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  1. Here's some stuff I have hanging up in my locker that I drew and colored~ I took the pictures with my new iPhone and lemme tell ya, those pictures are WAY better than the iPod pictures I would take. Like there's a crazy substantial difference. Anyway, enough blabbing more showing:

    Here is my vocaloid-style Misty. I'm not sure where I came up with the idea, but I love her ^.^ It's hard to tell, but the tattoo on her arm says "ASH" I inked the initial sketch and used a very crappy set of 100 skinny markers, and I added colored pencil too, especially for the skin and shading.

    Vocaloid Misty (open)


    The next one is a mixture of two of the most amazing things on earth: Zelda and homestuck. That's right, it's Dave as toon link from Windwaker with Davesprite as Navi (yes I know Navi wasn't in WW shuddup). Once again, I inked the initial sketch and I used my crap markers to color. I actually think I used crayola markers for the red XD. Oh, and I added colored pencils.

    Dave Link (open)
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  2. I copied this sketch by eye, so no calls for plagiarism >.< I admit it haha. It was super fun though and its in the ceiling on my locker so it's a tad bit creepy. Most people don't notice it. It is a pencil drawing.

    Pyramid Head (open)

    This is a scene from Okami. I used colored pencils for this one, but it didn't turn out perfectly as I had planned. Still, I love Okami so I stuck it in there :D I also inked the initial sketch.

    Kushi & Ammy (open)


    I also have a couple vocaloid pictures I used to practice my coloring on that I will post soon! I forgot to snap some photos of those.
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  3. Great Work Heliacal. Pencil work and color both Aces :D I Hope to see more of your work soon <3
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  4. I really like you art, especially the one of Dave. I like how you gave him his timetables and the windwaker. The sprite fairy was a nice touch <3
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  5. Thank you both! ^.^ the light reflection on his hat and tt got a lil wonky because I used my colored pencils improperly but at least I learned my lesson :)
  6. Ezio (open)
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