The Arrival of Insanity Incarnate, The Insaneous One, Holy R. Enigma.

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  1. I joined and I am quite amazed at the fact that your forum allows Mature Content. I love that content a lot... its also slightly nicer and feels different.

    I might create a RP on this forum, or a fan fiction or something other.

    Bringing more things since sliced bread, in terms of I.

    I love role playing, creating profiles and etc... as you can see. What else do I usually do? Oh yeah..

    Nuclear Weapons = Awesome, in terms of RTS. =P
  2. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your stay :)
  3. Thanks HolloEastWord, I will enjoy my stay here. =P
  4. Oh just Hollow is fine btw ^^
  5. Thanks, Hollow. Enjoy this forum so far, working on my Resume.. lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.