The Aristocats Deux

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  1. Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz are teen cats now and they still live in the mansion with Duchess, Thomas O'Malley and their mistress, Adelaide Bonfamille. But there's a new addition to the family! Duchess and Thomas O'Malley have a new kitten named Anaïs. The family of cats and one human live together in harmony until one day, Adelaide decides to throw a ball to celebrate her 85th birthday. The older cats are of course given a balcony to themselves to overlook the festivities, but Anaïs is too young and therefore is left in her parents room to sleep.

    The ball begins with a happy note and ends with a devastating one;

    Anaïs has been kidnapped!

    Apparently one of the guests for the ball was not who he seemed. He was introduced by the name of Augustine Dampierre but his real name was Edouard Desrocher, and he was the son of Edgar, Madame Adelaide's evil former butler!

    Now Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz must follow the clues and rescue their little sister! But they won't be alone on this journey! For friends and maybe more than friends will gather along the way.

    - No godmodding.
    - Try to act like a cat.
    - This is rated G for general audience aka children. Keep it cool.
    - A paragraph per post (5-10 sentences)
    - Third person past tense.
    - One character per person, unless not many people join. If that happens I'll allow doubling up.
    - Keep to the canon personalities. If you need help refer to the Aritstocats wiki
    - French names only.


    Appearance/Description: [Cartoon/Real/etc. As long as it looks like a regular cat)
    [No age because everyone is a teenage cat)
    Bio: [What where you doing before Anais got kidnapped. Or if you are a companion, what was your life like before you met the three aristocats.]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.