The Arena

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  1. An arena in the middle of no where, where people of all ages come and fight, whatever their choice. It could be 1v1 or 2v2 or even more. Enter the arena. Grass surrounds it, and a giant demon hangs the arena in one whole. People gather around, taking their seats. It's just minutes before the battle starts.

    Here we find Aaron, a cocky, yet speedy fifteen-year-old. And by speedy, I mean breaking-sound-barrier-speedy. He's pumped up, jogging around his starting room, preparing for battle.

    You could be the opponent, another opponent facing someone else, hell, even the demon holding up the arena. I don't care.

    In case you didn't know, there could be powers of your choice.


    No Gmodding

    Ex.: He dodges it quickly

    The bullet bounces off

    Don't do short ones, one liners is okay, but attack lines like, like "Runs at" or "Attacks with sword" Is not acceptable. Please more detailed attacks.
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  2. Aaron sighed to himself. He was totally going to win this match. Who would beat a boy who could break the sound barrier? No one Aaron new. He was an orphan, stuck in a home, specifically for training. There, he learned how to break the sound barrier, and now he does it almost every day. Now the owner of the training place signed Aaron up for this thing, and he was really pumped. Once he heard the announcer, he jogged in place. He, confidentially, walked in to the arena, waving to the crowd. But they booed him, almost all of them. He was a newcomer, but not one of those ones, he thought. But then, he heard screams of happiness. He thought people actually liked him, but another person stepped into the arena. Aaron couldn't believe his eyes.

    (Now it's one of your turns, guys c: )
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  3. James steps into the arena to see his opponent. He approaches silently and stops just in front of him, looking him up and down. "New comer?"
  4. Lionel walked up behind Aaron. "You may need help. James is a powerful opponent. I was sent to help you out." Lionel looked at James. "Old friend!" he yelled hoping James could hear him through the roaring crowd. "You ready for a fight you'll never forget?" he asked with a cocky smirk.
  5. axel lands next to james "Lionel ive herd stories of you .." Ha looks at james holding out his hand... Axel had a vest on that hadthree symbols .. A music note a lightningbolt and a bike. He stood at 6ft a sword can be seen strapped to his bck. He has on shorts an no shoes... An anouncer yells 30 seconds to fight...
    (this really cool but u shouldmake rules if u want to limit godmoding n things like that...)
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  6. Hunter looked up at James, gulping. "Y-yea . . . but don't think I won't whoop your ass!" He said as confident as possible, but inside he was scared. Could he actually die from all this fighting? He knew it wasn't supposed to, but there was some rare incidents where people were killed.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him.

    "Oh . . . well, thanks, I guess."
  7. "Tch. Boys let's not argue. Let your weapons do the talking." Came an arrogant female voice. Stopping near the men she looked them up and down. The woman wore all black and red. Her top was corseted and her pants were tight leather. On her feet she wore a pair of black combat boots that came to mid shin. Her violet eyes shone dangerously and contrasted with her stark white hair. Strapped to her back was a quiver of arrows and a bow and on her hip she wore a longsword. "Or are you scared of one another?" At this she smirked and placed her hands on her hips.
  8. Aaron rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'm not scared at all." He looked at James. "But I'm sure he's scared."
  9. "So . . . you ready for a battle?" He gleamed straight into James's eyes as he smirked.
  10. Axel smiled as the girl came on to the field ..he looked her from top to bottom "my god you are beautiful ...(he veers his attention back to the males ) so when do we get started." his hand raises to the hilt of his sword as he waited.
  11. Kate walked onto the edge of the field, brushing her dyed dark blue hair out of her face, even though her bangs still hung a little in her pale, icy blue eyes. She crossed her leather strap covered arms over her white tank top and dark blue jacket and stood straight in her blue jeans and sneakers. She didn't meet anyone in the eye, she didn't need to. She could tell where they were by the vibrations they made in the air. She looked straight ahead and slightly down, but never said a word, only uncrossed her arms and nodded, pulling out a knife.
  12. "Hey, losers! I'm here now, so you guys can start fighting now!" Screamed yet another female voice. She stayed where she was and glared at them all with a cruel smile on her face. She flipped her bright red hair out of her face and brandished huge white feathered wings that loomed in the the empty air behind her.

    She shrugged and added, "Unless you just wanna surrender now."
  13. axel slids his foot acrossed the floor of the arena making a scuffeling noise he closes his hand the a ball forms near his foot its shines blue a low whistleing noise is herd.. "dont insult me again" he looks at the last female to enter giving a dirty look .. Then to the second he smiles
  14. "I'm ready. Not sure about these scardey-cats, though." He said as he pointed to the opposing side.
  15. so the way I see it is as follows aaron lionel vs myself and james... He looks to the women where do you stand?" Still manipulating tje ball he smiles once more then hears the count down .... ... "choose fast
  16. The winged girl hopped around, obviously scared now, "W-what is that thing?!" She pointed at the glowing ball, "I'm with you! I'm with you!" She yelled and scurried over to James and Axel. She puffed out her wings again and added, "Sorry for calling you a looser, by the way."
  17. Axel couldnt help but feel a little bit of a lijinb for her usually crazy (not literal but happy filled with joy) people like her are the strongest .. On top of a cheerfull attitude she was beautiful .. So beautiful that he couldnt speak at first all he sustured up was a smile.. "after this think we could get a bite to eat"his eybrows raise as he leaps next to her"im axel by the way and you aree" he holdds his hand out his focus leaving the ball he created this would cause it to collaps..
  18. Kate waited for the other girl to make a choice, then went over to Aaron and Lionel. "I'm Kate." She said just loud enough for them to hear before switching the knife to her other hand and going back into a defensive stance, waiting for the start.
  19. "Chelsea," she took his hand, "And sure why not?" She assumed a fighting stance and said, "So, we gonna get this party started or what?"
  20. Kate nodded. "I believe we shall start soon." She had a sly smile on her face.