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  1. ((Are we still doing this?))
  2. ((id like to . It seemed like itd be fun))
  3. ((I'd like to too. I wonder if anyone else is.))
  4. (I don't think we have all of the people who started still interested would it be possible to start it .. the rap..over with a new name but the same plot ?
  5. I've created this thread for you all to discuss what you would like to do. I think I might be of some assistance if you need it.

    It's perfectly fine to re-roll the plot in the same thread, since you were only 2 pages in.
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  6. I THINK WE SHOULD START A NEW PLOT. Yep, just yelled it..but I second the thought, djrae315

    Esthalia Thanks =)
  7. I'd probably join but my minds blank at the mo but I do have my link if you wanna have a look.
  8. OK so in the same thread or a new one
  9. we should probably start a new one, that way we can redistribute all the teams and take out those who don't want to continue
  10. IM dropping out of this rp ..