The "Ask Jack Project"

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  1. So I'm doing this little project to try and help me better understand my own characters, and have fun with it. If you please, I'd like you to ask a question to one of the following characters. You can be as silly or serious as you want.

    I'm calling this the "Ask Jack Project", even though I'm including my favorite roleplay characters as well. It's named the AJP because my stepmom, while I was going through writer's block, suggested I write everything from Jack's point of view. This is also inspired from the videos my brother has recently shown me; a series of "Ask Gamzee", "Ask Nepeta", as well as the rest of the Homestuck Trolls.

    Arneth of the Snocrys Pack- My character from Snips, Snails, and Wolfy Tails. She's quiet and sarcastic, but she's got her soft and sweet side.

    Jack - My little black cat, who's got quite a personality on him. This one is mainly for fun!

    Joseph - My character from Escape of the Elements. A gay boy, former baker's slave, and can manipulate light around him. He's shy, but a motivated individual.

    Zachary McClemens - My character from Fragments of Dreams. Born in the Mortal Plane, son of the Princess of Hellthorne and the God of Shadows (King and Queen of the Shadowlands). He's brave and curious, and enjoys cooking.

    I'll try to draw the character with his/her answer, or pictures of Jack with an appropriate expression. Hell, you can even ask me questions.

  2. [ Arneth ]

    If I could start life over? ... I don't know. I don't see how it'd be different. *deep in thought*

    [ Jack ]

    What kind of catnip have you been smoking? *yawns and curls back up to continue his catnap*

    [ Joseph ]

    I wouldn't have been taken from my parents and made into a slave.
    But... if that happened... I wouldn't have met Beauty... *blushes*

    [ Zach ]

    If I could start life over, I'd be born in my father's homeland and might even be married to Edrea by now *smiles at his Princess*
  3. ​How can you lift an Elephant with one hand?

  4. [ Arneth ]

    ... Get a toy elephant?

    [ Jack ]

    *catnapping* Zzzz

    [ Joseph ]

    I... I don't know. *confused*

    [ Zach ]

    You can't lift an elephant with one hand. Well... a normal human can't. I could surround it with Shadows and lift it that way.

    [ Jean ]

    Good luck finding an elephant with one hand. :P
  5. haha super fun idea!

    What are you doing with your life, are you where you want to be? ;)

    There you go jean "super" hard one. muhahahha
  6. [ Arneth ]

    I'm waiting out school before I go off on my own... Or someone invites me into their pack...
    * She glances over at Miles warily before looking down at her feet, shuffling them. Slowly, she looks back up at the questioner before answering the second half of the question. *
    I... I don't know where I want to be...

    [ Jack ]

    I spend my days enjoying the sunshine, a cheap dolphin toy, lots of catnaps, and cuddling with Mama. I am quite content. *purr*

    [ Joseph ]

    I'm avoiding the evil king who kept me and the rest of my friends as slaves since we were young. I'm hiding with Beauty, Ress, and Coye in a farmer's house. And... I'm not sure. I'd like to see if my parents are safe. And *blush* I want to make sure Beauty is safe.

    [ Zach ]

    I'm taking over my father's kingdom; I want to make him and my mom proud. But we've got to let the ice melt from the Shadowlands before we can move there. Until then, Edrea is letting us stay in her castle. I'm not sure if she will live in the Shadowlands with me, or I'll live here in Orian. But... I'm happy.

    [ Jean ]

    Thanks for the question, Joe! This was fun to answer~
  7. What do you think of "Beauty?" :3.
  8. Dear Jack,

    What kind of underwear do you wear?
  9. [ Arneth ]

    I'm afraid I don't know what a "Beauty" is... *blank / confused face*

    [ Jack ]

    I dunno. But it sounds like a comfortable thing to lay on *pur*

    [ Joseph ]

    *bright blush* Oh uhh.... He's.... *gulp* I like him a lot *highly embarrassed*

    [ Zach ]

    Is that a guy or girl... >_> Either way, it'd be cool to get to know them.

    [ Jack ]

    I go all natural. But... That question did make me feel... a little... violated... *runs to Mama, trying to hide himself*
  10. Dear Joseph,

    I hear you got "Beauty" drunk at the Bar. What did you do afterwards? *wink wink nudge nudge*
  11. [ Joseph ]

    W-We... uhhm.... O-oh, gosh....
    * Bright red in the face, he bends the light around him, so the seems to disappear, like a chameleon *

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