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  1. This is an RP based off the movie Frozen, featuring Queen Elsa and an OC named Leuan, by @york and @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Main Characters Include:

    Queen Elsa (played by Klutzy Ninja Kitty)

    Leuan (played by york)

    By the single light of a candle, Elsa was reading alone deep within Castle Arendelle's library. The curtains of the room were drawn, so pitch black darkness filled the area save for the small spot lit up by her lone candle. Solitude at it's finest, just the way the icy queen liked it. Especially on today of all days when she was trying to be alone on purpose. Elsa was attempting to stay away from all the men who were downstairs waiting to meet her, aka suitors whom had been invited into the castle.

    Queen Elsa had come of age and her entire kingdom was expecting her to find them a new king. She had been putting this off for quite some time now, dreading the day when she would have to find a husband. Elsa was strong when it came to the wisdom she used to lead her people, but when it came down to human interaction she was very flawed. Basic human interaction was her biggest weakness. She hardly found it easy to speak with her sister and friends let alone strangers. And men were out of the question! Just the very thought made her chest feel so heavy with anxiety that she could hardly breathe. Elsa didn't like this one bit! And she blamed Anna for it!

    Her sister had actually been the one to set up this little party for Elsa to meet these suitors. And some of them had come from so far away that they would probably be staying for weeks in the castle even after the party was over! Anna knew it was important for Elsa to meet a man someday, and knew the queen wasn't going to take the plunge herself.

    In the back of her mind, Elsa knew it was important too, but she couldn't fight the nagging feeling she wasn't ready yet. She intended to hide in the library for the entire party, but if for some reason Anna forced her to come downstairs, maybe Elsa could just ignore most of these men? Either that or she could scare them with her ice powers. After all, what man would want someone so... cold... to be their bride? Maybe that plan would work...

    Suddenly the curtains in the library flew open. Elsa hissed like a creature of darkness who had just seen light for the first time. Once her vision adjusted to the light in the library, she realized it was Anna who had opened the curtains.

    "There you are! I just knew I would find you here, Elsa," Anna chirped with a big cheesy grin. She was wearing a ball gown and obviously ready to head down to the party.

    Elsa tried to carry her attention back to the book she had been reading, sticking her nose into the crease of the book. "Yes, here I be. Is there something I can assist you with?"

    Anna let out a small laugh and walked over to Elsa, snatching the book away from her. "Oh don't play dumb! You know the party downstairs is starting soon. I've come to collect you. You need to get ready and come downstairs. There are a lot of people waiting to meet you. And there's chocolate!"

    Elsa groaned in the back of her throat, reaching out to try and grab the book Anna had taken which was just out of her reach. "O-Oh, that's today? I'm afraid that I'm," Elsa paused to cough into a hand, "feeling a bit ill today. Perhaps you should send them away. Tell them I'm very, very sorry."

    Anna simply smiled and shook her head, dropping the book to grab Elsa's hands and force her to her feet. "You can tell them yourself when you go downstairs and see them at the party! You have to go! Like I said, there's chocolate." she said with a grin. "Honestly, Elsa, you can't fool me! I know you're just trying to get out of going down there. You've gotta face those men sooner or later, Elsa. You know what they say, you'll never learn to swim if you don't get in the water!"

    Anna began to drag her sister out of the library, while Elsa squirmed like a wet cat. "A-Anna! No! I command you to let me go!"

    "I'm your sister. Sorry, but your queenly authority has no power here!" Anna teased, pulling her along. "Time for the ball!"
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  2. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan was in a rather grumpy mood today, the original job he was offered said nothing about having to attend a ball! Granted they at least found him a suit that didn't clash with with his snow white hair, but he had a serious problem with his scratchy and tight the thing managed to be. What kind of sane person would be caught dead wearing something like this?! Well, him, the infamous "Black Snow" a renowned Assassin of course, him and the rest of the men that had shown up to this castle to attempt to get hitched with the queen, Elsa. Truth to be told, he didn't have a clue why the King of Weselton wanted her dead in the first place, something about foiling some convoluted plot of his or something blah blah blah, make sure she's dead and bring back something to prove it... All he needed to know was his target and what he'd do, but what he didn't expect was to have to do well... This! How was HE, Black Snow one of the most deadliest assassins around supposed to win the heart of Elsa, the soon to be Queen of Arandelle, it would have been so much easier if his mission was just to kill her, but oh no, he had to MARRY HER as well.

    Strangely enough though, he didn't really feel in the mood to kill Elsa, I mean sure she was his target, but she hasn't really done anything to hurt anyone, well, other than that little "Eternal Winter" incident. Though really, it wasn't like Hans nor his accomplice, the Duke of Weselton himself helped one bit, in fact, come to think of it, rumor has it they almost made it worse which was why Weselton was so infamous these days in the first place... Leuan shook his head a little, that was none of his concern right now, all he needed to do was do his job and he'd be fed, that was all. At any rate, he's already too ingrained on the wanted list to back out now, so it's not like he had much of a choice in the matter. He sighed a little "Why does it have to be me..." he grumbled to himself, watching as the large crowd of Bachelors assemble near the area the Queen was going to show up at soon, he stood to the side of all of them, leaning against a nearby pillar trying to put on a friendly face as much as possible, but he only succeeded in an almost neutral expression; he still looked a little grumpy.
  3. Elsa grudgingly allowed herself to be surrounded by maids who helped her prepare for the ball. The helped her put on a pale blue dress, tuck her hair into a neat bun, and lastly they did her makeup. They handed her a mirror after they had finished and the queen frowned upon looking in it. Her self esteem wasn't so low that she couldn't admit that she did indeed look nice. She looked very nice. But that was the problem. If she looked this nice then the men were surely going to stare at her! Elsa didn't like this one bit. She had to do something to make this easier on herself.

    Once Elsa was fully prepared for the party, Anna entered the room to check up on her. "You look gorgeous!" she cried. "And I'm sure the men will think so too," she added with a wink.

    Elsa frowned, tucking a lock of platinum blonde hair that had fallen loose from her bun behind her ear. "That's what I'm afraid of," she mumbled with a sigh. "You're making this really hard on me, Anna. Don't I get any say in this?"

    Anna paused thoughtfully. "You can have any say you want as long as it ends in you going to the party!" she said with a laugh.

    Elsa said nothing for a moment, thinking before she finally spoke. "I think I have a way that would make going much more comfortable to me." She smirked. "But I don't think you'll like it."

    Anna sat in a chair next to her sister. "Okay, fine, I'll hear you out..."

    -A bit later-​

    Anna arrived in the party area before Elsa did, sighing as she pulled out a note to read to the guests, a note written by Elsa. She cleared her throat before speaking. "Attention guests, I have an announcement to make. The queen has indeed arrived at the party, but there has been a slight change in plans. She's wearing a disguise. The first man who finds her gets to dance with her," the girl chirped. She honestly didn't think it was a good idea, but yes, it was what Elsa had wanted.

    Standing back in the crowd, Elsa was there. She was dressed as a maid, wearing a dark brown wig to hide her hair, and a maid's uniform instead of her dress. Many may have thought it strange for Elsa to dress such a way even if they were to find her. Elsa hoped that many of the men would be turned off by her appearance and might leave even upon knowing this. And lucky for Elsa, Anna didn't realize her sister's secret plan. She simply thought it was a game. But with any luck, none of the men would find her at all. It's what Elsa hoped for.

  4. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    The sudden appearance of Elsas sister, Anna caught Leuan's attention, it meant that Elsa was arriving after all, so he made a bigger effort to smile, this time he ended up seeming to have a neutral expression on his face. He still leaned against the pillar as he listened to Anna's announcement "A disguise huh... How ironic." he thought to himself, whether anyone suspected him or not, Elsa wasn't the only one with a disguise, except his probably wasn't so elaborate, but since no-one's seen his facial features nor his hair, he didn't have a problem going to the ball like this. His eyes scanned the crowd in front of him, trying to spot who amongst them would be Elsa, the one he was supposed to woo, so far, everyone looked normal. However upon a second glance at the crowd, he caught sight of one of the maids, she didn't look too different from the others, but he could have sworn she seemed a little more nervous than the rest, the ones here were usually pretty cheerfull versus the ones he was used to back at King Weselton's castle.

    There were two possibilities here; either the King from Arandelle hired a maid from Weselton or something, or... She was none other than the socially awkward Elsa of Arandelle herself, he wasn't very certain about his pick, but it was worth a shot. He wasn't sure if any other bachelors would go for her as well, but considering how far back she was, he wasn't so sure too many would do the same as he did, perhaps hanging back had been a good choice on his part really, but it wasn't like it mattered too much. Now, all he had to do was not completely lose his cool being stuck in this outfit and all, but it was easier said than done, after all, even if that maid was somehow miraculously who he suspected she was, he didn't even know how to dance! How in the world was he supposed to pull this off... Soon enough, after fuming a little more, Leuan gathered up his courage and slowly approached the maid he had spotted earlier, and for some reason, he felt rather nervous, now this was a surprise indeed since he'd never felt nervous on one of his missions before, not in a while at least.
  5. @york

    Elsa stood back away from the others, pleased when the men began to approach different maids and tried to talk among themselves to figure out who the queen was after Anna's announcement. She was pleased. At first, nobody seemed to be approaching her. In fact, all of the men were going to speak with more of the friendlier maids rather than Elsa, who was actually being rather quiet. She even turned her back away from the others for a moment or two, pretending to clean off one of the tables like she was an actual maid. But to be honest, Elsa had no cleaning skills to save her life. She even ended up bumping over a vase of flowers as she tried to clean.

    And to make matters worse, one of the men started to approach her just at that moment. She tried to ignore him, but his snow white hair was pretty hard not to look at. Elsa swallowed before quickly trying to compose herself. She couldn't act shy or awkward; if she acted that way people might suspect her more.

    Conceal. Conceal. Conceal.

    "Can I help you, sir?" Elsa finally said, managing to find her voice somehow. She tried to pick up the vase she had knocked over, attempting to make herself still look busy. She tried not to look at the man too much either. The last thing she wanted was to speak with any of these people for too long.
  6. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan stopped for a moment seeing the maid trying to pick up a vase which she had knocked over, it seemed she was having more trouble with it than most maids would, but looking around briefly, he realized no-one else was approaching her. Though before he could even try to come up with some sort of polite greeting, the maid, who he was really starting to suspect was Elsa spoke, asking if she could help him, and unfortunately for Leuan, he was more or less at a loss for words. "Well... I-" He stopped for a moment before he sounded too blunt, he wasn't sure that was how he was supposed to win over someones heart, but in either case, he needed to think of something fast "I was just wondering if you needed some help?" he said. What felt odd to him was that his words were catchign in his throat, they shouldn't be! What kind of feeling was this? He certainly hadn't felt anything like it before, but it was probably nervousness. Thinking back to his past, that must have been it, he remembered his first few days in training, that same feeling was there... The tightness in his throat, that uncertainty of what to do, all he had to do was banish that feeling like he did before and he should be good to go, right?

    Realizing he seemed quite statue-like the way he was standing there with no expression on his face, he tried to smile a bit, and managed a relatively docile looking one with some effort. What exactly was it that was making him feel so nervous here, he hadn't had this problem before on more tedious jobs before, so what was the difference here? Was it the fact that he was in the kindom of Arandelle again, or maybe because he was in the presense of the soon to be queen herself, in either case, he couldn't escape that feeling no matter how hard he tried to banish it. Slowly, quietly, he let out a breath which helped ease that tension in his chest region, but the feeling of nervousness itself still lingered, now though, at least he could concentrate again, he really hoped he wouldn't blow this operation, this was a very critical moment for him, even if it was just the beginning of his mission.
  7. Wearing a calm, stern facial expression--almost like a mask--Elsa finally peered over her shoulder at the man. It wasn't as if she could keep ignoring him if he spoke to her. That would look suspicious. The maids of Arendelle were trained to be friendly and helpful to guests. If she were to act in any manner other than that she would look very out of place. And that was the last way she wanted to look right now. Elsa simply wanted to blend in, avoid speaking to as many men as possible, and leave the party. If someone found out who she was that would mean she'd have to dance with him, and maybe even other men. She needed to be very careful.

    She cleared her throat and looked at the man, suddenly feeling even more nervous. And why was that? Elsa knew right away that she was even more nervous because he was quite nervous. Her mother used to tell her that nerves had a way of feeding on other people's nerves, thus making them worse. Elsa could barely look him in the eye without an uptight, nervous expression on her face. "It's usually my job to ask others that question," Elsa replied to him, straightening the vase on the table. "I've got it covered. If I need help, I'll just call on one of the other maids for assistance. Just enjoy the party, sir," she said, giving him a well-mannered bow.

  8. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    "Way to keep your cool Leuan..." He thought to himself, clearing his throat a little as he realized he had made this maid more nervous than he was, quickly gethering himself up with a little more determination, he managed to look more calm. Hearing what she said, Leuan realized he might have taken the wrong approach to this entire situation, he wasn't sure whether or not he should just straight up say anything about his thoughts though, and realizing he'd probably be in for alot of embarrassment if he'd guessed wrong, he figured he'd try something else. "Oh... Well... If you don't mind... Would you like to share a dance with me?" He asked her with an inquiring look, the smile came easier now and he managed a more warm one albiet maybe a little awkward. His first impression definitely wasn't the best one, but he really hoped he could figure out some way to improvise from here, and hopefully, his quick thinking did the trick, though he was fighting to keep his cool, he was slowly starting to feel more confident about the situation. Just because he was an assassin didn't mean that he wasn't able to win someones heart, but then again, it was one of the few things he'd never been taught how to do, so he'd have to figure out how it's going to work from here, too bad that king never gave him any specifics, he just said it would "come naturally" which seemed like a lie alltogether right now.
  9. @york

    After bowing at the man, Elsa turned back toward the table to continue putting on the facade that she was busy. With any luck, the man would leave her alone now. So long as asking if he could help her wasn't his original intent in approaching her. Elsa had a feeling if he suspected her of being the queen he probably wasn't going to leave her alone so easily. She picked up some silverware off the table, cleaning it with a napkin, only to drop it in surprise when the man asked her to dance with him. Her eyes widened for a moment, but she composed her expression again before looking at him. She smiled politely.

    "Oh, sir, I'm flattered, but I'm just a maid. Are you sure you want to dance with me when the queen could be out there somewhere? I'm pretty sure I saw her in front of the stairs," Elsa replied, gesturing to a small crowd who was in front one of the staircases of the castle.

    "Please go away," Elsa thought to herself.
  10. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan was trying his best not to get nervous again as he saw the maids reaction to his words, was that how they usually reacted? What she said in response made him wonder if she had missed Anna's announcement or something as she seemed to have forgotten that queen Elsa was disguised and wouldn't make her presense seem taht obvious, would she? Something about this entire situation the way the maid made it out to be didn't quite seem right with him, but it looks like he may need to take a more swift approach to the situation "Yeah... Well, it's not like I can dance anyways, so even some practice wouldn't hurt, right?" he asked, putting alot of effort into not showing he felt embarassed about admitting this. However this would give him a better excuse to dance with her, he didn't want to tell her it was also because he suspected she was Queen Elsa herself, that would just draw too much attention to the both of them, and with all those eyes watching, how was he supposed to win her heart? They were sure to jeer at his lack of dancing skills and may even use it as an opportunity to steal her away somehow, that is of course counting on her truly being Queen Elsa, but he figured he'd find out soon enough.
  11. @york

    Crap. This guy just wasn't going to leave her alone, was he? Elsa was losing excuses to get this guy away from her by the second. He insisted on dancing with her, even if only for more dancing practice. What should she say to him next? Should she suggest that she was a maid with bad dancing skills? Should she spill a drink on his clothes and see if that turned him off? Or maybe she should try to pawn off her identity on one of the other maids? Elsa wasn't sure what to say, and wasn't thinking clear enough. So the end, she gave the man what he wanted without even really thinking about it.

    "Very well, just one dance. But we must make it quick. I haven't the time to be enjoying the party when I'm supposed to be working at it," she stated with a nervous smile. Opps! She really had not meant to just agree to his wishes! What should she do now? Maybe step on his foot so he would get irritated and leave her alone? She wasn't sure if that would work, but maybe if she danced badly he wouldn't think she was the queen after all. Royalty was supposed to have good dancing skills. Maybe that would work...
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  12. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan nodded, at least he had that, he wasn't sure how well the other maids danced, but he was fairly certain Queen Elsa of all people would be able to dance at least decently well, on the other hand, wouldn't that make it too obvious? Perhaps she wasn't going to be that easy to find after all. In either case, he'd try and figure it out for sure after this dance, all he had to do was not mess things up, it shouldn't be too hard if he followed her movements, should it? Right now, he couldn't let that stop him, he had a job, and he'd probably be stuck without food and pay if he failed this task, so he'd had to improvise if things were to go awry, but thinking about that too much would make him stress out, so instead, he focused himself on something else. Looking around the room one more time to make sure no straggling bachelors were heading their way, he grabbed the Maid by the hand firmly, but as gently as he could as he knew better than to just yank her away thankfully. It felt strange doing this with a different goal in mind other than to keep someone silent or something along those lines, all togethere, this was a much different way of finding out something from someone that he was accustomed to. Strangely enough, he wasn't exactly in a hurry to try or even think too much about the other options he had to achieving his goal, partly because he will probably have botched his mission, and partly for a reason he couldn't quite explain, it was as if some invisible boundary was preventing him or something.
  13. @york

    Elsa let the man take her hand and moved into a dancing position with him. She wasn't looking forward to the dance, but hopefully it wouldn't last long. After the two of them were positioned correctly, she slowly began to dance with him, saying nothing. It was an awkward sort of dance. The queen didn't even bother to look him in the eye. She stared at the floor for most of the time.

    Eventually, however, Elsa did as she had planned before and stepped on his foot, pretending it was an accident. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not used to dancing," she told him. "You're better off looking for someone else to dance with," she added with a nervous smile. Would he leave her alone now? Elsa hoped so. She crossed her fingers that he wouldn't call her out on being the Queen...
  14. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    It seemed that the maid wasn't the only one not making eye contact, it wasn't that Leuan was put off by it, or at least he didn't think so; he just felt it made it harder to concentrate on dancing, soon enough though, he felt her step on his foot, but he didn't seem to feel it all too much. Hearing what she told hom, he shook his head "Well... That makes the two of us then..." he said quietly, continueing to (or at least trying to) dance with her, he was deep in thought now. There was a longtime frame where he stayed silent for a while before he finally spoke again, whispering so the others wouldn't hear "Sorry if I'm mistaken but... Are you Queen Elsa?" he asked her, wondering if she was going to give a truthfull answer or not, despite his experience in knowing what to look for if someone lied, he still was uncertain if those would be all he'd have to look for, but he was still confident in his own skills there, so perhaps he'd get lucky or something.
  15. @york

    Elsa frowned when the man said 'that makes two of us.' Well, if he wasn't used to dancing and probably uncomfortable with it too, why did they have to keep dancing? Oh well. Maybe it would be over with soon. It wasn't like the dance could last forever, right?

    The next thing this man said, however, shocked the queen. He questioned her identity! Not good! Biting her lower lip, Elsa quickly tried to figure out what she wanted to say. "Is that supposed to be some kind of pickup line?" she asked, forcing a small smile. "I'm flattered you think I'm pretty enough to be the Queen." Honestly, she wasn't flattered though. Elsa was very nervous.
  16. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan couldn't help but find himself blushing just a little bit at what the Maid said, he was a little at a loss for words, but eventually he spoke again "Well... It's not just that but, you know... I didn't want to just announce it like that when we can't even dance!" he said, he was trying his best not to stutter nor lose his cool. Either could be dangerous here as he may eventually grow too soft for the kind of work he did, so instead, he tried to figure out if he should just call out that he thought this Maid over here was the Queen. Despite the possibility he still had of being wrong, she didn't directly deny what he had asked her, so maybe she was the queen, and was just hiding it in some cryptic way? He was unsure about that though.
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  17. @york

    Elsa shrugged at this man's words. "Well, if neither of us know how to dance we don't have to continue. Besides, I have work I should probably attend to. Thank you for for time," she said, attempting to pull away from the man. She wasn't sure if he would stop her from pulling away and insist on keeping her closeby, or if he would let her go. Still, regardless of what he planned to do, Elsa was still going to try and get away from him. She wasn't about to openly admit she was the Queen anytime soon. If she did, all the men in the room would rush over to try and get her attention, and that wasn't what she wanted at all.
  18. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Leuan resisted a little at first when the Maid tried to pull away, but he figured he didn't have anything else to do right now anyways, so he decided to say once last thing "Well... I guess I can't argue there, but despite what you say, you don't seem like a maid to me." he said, keeping his voice low before he let her go. He sort of just stood there, not really moving, waiting to see what the maid would do, though he was really starting to suspect she wasn't a maid, looking towards the others, he realized they seemed quite thrilled to be dancing with the bachelors, and didn't mind their inabilities to dance, neither did the bachelors... This particular maid seems to stand out from the rest.
  19. @york

    For a moment, when the man resisted, Elsa didn't think he was going to let her go. But, thankfully, he released his hold on her and she was free. Had it worked? Had she talked him into leaving her alone for now? Elsa really hoped so. The sooner she could escape him--and any of the other men--the better. She was still a little nervous after he let her go though; the man still didn't seem convinced that she was an ordinary maid. Elsa quickly tried to come up with a reason for that. "Well, I'm rather new here. So that could be the reason. Anyhow, if you'll excuse me I have some cleaning to get to," she said, moving to walk past him. She tried to squeeze through a wall of men and their dance partners. it was almost amusing to see noble men dancing with maids.

    As she walked, however, she felt someone grab her arm. It turned out to be Anna. "Hey, you haven't danced with enough guys yet! Where are you going?"

    Elsa tugged her arm away, hissing. "Move, Anna, I can't be seen with you right now. You'll blow my cover!"

    //ooc: Maybe Leuan follows her and sees Anna speak with her? Then maybe that will make him even more convinced she's Elsa. XD
  20. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    ((XD probably, he's totally gonna tell Anna and hope she's not gonna call her out o.o))

    Leuan decided to follow the maid, he was curious where she was actually going since it seemed a little strange that she was the only maid around here who seemed to wrry about getting to cleaning. Lingering where he was for a moment, he decided to carefully inch through the crowd, trying to keep to himself as he did so until he finally reached where the maid had gone. Realizing quickly that his white hair would make him stick out amongst the crowd, he hid behind a pillar, watching the maid talk with Anna. Just barely hearing what they were saying, everything became clear to him, it seemed she truly was queen Elsa, but, it didn't seem right to just call her out in front of everyone, could he really do that? Sure he's done worse things, but it would also dash his mission most likely, so what was he supposed to do? His eyes suddenly drifted to Anna, her sister, and he realized he could just tell her quietly, with any luck she wouldn't call her out... He didn't know her as well as he knew Elsa, which was also very little since he hadn't spent too much time around either of them. All he would be depending on was his own luck in terms of how things would play out, he waited until he thought Elsa was far enough away before walking up to Anna quickly "She's Elsa... Isn't she." he asked her quietly, motioning slightly towards the direction he saw Elsa was, he was almost certain that maid was her.
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