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  1. 1750 in Madrid, Spain, a year and city bustling with growth, ruled by kings, and powered by the dark business of slave trading. The selling and trading of goods by sea is vital to the country's survival, and the government (ruled by King Ferdinand VI) will stop at nothing to sustain a successful market. The seven years war was only 4 years away from starting, so the area became increasingly hostile and violent. Assassins have thrived in Europe for thousands of years, and that's no different in Madrid. The Assassins there are fighting against government oppression and corruption as well as against any other evil forces. Their struggle leads a long and difficult road, an uphill battle of sorts, but they're prepared for it. This story follows a young man and woman along their journey and young careers as Assassins.

    Name: Cristina Mendez
    Age: 18
    Bio: Born and raised in upper class Madrid by the aristocratic Mendez family. Disowned by her family at the ripe age of 15 after vehemently denying to marry a man much older than her. Has lived off the streets and her own skills every since.
    Personality: Stubborn, hard-headed, independent, and determined.
    Skills: Unusual speed and agility
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Name: Adrian Del Bosque
    Age: 19
    Bio: Grew up living a very impoverished lifestyle. His mother died during childbirth and his father wasn't much of a man. He was in and out of his life, more interested in women and finding ways to rip people off for money instead of caring for his son. Eventually one of his deals went bad and he was murdered, leaving Adrian on his own at the age of 14. Ever since then Adrian has had to fend for himself, and took to the wilderness rather than the streets. There he learned how to hunt, build, and generally survive. He also developed superb climbing skills. He was spotted and recruited by Assassin's on one of their typical runs in which they found him being attacked by a bear. Both out of gratitude and interest, Adrian accepted their offer to become a member of the Order.
    Personality:Unusually quiet, calm in almost any situation. Keeps mostly to himself, a loner, not quick to trust others without a good reason.
    Skills: Exceptional climbing and hunting skills. Excels in stealth and tracking as well.
    Looks: izaya__ninja_assassin_by_lmlovelessmelm-d4meat0.jpg

    Name: Gabriel Castillo
    Age: 25
    Bio: Grew up in a deeply Christian household, mostly thanks to his father who was a member of the Templar Order. Gabriel's ambition to become one himself and his deep hate for the Assassin Order came as a result of his father's assassination in 1740. The death left his family heartbroken, his mother a mess, and himself without a father in his life. At the age of 18 he had no hesitation with becoming a Templar, rising quickly through the ranks thanks to his father's reputation. His seven years of service have earned him the title of Knight Officer. He's fully committed to the goal of bringing world peace as well as ending the reign of a King whom he believes breeds greed, war, and bloodshed.
    Personality: Largely serious when he's at work, sort of intimidating. Hardly takes time off, but relaxes much more and comes off as a much more normal person when he does.
    Skills: Sharp combat abilities, very skilled at handling his blade. A vocal and effective leader, motivator of both men and women.
    Looks: download.jpg
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  2. Name: Hassan
    Age: Unknown, speculated 22

    Personality: Calm, Demure, catlike, extremely literal, clinical, a soft spot toward women and animals; Easily bored or annoyed by ignorance, stupidity, and alcohol.

    Bio: Raised in the slums of Quatar under the oppressive rule of Bahrain, Hassan led a troubled younger life marked by unrelenting abuse from his drunken stepfather, his only breaks in life coming from his good-natured and often benevolent mother; Up until in her murder by his own fathers hand during an inebriated episode of rage, one of many episodic

    counts of frequent abuse against her.
    Left to his own devices he renounced his Father’s last name and learned to scavenge and scrounge for his next meal he became an adept thief, often watching the royal guard train and mimicking their own movement, in preparation of what was to be his first target: His father.
    Following his drawn out demise Hassan took the one trade he knew besides thievery and fleed Bahrain-Quatar in order to escape persecution and create A business with his unique skillset

    looks: [​IMG]

    Name: Donald "Don" Yves

    Bio: Raised in a family of mariners Donald grew up attracted to exotic locales and travel, being essentially bred to sail he grew to resent and fear the ocean after losing his parents to pirates; spending his formative years working at a port he became A target of the guild while still under Roarke's command, staying Hassan's blade only through pleading his innocence with what was meant to be his last breathe, being nursed back to health and subsequently trained after swearing his life to protecting Hassan due to giving him purpose.

    Name: Rachel Laurent
    Age: 27
    Bio: Bred prim, proper, and pampered Rachel was raised by wealthy Spaniards and the English Aristocracy, The creed was passed down to her by her mother, seeking a form of thrill in an otherwise sheltered life she reluctantly accepted and learned the tools of her trade meticulously beginning at age 18; she has been decidedly silent about the rest of her backstory and involvement with Roarke.
    Looks: image.jpg

    Name: Tzin, Rebbetzin to formal acquaintances .
    Bio: Born, raised, and trained under the Algerian's branch of the order Tzin was born to an assassin mother and father, leaving no question of what line of work she would take it from the moment she was born; she spent much of her formative years fighting in the numerous conflicts that raged through the middle east carrying political assassinations as well as aiding in various skirmishes and battles, her experience as essentially a child soldier and later a liason for the Creed having turned her into a seasoned warrior by the time she reached adulthood.

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  3. Cristina was aimlessly walking the streets of Madrid at night as she usually did on the weekends. She was often in search of sources for money, fun, or both. The areas she wandered in were generally labeled as unsafe and it was viewed as unusual for a young girl like herself to be there alone. However, she'd grown used to her conditions over her three years alone, turning the threat that everyone else saw into simply daily life. Earlier on it was much rougher for her and she was constantly afraid. She was luckier than most were in her situation, seeing as she was still alive and not surviving through means such as prostitution. Tonight she was pick pocketing, choosing people out from the crowds who looked a little wealthy, drunk, or had been flaunting around their money earlier. She had a decent amount of it already, enough to put a crappy roof over her head at night, but you could never have enough, right? She had just stolen a few real from a man without his noticing, easy as taking candy away from a baby. Initially she felt wrong for doing things like this, but the streets hardened and changed her.
  4. He rested, leaning against the splintered ashen wood of a vendors' long since evacuated stall, having since grown use to discomfort Hassan yawned as he eyed the restless Madrid crowds watching various passer-by's, his well trained eyes coming to a rest on one seemingly out of place females moving fluidly through the mass of bodies, raising a brow he followed her with his eyes noting the subtle way she bumped into certain people a little more than necessary before discerning she was a pickpocket, chuckling he drew his mantle tighter over his shoulders and continued to watch with renewed vigor, eager to see if she'd be caught*
  5. Cristina's pockets were getting heavy with real, literally, the bronze, silver, and gold coins adding up quickly and weighing down her lightweight clothing. She snarled briefly, her strange form of greed pushing her to keep going whether than turning in early for the night. "Just a few more" She thought as she moved forward, setting her sights on a man who looked particularly wealthy compared to the others. "Probably here for some women..." She reasoned, glancing at both of his two bodyguards who walked alongside him. She smirked, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her cleavage before approaching the man and speaking in a false and sultry voice "Looking for some fun?" she asked, catching his attention and smirking when she noticed his eyes automatically going to her chest. "Follow me." She went on after seeing his interest, motioning him over to an alley with her finger. He quickly pressed her against the wall, putting his head aggressively against her neck as he kissed and sucked sloppily. His hands randomly groped her body, briefly causing her to shiver with disgust at how lustful and quick to the point he was. She used how preoccupied he was to slip her hands in his pockets, taking his real and putting it into her own. However, a guard was watching and noticed her, alerting his master instantly. She cursed under her break and kneed the master in the crotch before running off down the alley, turning the corner and quickly scaling the building, dropping a few real in the process. "Gained more than I lost..." She thought out loud when she reached the rooftop and realized what had happened.
  6. Hassan had to slip atop the vendors stall and crane his neck to follow her movements, presuming that rather than rush two fairly large men head on she would scale the wall; his suspicions proved correct a moment later when he strolled into the alley to check, brushing past one of the men and stooping to inspect the real left on the ground, cupping his palms around it he felt the bodyguards large hand come to rest on his shoulder and pivoted swiftly, his palms and finger tips striking seven different points in a straight line along the mans spine, leading to the solar plexus

    pausing to inspect his handiwork he shook his head and glanced toward the remaining guard and his employer beckoning for them to leave* You don't get a tip; besides hiring better security perhaps. Your manservant will come to by nightfall. *He added as a note, tossing the real he'd picked up onto the roof he assumed his query had scampered off to, turning his back toward the alley's entryway to leave*
  7. Cristina was just about to depart when she heard sharp grunts and sounds of pain coming from the alley, followed by the sound of coins clanking against the rooftop. Puzzled, she turned around and knelt to pick up what she realized to be the real that she'd dropped when she was still on the ground. She looked over the edge, wondering both how the real got to the roof and what the sounds coming from the alley were. The first thing she noticed was the guard that she'd out run in the alley laying on the ground, clearly unconscious and perhaps dead. She looked toward the entryway of the alley, watching as the master and his remaining guard fled before looking to her left and spotting the assailant of the guard. " he did it, and he must have been watching me, why else would he throw the real up here? But even if he'd been watching me...why would he give it back? Strange..." She thought as she watched the unidentified white-haired male slowly walk away, unable to see his face to see if he was someone she'd seen before. "There aren't many people his age with white hair...he won't be hard to pick out if I see him again." She thought out loud before descending from the roof and leaving the alleyway, seeing no reason to use her alternative method of escape anymore.
  8. Hassan walked purposefully with a casual air about himself, such as that it looked as if he had somewhere to be but didn't particularly care about arriving on time, his mind replaying the image of the girl and how she handled the situation, thinking silently of whether she would improve with training and more importantly if he would appreciate having to teach another his craft, leaning against the same stall he had scoped the crowd from earlier and thinking of possible alternate scenarios in which the other may have wound up dead, resolving to at least teach her to better defend herself, or keep an eye out for her *
  9. Cristina quickly went back to her living space, she refused to call it "home", which came in the form of some run-down apartments around the same area which she had stolen from. She opened her safe, which she stole, and emptied her pockets of all the real that she'd collected that night. There was no need for her to count it, as she had done so as she was stealing it, explaining how she was able to determine how much she'd lost. She had an amazing attention to detail that translated to almost anything and everything that she did in life. She locked the safe after putting all the real decide, taking only a small amount out so that she could have some fun back in the city. She left after changing clothes, not wanting to risk being recognized by any of the people whom she'd stolen from. She walked downtown with her hands swinging loosely at her sides, her eyes scanning around her for any potential sources of danger, but more specifically any signs of that white-haired man from earlier. She went into her usual pub once she reached her destination, ordering a drink and sipping on it and looking over everyone else who was inside. Some live musicians and drunken singers was the icing on the cake of the atmosphere typical of a pub on the weekend.
  10. Hassan tugged his hair over one shoulder as he walked the streets, on his way to the abandoned opera house that he'd created a refuge of sorts in when he heard a drunken laugh, followed by a hearty slap on his back*

    "What's a pretty girl like yourself doing out alone ?"

    Hassan turned slowly to face the presumable male, his face a nondescript if not slightly amused mask, his eyes betraying none of what of what he was capable of * I think you ought to head back inside of your pub sir; the streets are not safe at a time like this. and besides; I'm a male. try your luck at a brothel. Another intoxicated remark spilled out, the much larger man commenting on how lithe Hassan was built

    He turned to continue about his path when he felt a cold splash on his bare midriff, recognizing the scent as some form of alcohol, his face contorting briefly into a masque of barely contained malice as he noticed a crowd had started to form, some of the pubs patrons' had filed out and begun placing bets as hassan hung his arms limply by his side rolling his shoulders* If you insist. Your friends seem to want a show, last chance to back down here? * he offered with the same smile a cat gives its prey*
  11. Cristina's relaxed observing was disrupted by the slew of people quickly heading outside of the pub and the commotion that it was causing. "Another fight? That's not too unusual...but everyone appears to be particularly excited for this one...can't hurt to check it out." She thought, quickly finishing off her drink and paying before easily slipping through the crowd of people moving out of the pub. She noticed the larger crowd growing in a circle and walked over, pushing her way to the inside to see what was going on. "It's him." She thought, recognizing the white haired man from the alley and realizing that he was the one who'd gotten into the altercation. He didn't seem to be drunk, but the man attempting to fight him embodied the meaning of the word drunk. "This should be interesting..." She hypothesized as the man provided the drunk with an ultimatum that would likely be declined with force.
  12. Hassan sat and watched as the various spectators dug in there pockets searching for any increment of money to bet on; waiting a few precious seconds for his oppressor to consider his options before ducking under the wide hook he threw, responding with a volley of punches that rolled up his midsection to his face and back down almost as if he were a pugilist doing speed training, his hands rotating in a gentle circular motion as he battered the drunken man towards the pubs open doors*
  13. Cristina watched the two men intently, not interested in any form of bet but solely in how they fought, specifically the white haired man. She already knew he would win, but what garnered her focus was seeing how he'd do it. She'd missed how he'd taken out the guard in the alley, but he'd done it with such speed that she assumed he must be incredibly skilled. Her eyes slowed down his extremely quick movements as he dodged the drunken man's punch before hitting him with a flurry of his own. The punched were lightning fast and packed with power while remaining amazingly accurate. He could have stopped as soon as he'd started, but he was making a statement, that was painfully for the man taking the beating. Despite her eyes being able to follow it, it still captivated how fluid and effortlessly the male moved, as if he'd been doing this his whole life. "Who is he?..." She thought out loud to herself, watching as he continued.
  14. Hassan stopped, grabbing the mans shoulder right beside the tendons in his neck and squeezing gently to steady him, shaking his head * I want you along with whom ever else you came with to leave; now. Don't bother any of the patrons, don't drink another drop, and more importantly don't let me see you that drunken ever again. * He commented, allowing the much larger man to slowly slouch onto his shoulder before pushing him into the arms of the various Spaniards that came forward, uttering apologies as they accepted their query, leaving hassan watching as people filed back into the pub talking of the incident; watching to be certain his instructions were followed*
  15. Cristina watched as he fearlessly demanded that the men followed his orders and conditions, as well as how they cowardly agreed to after seeing what had happened to their friend. Everyone else began to move inside and exchange money from the bets now that the fight was over, the crowd bustling with conversation and arguments about what happened. Unlike them, she lingered around outside and stood with her arms crossed, her eyes never leaving the white haired man. He was intently focused on watching the crowd, making sure that they were actually listening to what he told him to do. "He's like an overseer, a warden at a jail. He's used to controlling people, I can tell." She thought as she stared at him, moving back and leaning against the wall of the pub to look a little less suspicious than she previously did.
  16. Hassan smiled only slightly at seeing his orders being followed , his features quickly reverting to passiveness, his eyes passing over the storefront one last time, nodding slightly at the girl who sat in the shadows merely observing, seeing some of himself in her he concentrated speaking calmly* I presume you are the very same young lady I saw early, You must frequent this bar if the men , especially men of spanish blood, know not to try and solicit you. Is there where I'm to find you when you are not robbing poor marks blind of there not so hard earned real? * He asked, his accent Spanish with a hint of something discernible *
  17. Cristina couldn't fight her lips away from forming the smirk that now graced her face at the others words. "Why would you want to find me?" She questioned in an oblivious tone, obviously knowing that the other had some form of interest in something about her, just not being sure what exactly it was. "I like your sarcasm, however, people who've been treated like I have tend to care a little less about those "poor marks" you speak of." She replied, her eyes focused on his now rather than scanning his body, "I would ask why you were watching me, but I doubt you'll give me the true reason for that..." she thought out loud. "Instead, what's your name? I'm a little tired of simply calling you 'the white haired man' in my thoughts." She asked and explained.
  18. I'd want to find you for the very same reason You've been thinking of me; Intrigue. You may call me Hassan.* He responded politely, having not used or seen his own last name in so long that he'd forgotten it himself* And as to why I'm watching you? Simply to ensure that you were not killed whilst I was in the area. Your altercation in that alley could have ended in any number of vulgar and gruesome ways. Prior to that however I was merely watching you work. Your movement is impressive. *he complimented.*
  19. "Thanks, Hassan." Cristina replied, putting an accent on his name which didn't sound the slightest bit Spanish, but she didn't plan on questioning him about it. "I'm Cristina Mendez, and I have to admit your fighting and intimidation skills are pretty impressive as well." She introduced herself while returning his compliment. She thought back to his earlier comments, and another smirk came to her lips "What is it exactly that intrigues you about me then, Hassan? I find it hard to believe that you haven't seen a good thief before." she asked, following up with another statement quickly "Those men had no chance of truly harming shouldn't worry about that, maybe three years ago, you would've had a valid reason to be concerned."
  20. Hassan allowed his eyes to meet hers, seemingly searching for something before he replied* You move quickly... you have compassion for those who deserve and none for those who don't it seems, you're alluring; however many men are impervious to seduction, and you seem curious, like you always want to delve deep into the true nature of things as opposed to face value. I won't say much more than that in public, I do know a place however if you are interested in hearing the rest? * He proffered, watching her with minute detail*
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