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  1. "The dream of everyone is to make it big in some city somewhere- to make a name for oneself however you can. Try as they might, not all make it, not all really can make it, though it's a lot harder nowadays to work as an artist in this damn country.. Police everywhere.. Fact is even if I can get my art off the ground the government warps my words for the good of the people." There was a puff of smoke emitted from the young man's mouth, his lips pursed into an uneasy smile as he looked out of the old 4 story building on the outskirts of what was once New York's Brooklyn borough. The year is 2045, and this 23 year old artist was one of the few to be selected to live in the Chinese Occupied Territories under that profession as an artist. The problem? This city isn't what it used to be. Crime, frequent purges, and police presence at an all time high means little rest for the group. There are 7 of them in total. 3 men and 4 women, taking up the top half of the brownstone just outside Brooklyn.

    When China rolled in, they didn't change much on the surface. Politics was always about money, a game of sorts, and the artists were in the middle. Crafting their poems and their speeches to the masses, though now there was heavy regulation. Five Points, once seen as a grand display of artistic imagination, was torn down as soon as the local Party boss decided it best that they focus on 'proper values'. English, thankfully, was still the most commonly spoken language in the continent however China had divided the nation. Interestingly enough, they took control of the Western Coast states (California, Washington, Oregon) to the Rocky Mountains, yet oddly enough left Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona largely ungoverned, leading to local coalitions to form.

    Colorado was taken over and turned into a training facility for soldiers from around the region, with mandatory conscription being enforced in that state alone- no other state in the West had that policy. In the East, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York State and New York City, as well as New Jersey were bought out by senior Party officials who left the states alone for the most part so long as they provided China with a portion of their nuclear power and electricity. In exchange, these states were modernized to the point of becoming as technologically advanced as Estonia. The Eastern Coalition was formed to regulate policy as a proxy government for the Chinese regime, and even though the Party rarely puts soldiers on the ground, there are key points of interest- such as New York City, where they need to keep a high presence. The residents in the city are 90% handpicked by local officials to live and work for the Party in science, technology, the arts, and international business. This is the story of artists trying to make ends meet, and to thrive, in American China.

    ----- So yes this was an idea I've come up with on the spot :) the current plot is very free form however I will stress that this will delve into crime and deception VERY quickly ;D. The artists won't be, ideally, rebelling outright against the government as it would surely mean a death sentence, however they won't be docile. I hope you join me, and please leave questions and feedback below :)
  2. I'm really interested! Do you have a specific sign-up sheet or can we use one of our choice?
  3. I'll draw up an application now for you and all others to use :)
    Character Name:
    Appearance (Description Preferred):
    Style of Art/Writing (sadly sculpting is not a common art form):
    Basic Background (5-7 sentences):

    despite this should you feel the want to NOT use this application, feel free :D this is just a BASIC OUTLINE
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  4. Character Name: Juliet Scales
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Father was black, mother was white.
    Personality: Staunch and serious, she prefers to not have contact with two many people and it takes a while for her to let people in, though she is strong and willpowered. Denies any fact that doesn't not fit into her theory of how things work.
    Appearance (Description Preferred): Bisque-colored skin, cognac-brown eyes, and coppery red hair. Features on the softer side.
    Style of Art/Writing (sadly sculpting is not a common art form): She paints based upon various poems she finds; takes requests, and that's how she makes money, other than selling them on street sides. Selected because of this capability, but if not for the extra money, Juliet would not be doing it.
    Basic Background (5-7 sentences): She was born to a poor household of a third-generation African American and an Irish immigrant, and was an only child. After being bred on Langston Hughes by her mother and taught to paint by her father, she began to pursue a career in art in high school. Still trying to earn money for college after high school, she sells her paintings on the street, living in a 500 sq. ft. apartment and sending a quarter of her small income to her mother and father back home. She doesn't have too many friends, as she spends most of her time painting, or at the library, or at her part time job at the 7-11 down the streets.
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  5. Intro Post:

    2043, Out with the Old

    Kilo, an artist selected for his patriotic poetry and oratory skills, sat on the balcony overlooking New York City. He had been selected 2 months earlier to live in the city in order to bring new culture to the region as an artist. The speeches he wrote and spoke were broadcast across New York City- Time's Square was now famous for it's statues to the great New Artists, as they would be known. Such a luxurious life, they had been promised. "I cannot believe you missed out on the money, Kilo. I thought you'd do better than that." The door opened at the other end of the building to his apartment, a one bedroom dwelling with a full bathroom. This wasn't the Party boss, rather this was one of the more criminal persuasion. "I thought I told you to leave!" Kilo shouted angered, his voice cracking in fear. You see, Kilo wasn't picked simply for his skill... No, that would be too hard to choose from. The Party requested that in addition to skill one must also submit money for lottery tickets- out of 30,000 tickets each costing roughly $500, Kilo had secured 1000, more than anyone. People who had zero background in the arts were barred from participating- ergo the billionaire children couldn't buy up every ticket. Ever since the Chinese came to power however the gap between rich and poor had gotten wider despite Chinese efforts to curb the ultrarich. Kilo had to borrow money from criminals within the New York underground in order to purchase the $500,000 worth of tickets, and he still owed 300,000. The Government paid artists handsomely- almost 200,000 a month, though after tax and taking care of the debt, Kilo only would take home 40,000, if he was lucky. Connections as an artist, however, led to advantages.

    For instance, the criminal boss in front of him- Vladimir Petrov, was known to run illegal sweatshops. "You know Vladimir... I could have you arrested." Kilo retorted with a wicked smile, calmly sliding off the balcony onto the floor attached to his apartment. "I will not kill you yet, Kilo, but do not forget your place." Kilo nodded, Vladimir cocked his pistol and fired a warning shot- breaking a glass vase. "Next time you'll end up shattered yourself." Two days later, Kilo walked down to the Party Office in Brooklyn and requested that the Artists Sector be blocked off from the rest of the city due to criminal threats, and he spoke of Petrov's sweatshops in Harlem and the surrounding area. "While we do not have jurisdictions there, I will call my superior. You will be rewarded, Kilo, but stay safe." The woman spoke to him with a kind smile. She was from Mainland China, and yet so was 70% of the New York population nowadays, it was either you're a privileged 'foreigner' (ie European, American, etc) who was allowed to stay when the Party moved in, or you were put in the city for your talent- as a foreigner. The Chinese had free reign to do what they pleased. The click of a radio could be heard, the dial turning and where there was once static came the melody of a song. "MY my... Times do change."
  6. Good application HOWEVER I will say this:
    We are all in the same complex.
    We are ALL in SOME CAPACITY government workers.

    You're ACCEPTED, nonetheless :)
  7. Thank you! I'll go in and switch some things around :)
  8. When do we start?
  9. Let's wait for another two people to apply.
  10. I think we should start posting- if anyone else wants to join by all means do so.
  11. I suggest moving that intro post to the appropriate forum on modern roleplay forums. The signup/ooc/plot discussion section is only for the use of OOC discussions, not IC roleplay.
  12. Will do- are you interested in applying?:)
  13. No, but thanks for the offer. (:
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