The Ascenders

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    1. NO GODMODDING! Although characters will have high movement speeds, great destructive power, and many various abilities, this will be prominent in most of the characters that'll be appearing in the RP, so don't try to instantly be above the others without at least fighting and if you're lucky, defeating them first in a fair fight.

    2. Do not post in the RP without getting your character(s) accepted.

    3. No Mary Sue's. PLEASE.

    4. The RP will generally focus on cosmic beings that travel space, imbued with amazing power that can create, or destroy, as well as other infinite possibilities for powers.


    The Ascenders.

    These are the beings whose lives have been re-shapen by the forces of the multiverse before them. The power within all things existing, whether living or dead, an energy of cosmic proportions, known simply as 'the glow.' Its origins are mysterious, its range of ability endless, and its existence, eternal. It is often controlled naturally by godly, immortal figures but can be given to lesser mortal beings if the glow selects them.

    And all those blessed, cursed, or whatever way you acknowledge the cosmic might, shall make great disagreements, and spur the war of the gods in the ever expanding stars of the final frontier, for the eyes of the mortal men to see...