The Arikado Organization

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  1. On the outskirts of London a large mansion stood. The gates where guarded heavily, yet, the public was welcome inside. The interior was a crimson red with brown wooden walls. The owner of the mansion was always in his office doing the usual paperwork. Bills, requests for donations and... shall we say... business.

    The owner had long black hair. His suit matched the darkness of his suit with the exception of the handkerchief in his breast pocket which was as crimson the curtains and floor rugs. He throws his pen down as he finishes the final piece of paperwork for the day. "Hmm... I believe its time for the annual tournament for my guards." It was never to the death. And whoever won the tournament would get a chance to fight the owner, Arikado. If they win the fight they gain a large pay raise. Yet no one has. If they lose they still get a raise of 100 dollars an hour.

    Arikado stood from his chair and began walking down the hallway of the manor.
  2. "Sir, Arikado." A guard spoke as his master walked by. A tall yet rather slim man with a World War Two German based pistol at his left hip.
  3. He stops and looks to him. His silver eyes locking onto his eyes. "Yes?" He asks. His voice smooth and deep.
  4. "Is it time for the tournament. If so I will ready the guards." The guard spoke once more. Staring motionless with his crimson eyes locked on his master's.
  5. He examines his crimson eyes for a moment. He finally nods. "Yes it is time." He smirks some. " Im sure you will do very well in the tournament."
  6. "Thank you sir. I shall inform the others." The guard spoke nervously. Aleck, a new recruit for arikado's guard. Tall,slim,crimson eyes,and black hair. Trained in assassination he was an ex-contract killer. Turning 21 the day of the bloody tournament. Only finding out about it the day before. "It is time." He spoke to every guard he passed, shaken by the fact that this was the first and maybe his last tournament.
  7. Arikado walks to the back of the manor and hits a switch. When the switch was hit, the ground behind the manor opened up as a square stone battle arena rose from the ground. He went back inside and brought out a few tables and labeled them as the areas to place their weapons down. Weapons are not allowed in the arena.
  8. Aleck followed the other guards behind the manor. Placing his gun on the table and walking over to where the other guards were gathering. Staring as the other guards soon followed.
  9. Arikado walks to the guards with a box in his arms. One by one the guards reached into the box and pulled out a ball with a number on it. Arikado finally gets to Aleck and holds the box out to him.
  10. Nervously Aleck reached into the box and grabbed a ball. Quickly pulling his arm back so Arikado could move on."it's okay, you'll do fine just relax and do what you were taught." Aleck thought to himself.
  11. Arikado went down the line. Finally he says. "Number one and two. Step into the arena."
  12. Aleck stepped forward relaxed and ready for a fight. Being number two and closer to the arena he entered first.
  13. Arikado blinks as a large guard steps into the ring as well. "Oh my.."
  14. "May the best win." Aleck spoke fast and firm. His whole demeanor changed from to nervous and shy to focused and prepared. Quickly getting into a battle stance aleck was waiting for the fight to begin.
  15. "As you say boy." The towering man says. Arikado waits a moment then says "Begin!"
    The large man runs at Aleck and grasps his own hands together and raises them above his head.
  16. Aleck quickly leaps left preemptively dodging the towering giants strike and charges the man with a ready fist.
  17. Due to the man's large size he is unable to move fast enough to avoid Aleck. All he can do is watch the fist come at him.
  18. Aleck's fist connects to the man's lower left abdomen. Aleck quickly tries to escape but to no avail for Aleck is to close to his opponent and won't get far enough away to doge his opponent's next attack.
  19. The man grips where Aleck hit him and clumsily swings out in Alecks direction. "For a little guy you have quite a punch."
  20. "Thanks. WOAH!" Aleck was grabbed and lifted in the air. He started thrashing around to escape but it was no use.
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