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  1. Hey guys, I thought to start this thread in honor of hitting two pages! Yay XD Basically, it's where all of our little ideas and comments on the Roleplay go. Since this is a free to jump in RP, I'l be posting the World Details AFTER this post. Either way, welcome.

    RPers so far:
    Falief, starring as Falief, the Close Quarters Expert and other.
    Pianorage starring as Anniet, the Ranged Expert and other.
    nightingale starring as Belladonna, the Poison Expert.
    Raine Williams starring as Raine, The Mysterious Assassin.

    Story so far

    The world of Gaia is a large and magnificent place, humans, elves, and all other assortment of creatures roam freely. However, even though all roam together, wars are inevitable. The Human nation of Hoarn is currently engaged in a bloody war against another Human nation, Charinbol, and has been for twenty years. Thousands have lost their lives in the battlefields wrought from this war, and Hoarn has decided to use it's final weapon.

    After the first two years of war, the king of Hoarn foresaw the years that it would take to end this war. He secretly made a decree for one dozen children to be stolen from his subjects homes and trained in the many ways of killing. Subterfuge, Brutality, poisoning, these children were all created for the one purpose of ending the war that killed thousands.

    For eighteen years now, the children have been trained in all manner of abilities. The camp has been kept secret in the aptly named Ama Taurë, or Blood forest, and finally, the final testing has begun to see if the recruits were ready.

    ~Eighteen Years Later~
    During the final tests to prove themselves worthy Assassins, the twelve recruits were in the middle of a heated chase. Falief had evaded the other eleven recruits for five days now, however things looked troubling. As Falief ran through the woods, he had almost been cornered by four of the recruits. He was almost caught by one, however Falief dislocated the mans arm, but not after his location was revealed. Hot on his trail was Anniet, his best friend and romantic interest, as well as Raine and Belladonna. Through a combined effort, the three chased Falief towards a ravine, where they surronded him at the bottom.

    Elsewhere, the Kings knights had come to warn the instructors of the camp. The three main instructors, Jorgan, Havenir, and Faier spoke briefly with the knights. They had come to tell the camp that the test would take to long, and that they were needed right now. For what specific purpose would have to wait, at that moment the camp became besieged by the Charinbol twelve, a group of skilled Magi that were guarded by a platoon of knights. Havenir and Faier, the only two able to fight, obliterated most of the offensive force, their fate currently unknown but likely dreary. Jorgan and the lead knight, Feyorn, escaped into the woods to find the recruits.

    Meanwhile, the recruits had heard the explosions and postponed the test, meeting together and devising a plan to assault the assaulting force at the camp. The group split into three teams, five recruits attack from the west, five attack from the east, and two attack from the south. Raine and Belladonna were to lead the east attacking group while Falief and Anniet trekked together upwards from the South.

    ~End of Synopsis~

    For the entry of the Roleplay, click here!
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