The Art of a Stacisaur.



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A rare sight to behold, indeed.
You may lose your vision over the wonders that are in store. These delicious spectacles that shall jump you from another dimension and steal your lunch money while you sleep in a cocoon of blanket goodness.
- w-...
I don't even know either.
So, without furthur ado.

I have never taken a legit art/drawing class.. v.v; I wanted to, obviously, all high school. But, being the hardworker I am, and with a language, band, and tv production class, room was limited. Never had any study hall, and never even had a chance to learn how to drive yet.. >___> Don't be judgin' man, don't do it. So, I continued to draw either way whenever I felt the desire reach me. Which, to be honest, is quite often during the span of a month. I will just show the drawings I have taken pics of in my dorm room, loose artwork in my notebook of wondrous glories. There are many many many many more sketches and examples, but, at the moment, you shall only see these. - w- SUFFFFERRRRR.<3
Here go.

This is a picture drawn from that default profile pic I have. I found it online and adore it.. It is of Morgana from League of Legends, as she was my first champ I loved so dear, and I am an avid player that will try to kick your ass. c: I am not gentle. You will be murdered brutally and unapologetically. -giggles softly.- <3 n.n
So I drew this..<3 and love it. :3 cause I HATE noses, and...yeah. It's my baby.<3<3
And here is a lovely lapse of the drawings over time::
1.JPG2.JPG (continued in next post.)
I really like that Elven looking drawing. The 8th one in your first post and what looks to be in that second post as well. <3 However, my FAVOURITE is the first one in the first post, of the UFO and planets. xD Really colourful and awesome.

I hope you'll share more with us. :3
^. ^ Thank you kindly!! <3
I like to doodle during class.. - w-
And the coloring wasn't meant to happen. But! Mommy bought me new sharpies. Thus.. I color. >.>;
n.n I will show more whenever I go out and lay in the grass to draw.
I like your Morgana drawing! It looks nice! :] &the lapse shows me how much work you put into it :D
I like your ideas you put into your drawings, and I have always been a fan of elves :p Its weakness of mine sadly, unless your name is Legolas. I never got into him. Haha. But, anyways, the creativity is awesome and the elf is gorgeous with details
Yayyy superhero.<3 n.n I don't have a name yet for her.. o.o
Snapshot_20110925 (2).JPG
this is the skeleton beforehand:
Cool stuff, Staci : )

Can't wait to see more.
Nice stuff you have here!
I wish I could draw :<
n.n You are all very sweet.
I did more drawings tonight in class. Once I finish my symbiote drawing tomorrow, I shall show them.<3
This isn't a drawing by me.. But I did put it together using a Pokemon Trainer generator on deviantart. >___>
I don't have a name for her.. But she would be a Psychic-Water trainer. ;D
pokemon trainer.PNG
Here's more to my character<3 and her symbiote face and form. I'm going to draw a full body of her in her form soon. >:3


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first of the two symbiote pics I'm gonna draw of Dendricyte/Alexandra May Recht "Alex"
Not gonna lie, I really like the crazy page of doodles ^.^
Thank you.<3
That's how the world will end. :'D there is earth, if you notice.
This isn't a drawing by me.. But I did put it together using a Pokemon Trainer generator on deviantart. >___>
I don't have a name for her.. But she would be a Psychic-Water trainer. ;D
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so i herd u liek mudkipz :DDD

Hehe. More seriously, she's pretty. I like all of your doodles, really. They bring a smile to my face. I especially like that symbiote. Looks crazy and vicious; I like that!
Thank you kindly Fluffy-san! <3<3<3
Your words brighten my day and rain down skittles into my mouth while I drown from choking on too much rainbowy deliciousness.
Alex in Symbiote form, with her spine coming out from her body, which is also contorted, legs on a wall. As you can see, her legs and lower torso are facing the side/front, her ribcage twists completely so her back is showing in the same direction, while her spine wraps around, coming out from the flesh to be used as a scorpion like tail, with poisen surging through it.
:D. . . .enjoys.<3
Clearly, I am not done yet.. but.... started it during my music theory class.. 8D
People gave me weird looks.
Youre just jealous cuz when it's not my turn, I stack dice.