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  1. OOC here

    Welcome to The Assassin School! If you are interested in joining, then fill out this information!

    Age: (14 - 25)
    Species: ( Human, Elf, dwarf, Etc)
    Weapons: (This is a Medieval RolePlay so no guns or bombs)
    Faction: ( Strength, Stealth, Assassin, Ranger, or Mage. Read Description for more info)
    Picture: ( Optional)

    My Character -
    Name: Will Omakoor
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Bio: Will comes from the distant village of Were. A small village high in the mountains, where Will has learned to use his Weapons, and body. Will has come to the School to become one of the greatest assassins the world has ever known.
    Personality: Sarcastic sense of humor. Very smart, but quiet and shy, so people think that he is dumb. Loyal. Very protective of his friends, and family.
    Appearance: Short Brown hair. Grey stormy eyes. 6' even. Slight, but muscular frame.
    Weapons: Staff, Runed for Air. One Air throwing knife. One Earth throwing knife. One Water throwing knife. One Fire Throwing knife. One normal knife Runed for Strength, and Force. The throwing knives have a ring on the back for easy access.
    Faction: Mage
    Picture: [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Nikita 'Venda' Tresté
    She goes by Venda.

    Age: 16

    Species: Human

    Bio: Growing up in a fairly large town by the sea, Nikita found her parents dead in their room when she was 10. She spent the last 6 years training. It was common in her town for crimes like this to go unnoticed. She hated the fact, and now she's going to this school to learn how to deal with any situation she might be presented with. When she graduates, she wants to be able to go around and take out the people who murder, who steal, the people who get away with their crimes. Not for revenge, not exactly for justice...maybe for peace? She's not sure yet.

    Personality: Nikita isn't exactly shy, but she is reserved. She only speaks if she feels she needs to, and because of this, when she actually does say something, she thinks it through, making her sound like a show-off. Nikita actually just feels it's useless to continuously speak over subjects that have no true impact on your life.

    Appearance: Short black hair, striking blue eyes. Lithe, flexible runner's build, 5'6''.

    Weapons: She carries this on her back [​IMG]
    This on her right hip [​IMG]
    And this on her left hip [​IMG]
    Her favorite is her bow and her daggers. She only uses her sword for close-range combat, which she tends to try to avoid.

    Faction: Stealth

    Picture: Outfit~ [​IMG] Only instead of blue it's a dark maroon. And her face~ [​IMG]
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  3. Name: Hannah
    Age: (17
    Species: elf
    Bio: was abandoned at the age of 3 with her twin brother and younger sister due to the fact that she and her brother and mute and her younger sister is deaf. She has lived in the woods for over 14 years and calls it her home even though all it is is a big tree house. She started to learn how to hunt and fish for survival and has been secluded from the outside world for so long. Until one day some hunters had kidnapped her little sister and her and Alexander (her twin) went and reduced her. After that day they started to take on jobs as assassins and getting more into the real world instead of trying to live in there own fantasy world.
    Personality: Hannah is very aggressive around large groups of people and people she doesn't know. She is always very seriouse and trys to be the best role model she can be for her younger sister and for her twin because shes the oldest. Once she gets to know somebody and warms up to them then she is very kind and carrying and will put her life on the line for them.
    Weapons: a double edged knife that has a red hilt and a bow and arrow.
    Faction: assassin
    Picture: but with black hair

    Name: Alexander (Alex)
    Age: 17
    Species: elf
    Bio: same as his sisters
    Personality: he is a very kind and carrying man who will do anything for anybody even if he has no idea who they are. He trys to be funny in awkward situations and trys to make anybody laugh when they are feeling down.
    Weapons: a small blade
    Faction: Mage
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Name: sida (mouse)
    Age: 14
    Species: elf
    Bio: same as above
    Personality: she is a very bubbly and giggly child when she is around people that she likes but if she is meeting somebody knew then she is just like a mouse quiet timid and afraid of those bigger than her.
    Weapons: two blades
    Faction: stealth
    Picture: [​IMG]
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  4. Name: Darin Flamelance

    Age: 17

    Species: Human

    Darin is the descendant of the great Damian Flamelance, and is now the last Flamelance alive. Like his other predecessors, he aims to be an assassin. Not only to continue the tradition of the Flamelance family, but also to kill a certain person. Although in the past, he refused to become an assassin.

    Darin is a little shy and awkward around people he just knew, but he is actually a cheerful kind of guy. Though, he still has a trauma about his past and closes himself from anyone, not letting anyone got near him.

    Darin has messy red hair. He stands at 175cm, and weighted 67kg. From the outside, he looks like a slender type of boy but he actually has a muscular build.

    - Flamelance Claymore, a specially made claymore that has been used for generations by the Flamelances. This claymore has been embedded with a Fire Rune and thus it can give a burning cut wound to it's opponents. [He carries this claymore on his back, sheated]
    - 5 Throwing Knives that he found on his way to the school, along with a skeleton of a man. [He put these knives in his pocket. The pocket is on the left side of his hip]
    - Roman Spatha, a sword that his father looted when he killed a Romanian soldier. It is unknown about the power this Spatha has, but recently Darin found out that this Spatha has the Force Rune embedded to it. [He sheated this sword and placed it on his right hip]

    Faction: Strenght

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  5. Name: Kara Felan
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Bio: Kara grew up in a town in the north, and she spent a lot of her time outside, either helping her father with work or exploring the nearby forest. She was never very interested in much, until she turned thirteen and learned about the assassin school. Despite the fact that her parents wanted her to stay, she ended up going anyway, sneaking off at night while they were asleep.
    Personality: She thinks more than speaks, and most people who don't know her describe her as "quiet". That's most because they don't actually know her. She is fairly energetic about things around her friends and is observant, curious, hard working, and fiercely loyal.
    Appearance: Standing at five feet (152.4 cm) exactly, she considers herself to be small for her age. She has short raven black hair and hazel eyes.
    Weapons: A wooden bow that her father gave to her, a fighting knife, and a throwing knife.
    Faction: Ranger
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  6. All Accepted! you may begin whenever you wish.
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  7. sweet im so excited
  8. But, for Sida you might not want her to be in the stealth factioin if she has two big swords...
  9. they are just back up in case things go wrong but i will move her if u want me to
  10. Thats okay go ahead and RP.
  11. are you sure i don't want it to bother you
  12. Its completely fine! Your okay. im just not sure if a small girl can handle two large swords.
  13. okay stupid question but because I'm comping from another rp site do we do the in character in the oc or did u make a link and i just haven't found it
  14. Nikita's pictures are now up ^~^

    Will post soon~
  15. I made a link.
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  16. Nero Blackshield

    Nero comes from a long line of Assassins, But sadly is the soul survivor of his blood line. When he was 8 his entire clan was wiped out in a single night by the Knights of Blacksheild a band of knights who served the blackshield family . The eldest son of the blacksheild knights who led the knights into battle could not bare to see the slaughter of innocent children . He felt that they were innocent of there clans actions and tried to prevent the death of the young lings but sadly could only save Nero before the long battle ended. His own family protested against his actions and demanded that he ended Neros life so there would be nothing left of the clan of assassins . The man refused and claimed Nero as his own son granting him the honor to hold the name blackshield. Nero grew close to his adopted father over the years. Seeing that Nero was already on his way on becoming a real assassin at such a young age, His new father trained him in the way of the Knight. He believed that this would only benefit the Blacksheild family. Nero was only 15 when he was knighted which made his father very proud but guilty at the same time. Who was he to raise the child of his enemy to become the very thing that killed them. That is why when Neros father learned of the school of assassins he immediately enrolled Nero. On the day Nero left his homeland in the frosted mountains his father told Nero that he needed to live the life he was born to live which was the life of an assassin.
    Nero is well mannered and easy to get along with, But he does have a dark side

    ARTICFANG -Ice Rune Katana


    ( is this good)​
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  17. ow yea um I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow so I might post tomorrow I might not but I will diffidently post on friday
  18. Nero reminds me of Darin ... o.o
  19. do you want me to change it?
  20. No, no! It's actually the opposite. I like him! I only said that he reminds me of Darin, but he's completely okay. Actually, I thought that he and Darin can be a good friends, seeing how their past sounds identical.
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