The Art of Kindness

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  1. What do you prefer to be called?

    Kindness, Shilo, Solomon, W​
    Boy, girl, or a mystery?

    Mystery (Not really, I am a male)​
    How old are you?

    Eighteen (May Twenty-Second is my birthday)​

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    I am new to the site. Came after a number of friends invited me.
    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?
    Group roleplays are just fine. But I adore a single partner for the way I can expand on necessary details.
    On a rainy day do you like jumping in puddles, or curling up on the sofa?
    Curling up on the sofa.​

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?
    Coldplay - Viva La Vida


    A little about Kindness :
    Hello there, I am Kindness, or Shilo. Mostly just Shilo whenever we're really close. I have roleplayed since I was about nine years old on various chat-sites, originating from one named "Naruto-Kun-Oxidation" which became Spin-Face, or something of that sort. I roleplayed on there for about two years and moved over to Real-Chat, where I think I established how serious I wanted to be in roleplaying. Eventually all good things came to an end and I began jumping from forums, chats, and even using Skype to roleplay among like-minded individuals. Although these are a few websites (hardly) worthy of mention, I've been to Chatango, Palringo, Xat, Rolepages, Refuge, Chat Avenue, Roleplay-Chat, Roleplay Haven, Roleplay Gateway, Roleplay Getaway, and various others in my nine years of solid roleplay.

    There's no shortage to the things I like to draw influence from, nor is there a limit to what I like doing in a roleplay. I have done so many, created so many, and met so many people in doing so that I feel we can all establish a great friendship filled with rivalries and humor.

    I am a fan of literature, I adore books, but not a fan of books in general. I am currently reading The Wheel of Time series, started by Robert Jordan, and various Star Wars books. I am not going to get into detail on other media, but yes I am a fan of Manga. Well, Ani-manga culture in general is somewhat interesting but I adore those which strike at more European worlds, be they of fantasy of historical creation (ex. Berserk, Vinland Saga, Tsubasa Chronicles [To some degree]) and that's about it.

    I do not know if this is necessary, but I am reachable via skype. As much as I enjoy roleplaying, I can make do with some personal conversations or just plain talking and discussing videogames, animes, manga, and just about anything else that can be offered up for conversation.

    This being said, I am going to be leaving this here now! May we roleplay with lots and lots of gore, humor, sadness, and most of all Fun.

    With best regards,
  2. *bows*Hello new person, I am HollowEastword but please call me Hollow. Welcome to the madness and I hope you enjoy countless adventures!

    Oh and happy-past-birthday!
  3. Hi there Kindness! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. We welcome you to Iwaku, Kindness.
  5. Welcome kindness! ^.^ It's good to see a new face!
  6. Hello There Kindness! Welcome to Iwaku
    Awwww, you're adorable ^^
    Nice taste of music too!
    I hope you enjoy your time with us on Iwaku! ^^
  7. Despite being around for the last two days, I never thought to reply to these messages. But, thank you to all of you who are welcoming me. It means quite a lot. But, since two days off is just about knocking at the door, I can assure you all I'll be active! (whoohoo!) Thank you all, once more. Perhaps we can all roleplay or something. I have posted a character in search for one-x-one roleplay. Perhaps he'll get the proper appreciation he deserves~~
    With all due respect,
  9. I hadn't forgotten about you. Thank you for the welcoming. Although I am here, doesn't ascertain a particular quality to my staying here. Of course I've found no reason to make a sudden departure. I rather enjoy what I've found here.
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