The Artist's Insanity (Looking for a CO-GM as well!)

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    1916, A small town known as Churkol in France is isolated area as the next town is nearly four hours away. Despite being isolated though, it is actually well known for it’s many artists there. Churkol even has it’s own Artist Society known as “La Bosse Contaminé" or "The Tainted Brush". Strangely, "La Bosse Contaminé" is very secretive and only allow a select few to join. Those who join are rarely heard from ever again. Other than a strange artist society, what could possible be wrong with this town? It has it's normal days, friendly community, farm land and bright sunny days.
    Well as of recent, Churkol has been experiencing some spooky activity. Some local Artists are pointing their brushes at the La Bosse Contaminé Society while others claim that a few have gone insane. But have they? All the grim creatures and odd noises must surely be some crazy imagination. Even the increase of missing artists is just people playing tricks on each other! Unfortunately it's.... Not.

    La Bosse Contamine Society

    The La Bosse Contamine Society is a secretive, small group of crazed artists. It is not for sure by the public how many are in the group but they assume at least three. Behind closed doors this Society is dangerous as they honor a special brush. This brush is tainted by some form of magick and who ever wields it can turn their creation to reality. The society is highly organized and faint rumors claim that a dead person runs it. Impossible! Or is it?
    -Three Living Members
    -One Dead Leader
    -Optional Two Dead Members

    The Public

    Each day the public grows more and more suspicious of the La Bosse Contamine Society. It seems that almost every night the town is terrorized by fearsome creatures or is haunted by a spooky aura. Soon the town will have enough of this and get to the bottom of this. But once they learn what the La Bosse Contamine Society is...the town is attacked in a more aggressive manner. Who is going to stop them?
    -Some People to play a few NPC's would be nice

    Artistes Brillant de Lumière

    The Shining Light Artists are a building group that also know how to transform their art to reality. Sadly for the public there is only a select few in town and desperately need to find more. Their art has more of a "light" feel to it and counters the "dark".
    -Two In-Town Artists
    -Three Out of Town Artists (Won't Come Till Later In the Story)
    How the Art Works;
    -Keep in mind of the "dark" vs "light" theme when you are using your imagination
    -Art Creations cannot be over powered
    -You can create creatures, elements, objects and terrain change
    -How you create is up to you but must either be by paint, lead, chalk or berries.

    Keep In Minds;
    -You are in the early 1900's
    -Takes at least four hours to get to Churkol from anywhere else. Unrealistic? Yes since that is saying there are towns circling Churkol ALL four hours from Churkol. Why? To keep the focus on the main point.
    -Scary stuff are going to be happening, so get spooky with your art!
    -Except for some of the La Bosse Contamine Society, You are all regular humans.
    -You are all fu**ed up in the head which leads to a twisted ending!

    There is plenty more information to share but as an Interest Check, that is not necessary to share.
    I am looking for a Co-Gm in this and I am willing to let them share their own ideas. The reason why I am looking for one is because I am sick to the point I may not be able to keep up for a little bit. I would need the Co-Gm to keep things going. (I am also tired of my RP's dying due to people leaving or me missing a few frikin days. I can't help it people gawd!)
    If you are interested being a Co-GM please message me.

  2. This sounds like a potential novel idea! I would love to do this, but I only have about a few characters free for selection since some are under construction. But if you're still interested, I'd love to try!
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  3. Thanks! It would be awesome for you to join but I cannot start unless I find a Co-GM. :(
  4. What's a Co-GM?? :c
  5. I would be a GM= Game Master
    Co-GM= Is like a partnering Game Master who would keep the story going if I had a moment of leaving. Another person who works on the story etc
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