The Archangel Prayer

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  1. plot : a priest decided he wanted to cure the world of angels and demons enless fighting invisble to the humans eyes. Unforunately the priest did a spell and it backfired and brought the demons and angels into the world og humans. now able to see angels and demons humnas cower in fear and keep hidden from the wrath of both beings.

    300 years later

    one human decides to stop the war by calling on a powerful archangel......Gabriel. No one has ever talked to an archangel but they said to be the most powerful of the heaven celestial beings. Gabriel is very powerful but very young as an archangel. Can the human find a way to make Gabriel help in the war to end it. can the human save the world with the archangel ? Well lets see

    It can be either MXM or MXF

    I will be Gabriel
  2. please someone
  3. The plot looks interesting. I'd like to do an MxF, since I'm more comfortable with those. Any specific genres, expectations, or ideas I should know about?
  4. No we can can just roleplay and see how it goes. we can also see if things needed to get changed. Pm me and we can talk about it more in detail. ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.