The Arrival of Mistress Fauxe

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  1. A soft breeze caresses the skin upon your cheek as the scent of fire and cinnamon drift past your nostrils. A red headed maiden approaches on the horizon.
    Good evening! Please call me Fauxe. [pronounced fox]
    I enjoy roleplaying, writing, drawing, and gaming. I hope to come here to learn more on World Building, flesh out my characters more, and perhaps roleplay a lot more often!
    I really enjoy fleshing out my characters, giving them character sheets and pictures, as well as my worlds, so I hope I can find help with that here too!
  2. Ciiiiinnamoooon. *grabbyhands*

    Hallo Fauxe! Welcome to the community! :D
  3. Thank you Miss Diana!
  4. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, lest I stumble into a faux pas.
  5. Hehe, it's a pleasure!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.