The Assassin Named Kira

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    She watched her target as he ran from the police with a pistol in his hand. A small smirk made it's way onto her cheeks. "Pathetic." The Assassin known as Kira gently pulled her hood over her head before leaping off the roof of the building. She landed in front of the man and he gasped in shock. "Wh-Who are you?" He asked as he slowly rose the pistol with a shaky hand. Kira turned her head to look at him with her sapphire blue eyes and said, "Your worse nightmare."

    She then rose a blood red pistol, aimed for the center of his forehead, then shot. The two cops that were following him quickened their pace when they heard a gun fire. They had expected to see him standing over a corpse but the roles were reversed. The two froze in their path and one of them made the mistake of whispering her assassin name. "Kira..." She looked away from the body that once belonged to murderer and pointed her gun at them. When their bodies dropped to the ground she quickly left the scene.

    Once she had entered the apartment that she was living in, the assassin changed into her Pajamas, stuffed her guns into the bottom of a bag then went to sleep. The next day she was woken by the sound of her phone ringing. "Hello?" She said into the phone with a tone that said she had just woken up. "Hey Mizuki. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later after school." "Sure." After saying this the sixteen year old hung up and begun getting ready for school. Once she had changed Mizuki started to read the newspaper.

    It had the usual stuff about Kira striking again but one artical caught her attention. It was talking about a man that killed four police officers, two primary school teachers, seventeen kids and nineteen teenagers. "That's quite close from here. I should be careful when going to school." She said to herself before leaving for school
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    Akuma was skulking through the night. He was looking for another assassin in the area that he was contracted to kill. His black pistols etched with roses were on his waist as he made his way through the city. That's when he heard the gunshots and made his way there careful to stay out of sight. He looked only to see two cops and what looked to be a loon. "She's fast" when he heard the sirens he made his way out of the area and back to his apartment. Once there ryner changed into some shorts and fell asleep. He woke in the morning to the sound of his alarm. He quickly got up and changed into his school uniform as he picked up the news paper. "So there's a serial killer on the loose in the area."
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  3. Mizuki walked down the street but stopped when she passed a library. She entered said Library and picked up a book about body-building. Sure, she was strong but you could never be strong enough. Once she had left with the book Mizuki met up wit her friend. "Hey Amaya." She said as the two began walking down the street. As they walked Mizuki thought about the previous night. There was someone there, watching. But who was it?
  4. Ryner left his apartment and made his way to the library. That's when he saw mizuki and amaya. He ran over to meet his two friends. "Hey mizuki, hey amaya. How are you two today."
  5. When hearing another voice, Mizuki turned to greet her friend. "Fine." She replied. But that wasn't true. She was quite tried. True, she usually stayed up 'til 03:00 AM but this time she stayed up 'til 07:00 AM. So this gave her about an hour of sleep. To hide her bags she put on makeup but she was pretty sure she'd end up rubbing the makeup away
  6. Ryner looked at his friend. He could see the bags under her eyes even with the makeup. "Do you ever sleep mizuki." He couldnt really say much he had small bags under his eyes from not sleeping too much. He yawned slightly.
  7. "Huh? Uh, yeah." Mizuki replied as they walked. She entered the building and begun making her way towards her first class. One of the school bullies ran up behind her with a fist ready to strike and without thinking Mizuki jumped into the air , slammed her foot into his head then landed where she was standing before. "Uh, I, umm...." Mizuki looked at the unconscious body on the ground and as she did more and more people started to stare at her
  8. Ryner looked at the unconscious bully on the floor and then up at mizuki. "When did you start taking martial arts mizuki." He was trying to play off the situation, but he was starting to put things together.
  9. "My-Uhh...My uncle taught me self-defense." Mizuki said, stuttering slightly. Since she was so tired she didn't even think before doing what she did. Sure, her reflexes were great but when she's tired they become even more sharper then they originally were
  10. "That's pretty cool." That's when the bully got up and came came charging again. Ryner did a quick sweep knocking his feet out from under him and then driving his fist into the bully's stomach slamming him into the floor. His sapphire blue eyes hid a killers intent.
  11. A few of the students gasped in shock and as they did teachers exited their classrooms to see what all the commotion was all about. "What's going on here?"
  12. Ryner looked at the teacher. "This person tried to assault us. We felt threatened and took him down." Ryner looked at mizuki. "Let's go to class"
  13. Mizuki nodded in response before walking towards her English class. She took a seat at the back and stared out of the window. Who was there that night? It couldn't have been a normal citizen because she felt an aura unlike any other. The aura of an assassin
  14. Ryner took his seat next to mizuki. He was in deep thought. There's no way she could be her. Please don't her be Kira. He looked at mizuki. Her moves were to sharpened for any normal martial artist.
  15. Mizuki continued staring out of the window. Who was it?! Who was there yesterday?! If they're there today, then I'll find out who it was (Shall we skip to the end of school or...?)
  16. (Sure.) Ryner was broken out of his thought when the bell rang signaling the end of today's classes. "Hey mizuki what do you want to do now."
  17. "Huh? Uhh, I have to go do my homework." Mizuki replied as she slowly stood up. She yawned slightly before glancing at the clock. Two hours 'til she had to hunt down her target. But of course she was going to do so as early as she could because that left her with time to do homework and get to bed
  18. Ryner checked his cellphone. He had an encrypted message on it. "Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow mizuki." He turned and ran off towards his apartment. Once there he checked his message. He had another target. He immediately changed into his combat uniform and grabbed his pistols. "Let's get this over with so I can get my homework done. He made his way out his window and made it to the rooftops. Where he began to move towards where his target was.
  19. When Mizuki returned to her apartment she instantly changed into her clothes and mask. Sh grabbed a few pistols along with some daggers before leaving through the window. The teenage assassin jumped from roof to roof as she followed her target. After a while of running Mizuki jumped off the roof that she was standing on and as she fell she shot five bullets. Three of the bullets struck the man's heart while the remaining bullets flew into his skull. As her feet made contact with the ground, the man's corpse collapsed in a pool of blood
  20. Ryner pulls his mask over his face as he jumped down, landing about 8 feet behind Kira. He had his pistol aimed at the back of her head. "Hello Kira, your not that easy to track down."
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