The Assassins (xxDarkest_Assassainxx and I)

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  1. [MENTION=2808]The~St~of~Hilaires[/MENTION] and [MENTION=5110]xxDarkest_Assassinxx[/MENTION] Rp

    Two people a girl and a boy. both Assassin and both with the same traget, each other. but what happens when both meet face to face.

    It was a cool night and Myako enjoying the view from above the the building she perched up on. She hoped her Target was going to be late since she really didnt want to leave. it ended soon though as her target started to walk out of the building across the street.

    Myako moved her black hair out of her dark green blue eyes so she could see. she followed him from the roof tops. but was still hinden with her black outfit. she became an assassins the day after her mother had been mirdderd by a bunch of man. she hated man. she was wanted from everyone but she didnt care. she learned to be an assassins from her teacher Genta.
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  2. Jasik followed his target through a crowd of people. To anyone on the outside, he simply looked like another person going about their day. But he was an assassin on a mission. This man killed Jasik's father, and Jasik planned on getting revenge tonight.
  3. Myako got down from the roof top and dust off her short red dress and fixs heer red heals and walked up to the man. she knew many man where after him. she wanted to get him now. "hello sir do you mind if we....." she looks down at him then back to his face "talk" she finished. the man smirked and hold out an arm for her to take wich she did. she followed him back to his hotel.
  4. Whoever this woman was, she was going to ruin Jasik's plans. He followed them through the city and into the parking lot of a hotel. Jasik only wanted the man, not whoever this girl was. He silently walked up behind the man and pulled him into the shadows next to the hotel.
  5. She saw the man get pulled away into the sadow. "danm it" she cised under her breath then walks into the shadows the way the man went. she need to find him fast. "where my traget shoot." she said softly to herself. she contuine to walk till she hear movement again. she see the guy and pulls out her gun from under her dress. and rased it. "freaz A hole thats my traget you got there" she said gun rased and moving closer but not to close.
  6. Jasik looked at the girl. She has to be out of her mind. He was going to kill this man whether she liked it or not. He threw down a smoke pellet and was gone with the man within seconds.
  7. She covers her mouth. she cures out loud. "Give him back dumb @$$ i had him first" sge was acting like a kid again. this guy was going to pay. big time. she hissed and hoped this guy was going to kill him.
  8. Jasik had waited so long for this. The moment when he got to avenge his father's death. Jasik kicked the man in the side of the head and watched as he fell to the ground. ”You're going to pay for what you did” said jasik as he punched the man hard in the mouth. ”My name is Jasik Harovich, and I will have my revenge!” Screamed jasik as he engaged his hidden blade and stabbed the man in the heart
  9. Myako was pissed and wanted to find the guy but frist she was going to get her money and then find a guy. she stops at her tracks remebering that she didnt see his face and started screams luckly she was alone. "when i fined him i am going to kill him" she hissed and left for the hotel wic the people that gived her the job was. onces she got there she was yelled at than she had to give the money back. lucky she didnt us it. she then left the hotel with a hissed. she need a drink so she went to a bar.
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  10. Jasik watched as the man bled and died. Nothing could ever compare to the pleasure he felt in killing this man. Now, that girl from earlier could potentially pose a threat. If it came to that, he'd deal with her
  11. Myako was pissed she need vodka. she asked the bartender for vodka. she looked around with a sigh. "man i am so dead" she said out loud. once the bartender came wth the vodka she sighed and starts to drink. she only need one more and she was out.
  12. Jasik decided to head to the bar. A nice glass of tequila should ease things over before he headed home. He had allot on his mind and was ready for today to be over.
  13. Myako didnt care she asked for th storngest drenk mix they got. she lost her money but its not like she dose not have any. she never lost a target before now she knew the feeling. it sucked man balls. the bartender came with her drink. she played with it at first before she drinked it.
  14. Jasik couldn't believe it. The girl who was chasing his target was right here infront of him, she was also drunk. He watched as she skilled at him and started to walk toward him. Was she out of her mind, how much alcohol did she have tonight?
  15. Myako walked out of the bar drunk as hell and she starts to walk towards some hot guy. Myako was smiling at the guy infrount of her. "your cute" she said with a giggle once she was close to him so he can hear. "Hi im bob" she said laughing and spinning.
  16. What the hell was her problem? She pulled a gun on him and now she tells him that he's cute. She was seriously hammered
  17. she stoed and fell to the ground luaghing. "are you going to kill me?" she asked lsmiling as she looks at him.
  18. Jasik couldn't believe what he was doing, but he put a blindfold over her face and lead her to his home. He decided he'd let her sober up then he'd take her away before she could remember where he lived
  19. "hey what are you doing?" she pouts but follows. she then soon stopped. and turnes around to face who ever was behind her. "I am going to trow up now yeah or soon i dont fell good" she said not moving at all.
  20. Jasik lead her to a bush and pushed on her stomach causing her to vomit. ”Do you feel better now?” He asked her
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