The Ascenders

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  1. RULES:

    1. NO GODMODDING! Although characters will have high movement speeds, great destructive power, and many various abilities, this will be prominent in most of the characters that'll be appearing in the RP, so don't try to instantly be above the others without at least fighting and if you're lucky, defeating them first in a fair fight.

    2. Do not post in the RP without getting your character(s) accepted.

    3. No Mary Sue's. PLEASE.

    4. The RP will generally focus on cosmic beings that travel space, imbued with amazing power that can create, or destroy, as well as other infinite possibilities for powers.




    Quick Notes:

    - Nearly all characters may naturally have use of the cosmic glow, complete with the base powers of an energy aura and light-speed movement speeds (to better travel space).

    - Have fun with your character. You may not be able to actually godmod, but everyone here will have high levels of power, maybe enough to take out planets, or possibly more!

    You could also be a revered god to a primitive planet, a simple mortal turned cosmic entity, a destroyer of everything below them in power, the options are endless, and insane!


    Nicknames: (Ex. Name given by a planet of your worshippers, codename distributed by those mortals who seek to study or destroy you, etc).
    Gender: (Male, Female, Unknown, Both, ETC)
    Physical Age:
    Chronological Age:




    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Quote(s): (Optional)

    Theme Song: (Optional)

  2. Name: Avmn Shkyr
    Nicknames: Sun King, Shkyr
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: UNKNOWN
    Chronological Age: 3,000 years old (Rather young for a cosmic entity…)

    Appearance: Shkyr is a being of pure white light without a form. It is only in the last 400 years that he has possessed the form a large, muscular male body, having attained this form by using a blackened helmet belonging to a soldier of the stars previously who had died in a fierce explosion as a vessel to show his form.

    History: Avmn Shkyr was born from a weak star in a far away galaxy that attempted to become a sun, but at the same time, threatened to grow so large, it would explode with cosmic energy and destroy the entire solar system. At the moment it was in the process of growing, an intervention was made by a 'cosmic guardian,' a cosmic entity tasked with watching over the world around them like a police force of sorts.

    Upon the final destruction of the growing star, a burst of sentient white energy exploded out in a burst of speed, flying off and wasting away excess energy before slowing down, and moving at a gradual pace. It would eventually stop by and watch various worlds grow, fall, and if they were lucky, rise again, learning the way organic civilizations functioned, and setting up his state as a cosmic entity from then on.

    In the most recent 400 years of his life, he has managed to be proclaimed by a planet with three moons as a god of sorts that roamed the stars searching for purpose, before being named Avmn Shkyr. Having no prior name, he assumed it as his regular name, caring less for the other names people had given him.

    Currently Known Powers: Shkyr possesses the glow, and all its properties. Clashing with his mystifying white glow is a dark purple aura to form around his body. He can fly at high levels of light speed in order to travel, but his combat speed is not nearly as fast.

    - Size manipulation: Shkyr can grow larger via the glow.

    - Energy manipulation: Shkyr can project energy into a couple of various uses.

    - Formless Being: Shkyr has no form without his helmet, which he uses as his vessel to have a physical form. In his pure energy form, he can be captured. His powers also don't work in this form, but thankfully, this form allows him to be incapable of destruction, his 'vessel' form giving him an unexplainable kind of weakness.

    Fun Facts: (Optional)

    Quote(s): "Shining Supreme…" "…The Lone Light Was The Force Above All, Having Birthed I…" "The thirst for power corrupted my parent. It shall corrupt no others."

    Theme Song: "Princes Of The Universe" (Queen)
  3. Name: Brock Halen
    Nicknames: Shining Son (Of Avmn Shkyr), Son Of The Sun, Bermuda
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 18
    Chronological Age: 18

    Appearance: "Bermuda," or Brock, dresses in a black full body suit with bits of red thrown in here and there, with a black domino mask over his face. He has caucasian skin and dark brown hair, standing at 6ft tall with an athletic build that had some muscle to to it.

    He also has a pair of Red Gloves and red boots, purely cosmetic though.

    History: Brock Halen was an orphaned boy on Earth who always possessed an interest in sci fi stories, checking out the local library, and sneaking into movie theaters when he could to check out the latest epic about a blaster wielding alien man doing battle with the universe around him, or something along those lines.

    Brock was experiencing a rather average day up until a black hole opened up before his eyes, and sucked him in, stealing him away from the earth, and taking him to Skyr, who chose the boy to be his successor in training should he ever either have to give up his great might, or retire to 'the after life.' Or something crazy like that.

    Brock returned to Earth where he would grow under the care of his newfound guardian who watched from above, even sending down a human avatar of himself to act as a father figure. At the age of 18, Brock was thrusted back into space to begin formally training in the ways of the cosmos, where he proceeds to act as Shkyr's messenger, son, and champion of justice, AKA Bermuda.

    Currently Known Powers: Bermuda has been granted some of Shkyr's cosmic glow energy in order to work under his adoptive (literal) 'God' - Father. He has an aura colored dark blue, and can fly at light speed for travel at least. His main power however, is the ability to harness 'black holes' of varied size and shape.

    Black Hole/Portal Generation: Bermuda can generate Black Holes, and/or portals similar to them, usually large enough for limbs to go through at their estimated smallest. If he puts forth more energy, he can make larger black holes. He can use this to extend his reach, whether he just wants to move his arm through a wall, or entirely move to another area with his entire body, similar to teleportation.

    Bermuda's Black Holes start in their black hole form. The exiting method is another portal appears more like a tear that can appear on walls, objects, or even thin air. In some cases, they just become second black holes/portals.

    Fun Facts: Bermuda loves various snack foods very dearly. He also chronicles his adventures with Shkyr in comic book form, considering to send them in one day to a major comic company and make some serious greenbacks.

    Quote(s): "Christmas is now to be also known as 'The Brightest Day.'" "I'm just an apprentice to a space god. no biggie." "Right. I'll totally catch a date dressed like something out of Action Comics. Oh Yeah."

    Theme Song: Infinity Mijinion Theme, Megaman X6