The Ashen Sky

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  1. In the year 2025, the world as we know it changed. It was nothing like the end of the world, but it was forever different. The dormant supervolcano underneath Yellowstone had erupted. The climate around the world has been changed since that day. April 23rd, 2025. Thousands were killed in the initial eruption while millions have died since due to the climate changes.

    This is the journey of a few of the survivors who were close to ground zero. And this is the story of some of those who perished during their journey.

    Some people sought the East Coast for survival, while others fought their way North or South. Communications were down, so there was no way to know where to go for safety. The military attempted to set up camps, but they were few and far inbetween.

    Now let's watch the journey unfold. Let's see how resilient humans are.

    We will begin one week after the eruption. The sky is full of ash, radio broadcasts are hard to come by due to interference, and most people are holing up or heading East. A few people are heading North or South. There are rumors that there is a military refugee camp in California and one in Nevada at the border of each.

    Everyone should be near Cheyenne, WY. Though I will allow a second group to be elsewhere (similar location to Cheyenne).

    Family: Surviving and Non surviving
    Location: Near ground zero or further out (Nevada, South Dakota, or far East Wyoming)
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  2. Name: Anastasia "Ana" Garren
    Age: 20


    Personality: Ana is very quiet. She doesn't like to fight. Suffering from Bipolar Disorder, it is only a matter of time before she runs out of her medication that controls her mood swings and psychosis. She is generally a happy person, but since the eruption, Ana doesn't like to speak often. Generally, she allows her older brother to speak for her. They are heading for the East Coast, hoping to escape the ash.
    • Surviving:
      • Elder Brother, Trent, 23
    • Non Surviving:
      • Parents
      • Younger sister, Lily, 4
    Location: Cheyenne Wyoming
    Other: Lily passed during the initial explosion. Some rock shards from the volcano smashed their home, pinning Lily against the ground. She passed fairly quickly. Their father was also trapped. He passed much later. Their mother, grief stricken, ended her life by walking into a nearby river and was quickly taken by the current.
  3. Name: Matthew/Matt (what ever you like)
    Age: 23


    Personality: Matt is a friendly person who sometimes will go out of his way to help someone he considers a friend. He finds himself more comfortable around people than when he is with himself so he tries to stay in a group when ever he could.
    Mother = unsure
    Father = unsure
    Location: Cheyenne Wyoming
    Other: Matt was on holidays as he is from California, but was just visiting Yellowstone natural park. When it erupted he was in his motel a good bit away that it only got hit with the rocks that exploded outwards from the first explosion.
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  4. Accepted!

    I'd like 2 more people before we begin.
  5. Just need one more person!
  6. Hmmm I'll think about it, I have my own RP;s to look after though ;3 Thanks Silver.
  7. Damien Diaval AbandonatoAge: 23
    Personality: Damien's normally pretty laid back, but he gets serious when it's necessary. He does have a bit of a thing for drinking, and gambling, and so he normally keeps a deck of cards, and a flask of alcohol on him at all times. He prefers to drink and play with others though, so he's the first to offer to pass it around.
    Family: His family all live in Italy, so he expects they're probably fine.
    Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Other: Damien's originally from Italy, and is in the US for a californian college, though he spends more time gambling than he does studying. He's actually heading into the danger zone looking for a friend who he lost contact with who was living in Cheyenne.
  8. Though this RP Interests me, it isn't quite my cup of Tea... sorry T.T
  9. Accepted!

    No problem. Thank you for considering though.

    I'll have IC up within a day. I expect decent posts, though they don't have to be novels.
  10. Pyrrha Woodson
    Age: 19

    Appearance: Standing at a appalling height of 5'9", Pyrrha is taller than most of the people she meets. However, her mostly gentle demeanor tends to outweigh her towering height. Her scarlet hair reaches her waist line, stopping short of her shirt's hemline. Her eyes are of a confusing color, sometimes green and sometimes brown depending on the lighting of the situation.

    Personality: While she may be quiet in most situations, Pyrrha can definitely pack a punch when she is angered. Self trained in martial arts, the redhead can take down up to five enemies at a time within a short period of time. Otherwise, you will find her nose in books and eyes glued to her phone, catching up on some show or comic that is much more important than reality. Due to her rather antisocial attitude, she finds it hard to create relationships with people, but has a few friends to spare.

    Family: Dead and/or missing, unknown due to her status as an orphan.

    Location: Medicine Bow National Forest, WY (en route to Cheyenne, Wyoming)

    Other: Finally on her first trip away from the orphanage she grew to love and get attached to, Pyrrha takes a roadtrip to the infamous Yellowstone Park when things take a turn for the worse. First, she decides to take a rest stop in the beautiful city of Cheyenne before getting lost in a forest approximately two hours away. However, while trying to ask a stranger for directions, she finds herself in a cloud of fog that was ashy and horrifying. She decides to turn back and head for somewhere safer back in the city.
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