The Aspect of Loss, A Solo Play.

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  1. The sound of the city center was reach it's fever pitch. It was festival season and the already crowded walkways were completely overrun by tourists from every corner of the world. The streets had been closed of from traffic for the day, so the groups of excited travelers, and rushed locals had spilled into them. Throughout the madness of what was known as 'The Saturday Market' There was a lone and petite girl.

    Her hair was shoulder length and dark brown. She was dressed in a simple white dress that had, over the past few days, been smudged with dirt and other taints of the street. The girl seemed lonely, almost like she had come to the market in search of simple human contact. Although this seemed a much nobler and humble goal than the hundreds of goals held by the people around her, the girl had failed in her quest. Instead she had found a loneliness so profound that she was unable to move. The stood rigid, in the center of hundreds, whilst oblivious others unconsciously weaved around her.

    She had been caught in her own personal void of emptiness when it happened. A sudden feeling on her shoulder caused the girl to break down. She hadn't shown any true sadness about the horrible event that had taken her life away mere days prior to now until this very moment. All of her frustration and sadness came out at once as she fell too her knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

    Had the woman who approached her noticed the scarred tissue that had replaced the small girl's ears, she may have realized she was deaf. The woman had not however, and now knelt behind a girl who had just broken into tears when she had asked, "Now where have your parents gone off too?" The woman was flabbergasted* and tried to get the girl's attention through a series of frantic requests for silence.

    The calls fell on literal deaf ears however, and soon more and more people noticed the small girl who had just broken down in the street. A small void appeared as people backed away from the scene. Strangely, no one was called to aid the child. Instead the circle grew, as more and more watched her in silence, not doing a thing. This pattern continued until even the woman who initially approached her backed away awkwardly.

    As the girls sobs faded into soft whimpers, she looked up too those who looked on, she wondered what it was they were looking at. Her eyes fell on each face individually. It was then that she realized she had truly been abandoned, and her eyes fell to the street along with her hope for a future..

    At her feet a single, blue book lay. The cover was worn and seemed ancient. Instinctively her finger slowly reached out to touch it. A feign feeling of dread nestled itself in the back of her mind. She did not stop however, and eventually the tip of her index finger found itself resting on the cover.

    And then, chaos erupted...
  2. When she awoke they were gone, the sounds, the stares, the happy smiles of the Festival. It was all gone. A pulsing headache numbed her senses as she arose from the cobble floor of the city street. For a moment she wondered at how she had come to be laying in the middle of the walkway, but soon her attention was grabbed from that idle thought.

    Before the young girl lay a body, a dried substance that reminded her of dark red paint flecks littered the ground near the thing. It was the body of a man, and, as the young girls gaze danced about the rest of the courtyard, she found that it was not alone. The Cobble street had been stained with a dark crimson and cluttered with a parade of limp, lifeless bodies.

    Upon Realizing what she was bearing witness too, the young girl gasped, completely taken in by the shock of discovering her current dilemma. In an attempt to retreat, the young girl took half a step back, only to be greeted with the sound of a soft squish. With fear in her heart, she turned, and discovered that she had inadvertently crushed the rotting shoulder of yet another corpse. It was then that the smell hit her, all she could hope to do was gasp for air and flee. She waded through the shallow ocean of rotting corpses, desperately searching for a way out.

    The stench clung to her, dragging her down. Her pace slowed. She began to lose hope in ever escaping from this hell. Questions ran through her mind. How did she get here? Where was here? Who was she? Suddenly the young girl realized the very simple fact that all of her memories had dissipated. Every single one had fled from her mind and no matter how hard she searched for answers, she could not seem to recall a thing. Panic truly took hold and she began sprinting. The entanglement of bodies grew thicker the further she ran, until she was climbing. Clinging on to rotten limbs for dear life as she scaled what seemed to be and endless mountain of corpses. The stink filled her every pour, her limbs screamed in pain, and her headache grew to the point of being unbearable.

    It was then that she fell, slipping on a broken arm and plunging into them. Slowly, she was sucked into the mass of corpses. She sunk to her knees, then her waist, her shoulders...

    and then...


    The young woman jolted forward, ripping herself from the depths of unconsciousness in an instant. It had been a year since she had had visions like that...

    She shivered at the thought of what it could mean..
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