The Asylum of Screams

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  1. ***Alright, i'll provide a start and we'll go from there. To those who haven't entered their forms: Jump in whenever you do.***

    It was a cold and gloomy day when Surota awoke in his usual cell in the asylum, his grey eyes fluttering open to the sun breaking its way through the cracks of his sealed up window. The dull grey walls stared back at him as he sat up and stretched, his old and yellowed cot creaking under his weight and due to old age. The cracked concrete floors were cold under his bare feet as he stood up to stretch a bit more, sending chills up his shivering spine. He was his usual personality, the original Surota, and was frankly glad that he was. He didn't want to have to deal with the chaos of acting out with his alters, their way with things quite different then Surota's. They're what got him in this stupid asylum in the first place, a place of nightmares and torture.

    Surota went to go sit in the shaded corner of his small cell, pulling his knees to his chest and letting out a shivering breath. The lab workers never provided them with anything warm in the winter time, always trying to see their capabilities of surviving on their own. How stupid of them, yet oddly and eerily smart as well. Surota entered his mind of many alters, their thoughts swirling around with his as he sat there shivering, his many emotions breaking out as he whispered quietly to himself. The whispers were speaking to each other although they were in the same body, making Surota look as though he were talking to himself. He was indeed speaking to himself, but with his alters using and controlling his words and mouth shape to form sentences of their own. Surota sat there as he let the alters use his body freely, the whispering slowly growing into a lull of conversation, with himself.
  2. RafaDark looking at his door, he realized that it was already morning because the birds were singing, the guards passing on the front of the others cells and the rats squeaking all around the place. The only thing that RafaDark could think in the moment was the sudden feeling to get out of his cell and strike someone in the face but his cell was different from the others, it was totally closed, no bars on his door and on his window, if he had a window, he just had a normal steel door with a little opening to receive food and feel the little artificial light of the corridor. His eyes was totally tired of being all night thinking on how he would flee from that place, he was almost ten years in there and never tried to escape, but he helped others, some years ago he helped a boy to flee from the asylum but RafaDark was caught trying to flee and he been imprisoned since that happened. With no connection to the outside, he could just rely on the guard's gossips and the other "patients" screams.
  3. Kumori was biting her dark black hair, as per usual. She was sitting down in the corner of the cell, and her knees were brought up to her chest, making her figure seem smaller. The cold of the concrete had seeped in long ago, making her body just feel... Numb. She couldn't feel her toes or hands, only being clothed by a shirt and torn pants. She shuddered. The teenager had stopped counting the days when she reached 67, giving up hope on any chance of freedom. However the... Well, darker, side of her urged for freedom. And to get there, blood. Lots of killing and blood. But she wasn't really against that. Pain will be felt when she would get out of the hellish place.

    The only sounds to be heard was some sobbing, down the hall, and someone whispering to themselves. It was the guy right by her cell-- he usually did that. Dying of boredom and cold, she asked him; "What's today's topic of conversation?" her voice cracked, she had been yelling her anger out some hours ago when Insanity showed up. That's what she called herself when she lost any sanity. Quite simple, really.
  4. Why am I here? Was the same thing Xavier asked himself every morning when he woke up in his cell. There's. toning wrong with me, well there isn't anything wrong with the other 'patients' they just had a mental disease that's all. I don't though, sure I'm a little OCD at times but that doesn't mean I deserve to be locked up in this place all the time. Maybe they think if they put me in here I will develop a mental disease.....maybe I'll go I can't go crazy then they'll have a reason to keep me here......
  5. crystal sat blankly in her cell sucking on her thumb. she was freezing and there was nothing warm around.. she layed down in the back corner of her cell. she could feel the sleep coming but if she did fall under she knew that she wouldn't wake up for hours upon end.. as she hugged her knees to try and save warmth she ended up passing out anyways.. only to awaken to the sound of screams coming from the hall way. she hated that noice thw sound of anothers pain. " why am i here i cant stand this place anymore..." she managed to squeeze out in between sobs of tears .as her eyes began to fall shut and she cried herself to sleep.
  6. Personality Color Code:
    Blue: Original Surota
    Red: Insane Alter (Goes by Peter Long)
    Green: Snobby Alter (Goes by Darek Snider)
    Pink: Cheeky Alter (Goes by Sam Evens)
    Grey: Angry Alter (Goes by Max Daniel)

    Surota jumped at the female's sudden words, sheepishly looking up before his alter Sam popped in randomly. "We're speaking of ways to escape." Sam winked and flashed her a smug smile. "Hush you damn idiot!" Max, the angry alter, hissed at Sam in a warning as he clenched his fists tightly. "Calm down, all of you!" Surota snapped at his fighting alters, hugging his knees tighter to his body. "Why don't you guys just go away for once." Surota practically begged as he fought back tears, a lump forming in his throat. "Maybe we could capture the workers and seek revenge on them with sweet, sweet torture." This time his insane alter, Peter, spoke up. His voice was low and eerie, and tends to send other's shivers down their back. "No! Then we'd be just like them!" Max exclaimed while smashing his fist on the grey concrete wall beside him. "Are you forgetting whos body you're using? That hurt.." Surota held his hand while it throbbed, looking down at it as a small purple tint began to surface on his pale skin.

  7. Xavier looked over at the boy who had skitzophrenia who changed his name every thirty seconds. Poor guy...,Xavier thought to himself as he waited for one of the workers to come and start doing experiments on him. So far he had been lucky and not suffered many side-effects just getting sick, throwing up excetra. I wonder what kind of experiments they'll do today....

    ( If anyone wants to play one of the workers and come get Xavier for experiments that'd be great idc what kind of experiment so your choice)
  8. Kuromi looked at the guy in the cell in front of her wearily, and had frowned as he winked at her. "Multiple-" she coughed, personality disorder, eh?" she coughed again, and cleared her throat, which hurt even more. "I've got to agree with the one who said the thing about torture."
  9. (( He doesn't have Schizophrenia, he has a disorder named Multiple Personality Disorder, or Split Personality. I put a link in his character sheet if you're confused. @andrew21234 ))
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  10. Ren had been up since who-knew-how long ago. He had failed to sleep yet again, and it came as no surprise to him. Three sleeping disorders? Nah, man. There was no sleeping for Ren. Only smoking through the night. He was the asylum's personal nicotine experiment, and he knew it. He knew it and he couldn't stop himself graciously accepting the packs of cigarettes the workers slipped through the bars of his cell twice a day and once a night. He was rather exhausted that morning, or at least, more exhausted than he normally was from lack of sleep. He'd had a seizure last night, one of those painful jerking fits followed by a ten-minute psychotic episode. He almost never remembered what he did during these fits, or why he did them. All he knew was that he was weary and sometimes injured after them.

    There was one cigarette remaining in his nighttime box. "Conserve smokes" just wasn't in Ren's vocabulary. Besides, the guards would be by soon to give him a fresh box to last until mid afternoon. He plucked it from its package and lit up with his worn lighter. The "click-click" of his lighter was something that all of the patients in the nearby cells knew very well. Ren smoked somewhere between thirty and thirty-five cigarettes per day, and that number was still climbing. The staff encouraged him to smoke, and his intuitive mind could clearly see their plan to use him to study the affects of withdrawal, and he knew it would be so very painful, but Ren just couldn't stop. So he gave in, breathed in that fragrant smoke, exhaling with the breath of a dragon. It was the greatest sensation, and he could have as much as he wanted.

    Between puffs, Ren gave a low chuckle that sounded like sandpaper rubbing away flesh. The laugh was directed at Kumori, but it drew a few stares. "You won't get much worthwhile conversation out of these crazies, kid," he said dryly. The smoking had taken his laugh first, and was only just beginning to eat away at his young man's voice. But even if he weren't a smoker, his voice would have sounded something like it did then: limp, cold, drawling.
  11. Hearing many voices from the cells around, he heard that someone was trying to flee too. "Hey, if you trying to escape from here, don't forget that the guards are watching every step you take. Make sure that you don't try to make some foolishness, think on a plan first thn you make it and get out of here. That was what a did some time ago, the only thing that went wrong was my blood-lust..." said RafaDark while he closed his eyes and walked to his door to hear more of the conversation.
  12. "We're all-" she cleared her throat, "crazy here." muttered Kuromi. "We wouldn't be here if we-" she then coughs, a burning sensation forming at the back of her throat, " weren't." she took a piece of rock from the ground and rapped it against the concrete, over and over again, in hopes of carving something. It made a shrill noise, like one where you put nails on a chalkboard.
  13. Chrystopher Kelly (open)
    Eyes (open)

    Chrys pulled the sucker from her mouth, it's sugary coating making a wet pop! sound as it jerked from her lips. She rolled her eyes and leaned over the guard's desk, peering through the barred plexus-glass, her cleavage peeking through the vertical tear in her shirt.

    "So can I count on you then?" she asked, replacing the sucker into her mouth.

    She'd been up for several hours judging by the present time on the clock behind the scrawny guard in front of her. Her most recent one had been waking her at precisely 5:12am every morning. The guards had subsequently started letting her out of her cage shortly there after so she would cease her crude sexual ramblings. Well more of shouting than ramblings as she would speak at the top of her lungs every time the guards walked by on their hourly bed checks.

    "Yeah, yeah." he said, shuffling some papers into a folder before handing it to an oncoming staff member, as they prepared for the shift change.

    "Good." she smiled and tossed her hair, "Strawberry, Green Apple and Watermelon. Don't forget!" the patients' days were soon to start and she had her eye on a specific new comer.
  14. Personality Color Code:
    Blue: Original Surota
    Red: Insane Alter (Goes by Peter Long)
    Green: Snobby Alter (Goes by Darek Snider)
    Pink: Cheeky Alter (Goes by Sam Evens)
    Grey: Angry Alter (Goes by Max Daniel)

    Surota listened to the other male who went on about strategies for escaping and whatnot, his alters and himself thinking it through. "Well you have a point there, mister, but I don't think the guards will care once they're all dead." Peter laughed a psychotic laugh, getting on his hands and knees and shuffling his way to the door. Peter stood up and made eye contact with the other male, his eyes wide as a insane smile made it's way to his lips. "Don't you agree?" He stopped smiling almost instantly and instead furrowed his eyebrows. "Oh, shut the hell up Peter. You can't just walk out there and kill everyone in a fucking snap of a finger. They have weapons dumb ass." Max spoke up this time and venom filled every word. "Shut up you two for crying out loud! Some of us would like some piece and quiet in this god damned mind that we all share!" Darek finally appeared, changing Surota's voice to sound a bit more formal and just....snobby. Sam leaned his body (Aka: Surota's) back to the door, winking at the male. "Don't mind them, me and Surota are the most normal ones out of all of us." Surota's eyes glanced at the ground nervously. "I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable. Most people are around me." His voice was softer and a bit timid, not really enjoying the alters using his body like a ragdoll.
  15. as crystal woke up again she sat up rubbing her eyes and looking down she began to cry again. she had just realized that she was dreaming about home and her family. and she woke up back in this prison. "why... why cant i go home..." she sobbed in the corner of her cell only to be retrieved by the scientists. she knows that they wont hurt her but every time they come for her she gets scared. as Sotheby open her door she instantly gets up and grabs onto one of them he then picks her up and carries her down the hallway.
  16. Ren took a thoughtful puff of his cigarette, considering her words halfheartedly before mentally tossing them aside. "That's what they want you to think," he chastised, tapping off his ashes through the bars of his cell. A small mound of ashes had formed at the base of his cell door that the asylum staff never swept. If a draft got into the building like it often did, those ashes were carried downwind and scattered amongst the other cells. The really crazy ones tried to eat them, sometimes.
  17. Xavier saw the girl who's name he couldn't remember smoking a cigarette. Xavier rarely spoke to anyone and he could tell it was affecting him. Deciding that he needed to talk to someone he said to the girl "y-you k-know smoking is bad for your health, and the rest of us who breath in the smoke c-could you p-please stop?" Xavier realized he may have made a mistake he couldn't afford to make enemies in this place.

    ( FYI the girl he is talking to is Ren just in case it wasn't clear @Snowday )
  18. Kumori gave a throaty laugh. "Believe me. After all this time in this hell, we've at least got some bit insanity in us now."
    Noone could stay and be manipulated in am asylum without going mentally unstable. She then knit her eyebrows into a frown. "She's right you know." Kumori cackled, a crazy smile forming on her lips. "We're all mad here."
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  19. "...Once they're all dead. Don't you agree?" RafaDark was totally agreeing with that. "But you need to know three things. First, you know how many guards have out there? second, killing everyone would be a problem because some will try to get revenge from their fallen comrades and third, someone would not be able to kill everyone alone. So if you want to get out of here alive, you will need someone to help you on the escape, i want to help to flee from here because i wanna flee too... So what do you say, Friend?" RafaDark talked while he looked at the little opening of his door.
  20. [Ren is a dude btw, @andrew21234]

    Ren shot Xavier an annoyed glare, pointedly taking another draft of smoke. "Might as well tell a fish to try breathing air, kid," he snapped. "It's called an addiction." As he turned back to Kumori, Ren exhaled a column of smoke in Xavier's direction. Nothing he hated more than being bothered about his little habit. "I guess that's where you and I are different," he told her with a weak smile.
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