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  1. I've been in the mood for a simple, freeform style RP lately, and for me that means gladiatorial combat.

    Basic concept is there's an arena. The characters are fighters. Mostly freeform and focused on the life of the a gladiator slave and the combat it self, but I may have a plot develop in the background. Would take place in a non-magical fantasy world (let's keep magic out of our fair arena fights, thank you very much). In all likelihood I won't detail the world very much, since little of it will be relevant outside of the arena itself. I'll design it as need be, really. The concept of escape might come into play late into a given plot, but leaving the arena would defeat the purpose of an RP focused on gladiatorial combat, so it would probably mark the end (and perhaps the beginning of a sequel based around the character's new lives).

    So simple gladiatorial combat, both PvP and PvNPC, with most of the focus on the characters and the action. Anyone interested?
  2. I'm obviously in if you can get anyone else.

    Story proposal: tournament takes place between both player characters and NPCs, and then for whatever reason there's an opportunity to escape, so everyone suddenly finds themselves working together, against the administration of the arena and perhaps also against those who choose to remain loyal to their masters. Basic story, but it fits the scenario, which I'm up for given the fact that we've never really gotten an arena RP off of the ground thanks to forum circumstances.
    What's the level of technology? Are fantasy-guns, cannon-lances, etc off-limits in favor of more medieval fare, or will technology be flexible? I would personally be in favor of some sort of fantasy technology in lieu of magic, but that's just me.

    ... And will there be a stat system?
  3. Yeah, that's about what I had in mind.
    Most likely typical fantasy fare--swords, axes, poleƤrms, etcetera. I'd like to encourage diversity in the weapons, though, so we don't have a bunch of people with swords. Or at least, if we do, they're specific kinds of swords.
    No, we're not falling through time again in this one.
    Neh, but I'll be moderating fights pretty heavily for realism, and I'll encourage combatants, when PvP happens, to work out their general plans beforehand (and take their fighting styles, levels of skill, etcetera into account when deciding the victor).
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  4. I'd be interested in this.
    By fantasy do you mean like fantasy creatures (dragons and stuff)? I think those would be nice to have in some arena fights.
    Also Kreska's story idea sounds good to me.
  5. There could be magic in the world, but the gladiators don't have any magical powers. Maybe the ones with magic force the non-magic inhabitants of the land to fight in the arena for their amusement. I'm always keen on the idea of evil/misguided elves wielding magic or magitech to enslave the other races with their superior power rather than being the reclusive good guys that they usually are in most fantasy settings.
  6. Mythical creatures will definitely be a thing. You never know what kind of beast will end up on the opposite side of the arena from you.
    If there's magic, very few people are going to have it and it's not going to be a major plot point--I've been playing magic focused RPs for months straight, and I'm ready for some good martial combat.
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