The Argo Academy (DC AU)

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SO! My RP partner (@Ms.Ezra) have come up with another RP opportunity! For your consideration...

Once upon a time…

The Earth was in a bad way. Rising evil threatened to overtake the planet at any moment. Beings of immense power and cruelty sought to destroy all that had been built in the world, and to enslave its people.. But others possessing power just as immense seek to protect everything we know. Their hearts are noble, their cause just.

The Justice League served as the template for all those that had come after. The Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman stood as shining beacons for all the world to look to when all seemed dark. Time and time again the Justice League (in all of its forms) beat back the evil that threatens all, both on our little world and others.

And then one all ended.

“Welcome to our viewers in Metropolis and all around the world! This is Jake… Tetran… I’m getting word from our producer now. Just hold there with me, folks.” The newscaster looks towards someone offscreen, silently asking ‘is this for real?’. “Okay… confirmed now reports from the Daily Planet.. Superman has been rushed to Ellsworth Memorial Hospital with a possible fractured arm and head injuries! Reports are he fell right out of the sky onto the Daily Planet building…”

“... was in the middle of stopping a police chase in Central City when he just… stopped. Famed Justice League founding member Green Lantern can not activate his powers, reports say.”

“...Happening all over the world now! We don’t know if this is temporary, and the Justice League press agent stated only they were investigating. Again, the members of the Justice League seem to be… well depowered is the only word I can come up with!”

“The heroine known as ‘Cyclone’ is at Harvard University right now after saving a distraught student from harming himself. During the press briefing, while putting on an impressive display of her powers, she suddenly found herself on the ground and exclaiming… quote.. ‘The winds are gone now, I can’t hear the winds!’... unqoute.”

“The criminal Louise Lincoln, AKA Killer Frost, was apprehended this morning when she attempted to rob the Gotham Diamond Exchange. Reports at the scene say she had frozen several officers when her powers seemed to suddenly stop working, and officers used the distraction to inflict a nonfatal wound to apprehend her without further incident.”

It seemed to happen instantly. All over the world, those with ‘superhuman’ powers… suddenly were powerless. It didn’t matter where they were on the planet, or what their power was or its origin. On January 9, 1998 at 10:15 AM (EST), there were no more metahumans. Superman was no longer...super. No more than you or I. Hero, villain… no more powers. At nearly that exact moment, Las Vegas was reduced to a radioactive wasteland, with 700,000 people dying almost instantly.

Many former metahumans died that day also… in Vegas and from their powers being deactivated. Several beings formerly with powers died due to falling from the sky or moving too fast on the ground, or a number of other reasons.

This disastrous day came to be known as ‘1/9/98’, or simply ‘98.

And still later, more former metabeings died. Some killed themselves; unable to deal with their lives with no powers, and seemingly with no purpose. Others disappeared under mysterious circumstance like The Flash, and have never been seen since.

And in the days following, fate took an odd turn with Lex Luthor. His company began to set up rehabilitation and aid centers all over the world to help these former heroes and villains. They are called ‘Arcadia Havens’, and they became an invaluable tool for the world at large.

But nature found its footing once more. On May 17, 2005 across the world, there was a spike in ER visits. This was so spread out however than local governments and agencies took no notice. People had sudden fainting spells, and other than that no reported odd effects of whatever had caused the spike.

Keywork being, reported.

13 years later, a single metahuman is found in Africa. That would be the start of something big, an eventual revolution. And for Lex Luthor life also became revolutionary. In a surprise bid, he easily secures the Republican nomination for President and on November 11, 2016 Lex Luthor becomes President of the United States, thanks in large part to a grateful community of former metahumans.

2 years later
The present day. A ‘school’ is opened on the east coast of the United States. It’s called ‘The Argo Academy’ funded and operated as a joint project between Wayne Enterprises, Palmer Tech, and Queen Industries. Special students across the world are invited to live and learn on its campus to enrich lives and improve the world at large.

The general public suspects, but does not know for certain, that this is an academy set up to help a new generation of metahumans cope with and use their newly emerging powers for the good of the world. That is at least the goal of its founders.

This RP will be taking place in a DC AU, one where metahumans haven’t existed for about 20 years. The Academy will be the centerpiece of the RP, with the world expanding as our story does. You can use an original character in this, in fact we encourage it. Your character can be a descendant of a former hero, someone we’ve never heard of… just about anything you can think of!

Each player will be allowed 2 characters. 1 character must be a ‘good guy’, someone that would do right by the world. And the other… if you want… can be a character that wouldn’t exactly go out of their way to be helpful to others. We hesitate to use the words ‘villainous character’, but there ya go. In the future, there will indeed be a baddie group, after all.

We want this to be a long term thing. Please don’t sign up if you think you won’t last in it, or you’re to busy to devote time. We would like at least 2 posts per week (minimum!), and a good size post at that. We’re looking for good writers! Good story tellers! We’re looking for 3 to 5, at our discretion.

And yes there’s gonna be a posting order with collaborations between two or more players for a conversation between them.

If you’re interested in helping us to weave this story of a new generation of DC, then please respond below with whom you might be interested in playing! We’ll have CS’s posted in this thread after we determine who you’ll be. We do have some restricted characters, due to plot details. Yes, we have plot details. We actually have nearly the whole bible of this world written out, including what has happened to certain heroes and HOW all of this happened!

Real Name:
Age at time of Academy opening:

Brief Bio:
Appearance: (Pic)
Real Name: Yun Ryu
Birthdate: September 3, 2002
Age at time of Academy opening: 16
Codename: Supergirl
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 178 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (though she sometimes dyes it brown for fun)
  • Highly invulnerable to physical damage, extreme temperatures and pressures.
  • Enhanced vision and hearing
  • Limited flight
  • Enhanced strength
  • Yun has limited capacity when she is away from sunlight for a prolonged period of time. While this is average for most Kryptonians, for Yun it is drastically a shorted period of time.
  • She can be naive sometimes, often to the point of fault. And at the same time she can be to trusting of others, especially strangers.
  • Cheerleading
  • Plays the piano
  • Enjoys writing poetry
  • Music
    • Babymetal
    • Lack of Afro
    • One OK Rock
    • Vienna Teng
    • My Morning Jacket
    • Glenn Miller
  • Movies
    • Science fiction
    • Horror
    • Documentaries
  • School
  • Her phone
  • Family
  • Not being able to get hurt
  • Making friends
  • Pokemon
  • Bananas
  • Villains
  • Being hurt
  • Feeling like she’s helpless,or useless
  • Bugs and snakes

Brief Bio: Yun began exhibiting her powers at an early age. At first just her enhanced durability, and as time went on her other powers began to manifest themselves. She has kept her powers a secret, for fear she would be carted off to some laboratory or some other awful fate. But due to a series of misadventures, her powers were revealed to parties that had been paying attention. Parties watching for the return of superbeings. Yun was quickly recruited, and signed onto the Argo Academy.




Real Name: Larissa Ermy-Gordon
Birthdate: February 8th, 2002
Age: 16
Codename: Batgirl
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Adept at Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, American Boxing, and Muay Thai
Brilliant Intellect
Likes: Sports(Football, soccer, tennis, boxing), Pop/Rock Music, Rap, Mexican cuisine, sudoku, puzzles of all kinds, and detective novels, police procedurals, true crime. Big health nut overall.
Dislikes: Junk food, high-sugar food and drink, smoking, really anything she thinks is part of an unhealthy lifestyle. Reptiles, insects and bugs.
Weaknesses: She is a normal human with all associated weaknesses. Weaknesses specific to her would be: Overconfidence, and her revulsion for animals stated above.

Short Bio

Born to Barbara and Ronald Ermy-Gordon after the latter had retired from the costumed adventuring lifestyle altogether and regained the use of her legs. She was a precocious child and very strong-willed, something encouraged by her Grandpas Jim and Sarge(Ronald’s father). She excelled in school at most subjects except the creative arts where she was average to mediocre, and was a star player on the Soccer and Tennis teams.

While her parents disagreed at first with Bruce Wayne recruiting her to Project Argo. she herself feels she has a legacy to fulfill which can only be ignored at the cost of others’ safety in a world returning to the way it was before ‘98
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Sounds interesting! Give me some time to think of my character and I'll throw a sheet up?
Also just wondering if anyone else had shown interest? I'm surprised if not!
No one yet. But we're hoping/expecting at least a few more! If you wanna discuss character options by all means we're oth available here or in PM! We're really thrilled to have you aboard!
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Real Name: Jacqueline “Jackie” Monroe
Birthdate: June 1, 2002
Age: 16
Codename: Deadgirl
Height: 5’5
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, brown(dyed)

High physical durability due to limited healing factor
Immune to disease, toxins, poisons.
Resistant to high/low temperatures
High pain tolerance/resistance

Weaknesses: Head/Brain damage affects her like any human. Minimal she can survive with memory loss as the brain matter can grow back, but significant damage cannot be repaired. Drowning, suffocation, anything that cuts off oxygen to her brain can kill her.

Likes: Ramen, spicy food in general, Heavy Metal music, Animals, stand-up comedy
Dislikes: Vampires, the color purple, Pop Music, ‘New Age’ people, Hospitals, Football.

Short(ish) Bio
Jacqueline Monroe was born a normal girl. Born not a day early or too late, and to a well-to-do pair of devout Catholics who made their home on Long Island. She developed normally, and was on the track for a normal, happy life.

But one day, she wasn't normal. It happened quick as her mother turning to watch a passing bird then coming back to look at the toddler on the blanket next to her. From that moment Jackie was no longer normal. She never got sick, and while she always had her falls as any child would in life, she never had to deal with even scraping her knee when she fell off her back for more than a couple seconds. The tissue and skin healed to make her look as if it had never happened. It almost made her even more of a parent's dream. Almost.

Whatever had happened to Jackie to awaken her metagenes, had triggered unsightly changes in her appearance to make her look and feel like a zombie. While her skin wasn't decaying at all, it was stark white and unsettling for her parents to look at, and cold to the touch. While her parents would never abandon their only child, it did cause them to become distant, even aloof in her life. And that made Jackie into a lonely, odd young girl as the years went by.

She comes to the Argo Academy after an incident caused her abilities to be discovered by Bruce Wayne. While she doesn't think of herself as a 'Hero', she does hope maybe, just maybe, her time could keep her off the wrong path.
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Ah, greetings! I wish to express my interest. I am planning on making a character who has access to the speed force (so basically like Flash and the peeps), if that is alright with you all?
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Yes it is!

Just send a PM with both myself and Camleen and we can hash out details in there as you build your CS.
Is this thread going to be our ooc, or was it meant to be an interest check?
When we get the group together proper we will have a seperate OOC thread
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Should I wait for that thread to put up a CS or should I post it in this one, then?
PM it yo us first please
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Can I submit this for pending approval?

Real Name: Dustin Heroux
Birthdate: October 31, 2003
Age at time of Academy Opening: 17
Codename: Longshadow
Height: 6ft
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black and long


Soul Construct: Dustin can make his soul visible and tangible, and shape it into the form of any creature. These constructed creatures are vulnerable only to mystic attacks, and he can make them a maximum 20ft tall. He usually keeps it simple by creating a mirror image of himself.

Weaknesses: While using his power he is immobile and vulnerable to harm if his construct is too far away to defend him. Mystical attacks that are able to damage his soul can cause him to slip into a coma and die if it is fully destroyed or taken from him.

Skills: Gardening. Avid outdoorsman. Skilled with a crossbow. Great at woodworking/carpentry. Is okay at beadwork.

Likes: Tea (all kinds). Cooking. Motorcycles. The Outdoors. Rock Music. Documentaries. Action/Comedy movies. Recycling.

Dislikes: Wastefulness.

Brief Bio:

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota the youngest of three boys. His father is a mechanic with a modestly successful auto shop which he operates with his first two sons. Dustin was always close to his mother and learned the joys of gardening and the natural world from her. He became an environmentalist at a young age from this, and so excelled in Earth Sciences in school as well as Woodworking and other craft projects.

His power manifested young after a brief fainting fit, and terrified his family at first, but then it proved very useful in their daily lives. Even allowing him to build a small ‘guest house’ where Dustin lived instead of getting his own room. He had dreams of being a hero as any kid would, but that opportunity never really presented itself until he joined in with a pipeline protest group. When that group was about to be assaulted by a private security force, he used his powers to beat them back.

This of course caused him to be arrested by the local police, but he was spared even time in juvenile detention by the timely appearance of a high-priced lawyer sent by Bruce Wayne. After the very brief trial, Dustin was approached by Batman at night and formally invited to enroll at Argo Academy, and he accepted without hesitation.


Real Name: Mark Everest Clinton

Birthdate: February 29, 2000
Age at time of Academy opening: 18
Codename: Whiplash
Height: 6'0
Weight: 181 lbs
Eyes: Slateblue
Hair: Dark Brown

Has access to the speedforce as well as all of its assets and dangers
Can go at superspeed with a current max speed of 500 kph
Enhanced durability, agility, mental capacity and healing
Ability to generate electricity

Weaknesses: Going too fast would either strip him of his connection to the speedforce or he gets absorbed in it. Therefore, he has to improve slowly so as to not disappear. Due to this being a newfound ability, he doesn't know the fine abilities such as vibrating his molecules to go through solid objects. He also cannot control electricity and thus cannot really harm anything. Despite enhanced healing, he can still die from too much damage.

Skills: Skilled pickpocket. Sleight-of-hand con-artist. Guitar player. Persuasive.
Likes: Interactions, Making friends, Sports, Animals, Books, "Gotta Go Fast!"
Dislikes: Boredom, Staying still, Being poor, Slippery surfaces, Being caught

Brief (?) Bio:
Everest had always been the rule breaker, but he was no one special. As someone who grew up with nothing, he wanted everything. But first, he wanted to survive. With his mother working a backwater job and no father, Everest and his four younger siblings had to make do with so little. He hated this kind of life and learned how to steal at a young age. As such, he was in an out of rehabilitation to fix his problem of stealing- much to the disappointment of his mother. But he always came back thanks to his good behavior. His criminal records were numerous, but all of them only got him light sentences and didn't really put him in any watch lists. Sometimes, people even gave him free things out of pity - something he had come to appreciate somewhat.

Though, by the time he was twelve, he had stopped in his endeavors as a thief though he never lost his skills of doing so. His mother had gotten a stable job and he began to work honestly as a newspaper delivery boy after the boss had found in juvie. Why his boss was at juvie was a story for another time, and it's a pretty funny reason. In any case, he became an honest, law-abiding citizen. Or, rather, he has become a ton better in keeping his thieving a secret.

At the beginning of his teenage years, during a walk out at night, he was struck by lightning. He passed out on the ground. When he came to, someone had already taken off with his wallet and his jacket. Enraged, Everest shot forward and slammed onto the man in a blink of an eye. The realization of what he had done didn't dawn upon him until much later as he was walking down the path and reached where he had woken up. It was, at the very least, six meters from where he had taken down the thief. Yet he covered it in a second.

And that is how he learned more about becoming a speedster. He practiced by himself, keeping it a secret from most others. Or at least, he tried. Years of practice at least got him to the point where he managed to control it and react faster. Though, he was caught by Bruce Wayne on the act and captured. Instead of throwing him in jail, however, he was offered to learn at Argo Academy both in hopes of controlling his powers and reigning in his thieving ways.
SO! An update!
We're getting things in gear for the start of our story! We have another character applicant, a very cool character in my opinion. The character's approval is just waiting for @Ms.Ezra to approve, which should be this morning!
I think we'll look out for 1 additional player, and then we can start in earnest! If this seems like a small group... that's because it's a small group. And for now that's what we would like. But there's nothing to say we won't expand once we find our footing!
@Brea, did you want to add a character to our roster of awesome? We really hope you can!

The initial RP post is in the process of being put together, and we're about ready to get started on our story!

Love always,
Ooh, I'm excited for this to start. Been a while since I played a speedster, and nothing like a DC RP to get me back to the groove of it.
SO! An update!
We're getting things in gear for the start of our story! We have another character applicant, a very cool character in my opinion. The character's approval is just waiting for @Ms.Ezra to approve, which should be this morning!
I think we'll look out for 1 additional player, and then we can start in earnest! If this seems like a small group... that's because it's a small group. And for now that's what we would like. But there's nothing to say we won't expand once we find our footing!
@Brea, did you want to add a character to our roster of awesome? We really hope you can!

The initial RP post is in the process of being put together, and we're about ready to get started on our story!

Love always,
Yes I'd still like to throw a character in! Hoping to send it your way tonight, just depends on how work goes.
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Thank you for expressing interest @Quiet
If you can PM Camleen and I to at least pitch character ideas without the full CS, we'd be glad to read. We won't hold a spot however to be fair for those ready to go in the next day or two.
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A little update!
We're still here!
I just got home from a week long business trip, so I haven't been able to get anything concrete done here. BUT we are putting the finishing touches on some RP points, getting the intro ready, and watching out for a couple more players!
So please be patient with us! We wanna get this started as badly as you do!
Is this still accepting?