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  1. Well met, stranger! Or at least I hope so.

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to write at the moment, kind of just winging it. I came by this site by pure chance and thought to myself why not, couldn't hurt to see how it goes. Needless to say, this is the second thing I have done, the first being my Roleplay resume, so I don't even know of this is what I should be doing.

    Anyway, I'm John, but my Roleplay name will always be Satanis, which is a surname. My first name in Roleplays remains a mystery until it is asked from me. I'm 18 and live in a fun little place in Australia, details come later.

    I had only started doing Roleplay, this kind of Roleplay, only recently. That pretty much makes me a novice, but in my defense it has been said that my Roleplay partners really enjoy our scenes. I love Fantasy themed Roleplay, swords, magic, mythical creatures, and folklore. All that kind of thing. I'm a bit of a romantic too, so love and romance are a big yes for me.

    This will drag on for days if I don't shut up right now. I'm a sucker for conversation, by the way. Contact me if you, well, want something.
  2. Well hi there John Satanis! >:3 Welcome to the site!
  3. Well well well, a conversationalist. Wonderfueling, indeed wonderfueling.
    Welcome to this place of Iwaku, water hole for a great many beings, born of both magic and steam. Experience the beasts and hear the monsters tales, for they are most wondrous and filled with deep thought.

    Gather round the ruins and listen to the tales. Of ages gone past, of glory now lost and vengence fulfilled.

    "I can tell you stories, you'd be made to believe. I could show you worlds that would make you disappear. And I could spin you horrors, ever meant to flee."

    Honored be thy faith, questioned be your goal. Wether you will last, secrets you will hold.
  4. Your kind welcomes are well revived, both Diana and Windstormugly. Truly a good start to a no doubt joyful experience.

    Diana, your emoticon thing made me chuckle. I pictured a woman poking me speaking my name with a hint of mischief as she said "Satanis". Whether or not you would actually do that, or that it happened is entirely up to the imagination.

    Windstormugly, your words spoke to me in the way a brother greets his kin after battle. It brings me great joy to be greeted by a fellow Wordsmith, and I thank you for the personal message.

    "I would ask of these stories, for I wait with baited ear. New worlds I welcome, a new adventure to take. I would have you spin these horrors, for I know no fear."

    The sun finds strength to rise by the thought of shining upon your hearts.
  5. Well met, well met indeed.

    I'm October nice to have made your acquaintance.
  6. I'm elated to make your acquaintance, October. Your words are well received, and I hope to hear more from you.
  7. You sound like quite the individual. Don't be afraid to ask us if you need anything, and go ahead and contact me if you would want to do some super awesome leet epic badass eyegasmic legendary story-making in the role-play style.




    Yeah that was maybe a slight exaggeration. But still! Message me any time mister Aussie :D I'll have to tell my history teacher that I have an australian friend, he's from New Zealand and quite literally hates Australians. He will probably have a seizure in anger or something~
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  8. I would gladly accept your offer, it is most kind of you! I'm always up for some super awesome leet epic badass eyegasmic legendary story-making in the role-play style. That's a mouthful.

    Over exaggeration is a billion times worse than under-statement... I slay me sometimes, with my humor not with actual blades.
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