The Asylum (Basic Jist)

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  1. THE ASYLUM…..

    “This will be your new home”

    The words spoken to every new patient that crossed through those double doors, the hallways white with the marble floor that had recently been renovated to the structure, the sounds coming from down the north and south side screams, and shouts on a busy day and sometimes it runs eerily quiet. Doctors and nurses ran busily about in and out of rooms, the cafeteria and such other places where the patients would be resting…the differences between this asylum and all others was the solitude that was offered here there was no time for the patients to interact unless the doctors or nurses felt the need to allow them to. The patients were each restricted to one room a square room that was big enough to fit one mattress made completely of feathers, no springs and them. Each wall was padded with thick padding stopping every blow that struck at the wall. Every patient always remained put up in a white straight jacket many of them set up to curl around the entire body, each person believing their own lives here. Many of the older patients here have begun to fade leaving the younger ones to test out the new tactics to help cure this disease.

    (Note this is simply a quick description of the asylum, there will be a more in depth one when I do type out the actual location)

    Welcome to the Asylum, a world where you the patient have a mental disorder and are thrust inside this asylum, the name of the asylum has been unknown to all except those that work there and pass the patients here. Rumors however do circulate around this place many of them just whispers that dance through the ears of every outside folk, it is said to be a testing ground for a way to control humans using their own brain or even a way for them to contact anything out of this world. After seven years of being at the asylum and no progress in sight you are taken away to never be seen again, many assume that they go through some special treatment and are passed back into the real world but others they whisper. The ones here not to insane to speak try to pass the grim news on but most of the time the other patients are to caught up in their own little world. The only question remains, can you be cured if nothing is wrong with you or will you see what happens after seven years of living in your new home?

    Character sheets: Your character sheets can be as indepth as you like but I will only require a certain bit of information, I require that the character sheets be sent directly to me via PM.

    Backstory: (I only need your back story on the time already spent here)

    (This is only and interest check if you wish for more information do not hesitate to ask)
  2. Name: Lisa Grose

    Age: 25

    Personality: Well that's the thing, she has multiple personality disorder, three to be exact. Alice, when angry. Barb, when observant. And Ethel, when afraid but this one can be a bit of a thief. Lisa seems normal at times but the little things can trigger her to switch into any of her personalities, from a word or even the way someone looks at her.

    Description: Dark blue hues easily show her mood and by the way she looks at anyone or the way they dash. Long blonde hair, usually kept up in a tight pony tail, but every once in awhile one of the nurses at the asylum would cut her hair short to prevent anyone from pulling it if Alice got into a fight with another patient. Always wearing the blue and white gowns given to them upon being admitted.

    Illness: Multiple Personality Disorder

    Time: Two years

    If you need anymore info just let me know. I think this is a really cool idea you have.
  3. Thanks for the interest as I have said above I am on a kindle right now and wont be to a computer until Tuesday so then I will go more in depth about the plot and such.
  4. Name: Mae Grey
    Age: 26
    Time: a year
    Disorder: Schizophrenia, has hallucinations and delusional

    Personality: She has a pretty talkative personality. Because she can't recognize real voices from hallucinations but still wants to be polite, she answers to all of them. This can result in her sitting and staring at a wall talking to a blue tiger. Otherwise she's calm and peaceful, because she's sure that there's a conspiracy against her. And if she causes too much trouble, they'll find out that she knows. The voices told her so, so of course it has to be real. Panics easily and if scared gets hysteric and starts to cry.

    Appearance: Long dark, messy hair. The nurses wash and brush it sometimes, but it never stays neat for longer than a day. Brownish green eyes that may either see you or not. Her gaze is aberrant. Usually smiles at everyone and has dimples in her cheeks. Has a habit of biting her finger nails and lips, so her lips often bleed a little and her nails are ill-groomed. Wears the blue and white gowns given when admitted to.