years)
    Ben Wheeler and Emma ( Baby Daddy)
    Joseph Simmons (Looper)
    Unique to play character
    Martin Mystery ( Shall be played whenever Atomyk gets around to Diana)


    SO SXC


    hahaha the guy in orochi's first pic is soooo skinny i bet that's a girl's shirt lollllllllll