The Arch Angel and his Demon

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  1. [​IMG]" Father I shall not disappoint you". The cool air whizzed off Tobias's shoulders as he stood on the cloud that he was on and looked down at earth. This was his mission and he would complete it. He was sent down to collect a demon who was wanted for countless crimes against not only humans but to the angels as well. Tobias had dealt with low class demons hundreds of times, either to execute them or send them up to the skies. But this demon was in the high risk category but it meant no difference to him. He relaxed his muscles looking down below him before extending his winds and descended from his cloud and down to earth.

    He had only been on earth a few times but he had watched humans and their ways for hundreds of years and they still seemed to disgust and amuse him. Tobias had witnessed what greed , lust, gluttony, sloth, and envy had gotten them which was why they were the five deadly sins, well that's what humans called it anyways. Tobias quickly retracted his wings and he felt his back become lighter as his wings disappeared. When Arch angels came down to earth depending on the task they either kept their wings or their wings were suspended until the task was complete. Their powers of course remained.

    It was dark and Tobias looked around checking his surroundings. There wasn't a lot of people moving around and he needed to find shelter and fast. He had a small house the was used for Arch angels when they were sent down with the basic needs and supplies but anything else needed they had to earn for themselves. It didn't take long for Tobias to spot the house and when he reached it the rain kicked in. He stood for a moment letting a few of the cool drops fall on his body. When he was in the skies it never rained , it was bright and peaceful and that was about it. So this is what rain feels like.

    Once inside Tobias checked the place out and then sat down on the bed releasing a breath. He would begin his search for the demon and get the job done as quickly as possible.
  2. [​IMG]
    Alex smiled as she looked out of her window in her home, she had just wrecked a few things earlier that had stirred up trouble. Some demons come up from hell to do stupid crap like possess humans, but not Alex. Alex loved to play games with humans, always finding ways to destroy whatever happiness they have or tried to have. She wasn't always like this, harsh and cruel to everyone and everything. No, she was once holy and peaceful walking on clouds with the other white winged saints. That was until she wanted to see beyond "Angel Standards" and walk into forbidden places. She was soon cased down when the others heard the news and was never seen again..At least not for a week or so. Lucifer didn't take any time to take her in, now walking among the higher classed demons and of course the king she felt better than vengeful.

    If I can't stay in heaven, I'll reek havoc on your creations...I'll tear them apart one miserable life after another....You'll be sorry that you made this decision! I'll make them pay and you...

    Every time she thought of what she screamed up to the sky the day she was kicked out made her more angry, but she was going to give them a break for now. The female walked over to her bed and laid down with her legs crossed over each other before taking out a smoke and lightening it up then puffing out the smoke. When she heard a couple outside doing love related things, she almost gagged before giving an evil grin. As soon as they were walking up the steps of their house, she lit it on fire and laugh as she heard them scream and call services. "Scream more, I love it." she said to herself as the screaming continued. Turning on the radio, she hummed and swayed her fingers to the scream and the music sounds fitting them perfectly together. Today was going great for her, for humans? This probably wasn't the greatest day and she loved that.
  3. Tobias had a pained feeling in his chest and he knew that there was a demon up to know good and he knew exactly who the demon was too. He gritted his teeth and stood immediately looking out the window. She was tormenting the humans once again and it was more added on to the list of things that she was to be tried for. Alex to be exact. Every Angel, arch angel and demon knew who she was and what she was, a combination of good and bad. Born from a mother who was an angel and a father who was a demon, she was indeed a rare breed. Lucifer took her in despite everything and it pissed Tobias off to see her waste his kindness when he could have treated her like she was. A demon .

    He closed his eyes and then when he re opened them he was standing in front of the burning house. How unpleasant. Tobias snapped his fingers and watched as the flames slowly disappeared. Tobias narrowed his eyes towards the couple that stood there with first fear and then confusion and finally relief and comfort. Their belongings weren't seriously damaged and he made them believe that it was a small kitchen fire that started it all. Tobias turned around and then faced the house Alex was in. This should be simple, hopefully.

    The man walked up to the house where the music was blasting and he rested his hand the the doorknob before retracting his hand and then knocking once then twice. Since the music was so loud he didn't think that the demon on the other side would even notice he was there but he knew she had an idea that someone was coming for her. Tobias instead opened the door and stepped in the house taking once good look around and he shook his head. " At least you could clean up". He had never seen the woman before but only heard about her and quite frankly he didn't care he just wanted the job done.
  4. Alex
    Alex laughed, everyone began to draw attention to the fire for some reason. She didn't understand why, it wasn't like someone was dying...that wouldn't come till later on in the night. When she heard the screams and crackling of the fire stop, she sigh and just began to think that the fire department came to put it out. Standing up, she change the radio station and danced a little to it before sniffing the air. "Disgusting, it smells like holy bastards." she said to herself and sat the now short smoke down on the ash tray. She quickly grabbed her leather jacket and went out of the window knowing that the angel was coming for her. "Just can't get enough of Axel?" she asked and smirked before putting her helmet on and riding off away from her home that was now being invaded. After a couple of miles, she stopped in a busy mall and went into the deepest parts of it. She went into one of the departments near by and searched for something random hoping that he wouldn't find her. Why is it so hard to leave me alone? Pft, why do you angels like humans so much?...It's not like they all look up to you she thought before grabbing some clothes and ripping off the tags then leaving unnoticed. "Score." she said and stuffed them into her bag. Pulling out a smoke again, she began to light it when a guard came over. "Excuse me m'am, you can't do that here." he told her. She gave him a funny look, his breath reeked and he was standing so close to her. She smirked, "Oh really?" she asked before puffing the smoke in his face. He took out his handcuffs, "Alright then, if you don't want to cooperate then we'll do it the hard way." he told her before grabbing her wrist. She looked down at his hand and hissed as her eyes turned black before going back to normal. Snapping his hand back, he took a second glance at her before she took off running and laughing. He shook his head and rubbed his forehead before running after her and calling for backup. "Catch meeee slow pokes." she said while knocking over stands and pushing over plants and statues.
  5. Tobias sighed when heard the roaring engine of a motorcycle and he rubbed his temples already dreading the task that she was sent to do. He didn't have to worry about how far she traveled because arch angels always appeared when there's trouble and especially ones caused by demons. It was sort of like a magnetic pull that was on them whenever trouble was brewing up. He closed his eyes and slowly inhaled before opening his eyes to see a mirror in front of him and then the sound of someone flushing the toilet. Damn I'm in the bathroom. Tobias let out a frustrated sigh before walking out the bathroom and looking around the mall.

    It didn't take long for him to spot her. All Tobias had to do was follow the the mall security were already chasing the woman that he was after. Tobias stayed behind but was fast enough to stay on the tail of the police as they tried to catch her . He already knew that the chase was unsuccessful but he didn't want to step in just yet and also because it was fun to see humans try and catch a demon because so far that has never happened and he didn't think it ever would.

    He watched the chase continue for a little longer and then Tobias grew irritated but not at the humans but at the woman. It was hard for him to understand why she found such pleasure in making humans suffer when they did nothing to her at all. Tobias knew that she was angry at his father for casting her out but she had done that to herself it wasn't the other way around. Tobias soon appeared in front the man and grabbed her pulling her out of sight from the pursuing security and he frowned. " You know why I'm here dont you". His heavenly blue eyes peered down at her.
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  6. Alex
    Alex sighed, she was getting tired of the slow security guards trying to chase her so she just started to walk since she was way ahead anyway. She took a lollipop from a random person and stuck it in her mouth not caring whether or not they approved. She yawned and was about to walk into the bathroom when someone grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in the darkish area. She pushed the random person off and looked up before listening to his voice, "Yuck, that smell...That pure smell, disgusting..." she said before pulling her shirt over her nose. She rolled her eyes, "You're not getting me up there, i'm sorry. If he wants me, why can't he just come down and get me himself?" she asked him. She looked up at him, "And stop staring at me, you're already a stalker...I don't need you to stare in my face too." she complained. "Sooo, if we're done here i'm going to go." she told him bluntly before turning around and beginning to walk out of the door. To tell you the truth, she wasn't thinking he would just up and leave. She knew he wouldn't just give up because that's how they all were, like puppets on a string or slaves with wings and powers. She had wings too, but unlike the "pure ones", as she puts it, she could use them on earth only they were invisible.
  7. Tobias glared at the woman as she rambled on about how she didn't care and how he wasn't bringing her up to the clouds to be be judged. It didn't really matter to him what she said because he was going to get the job done, he always did and that was why his father sent him down because he was one of the best and he did not plan to disappoint. " For one demon i am not staring and second it doesn't matter how many times you walk away or try to run. You will be a demon and like all demon they always cause misery and problems and when you do I'll be there in a blink of an eye so if you want to make this hard then be my guest".

    The woman was definitively not going to make things simple in his attempt to bring her back but honestly he liked the chase, it made things more interesting..well it made her more interesting. Tobias watched as she walked away and he rolled his eyes before following her but he let her have a few steps over him. People walked around him on their phone, talking to friends or their lovers and he wondered what it was like to have a companion. Arch angles were sworn to protect and there was no time for such things as love or feelings. There was only one thing and then was bringing the dammed to be judged.

    Why did she hate the man that created life itself was beyond him but he would make her see before the time was up. It was either that or to kill her and right about now the idea sounded better. Tobias was next to her in a blink on an eye and his light blue eyes pierced down at her as he walked. " Demon why do you make this so hard. Come with me and be judged, take responsibility for your crimes and save me the trouble".

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  8. Alex
    Alex was beginning to feel way beyond irritated with this guy, day ruined and all because of it. Why did they have to pick the best day she's had in a long time to go and basically kidnap her to get her to heaven. She wouldn't even go on her own let alone a damn angel trying to pull and tug her there. "First of all, shut the fuck up. There's people here and you calling me demon is not getting good looks, i'm Alex and you're Tobias." she said looking over her shoulder at him. "Please, I have ways to keep you far beyond from where I am. It wasn't hard for God to shoot me down here, now i'm gonna make you go through hell to get me up there...and in the end you still one get me there. He wants me up there? Then tell him this. I don't follow orders from a shitty ass playboy sitting on a throne all day long looking down at everyone and I damn sure don't take orders from a holy bastard." she told him. "You think you're better than us because you sit high and help people? No, you assholes aren't anything different than us...You kill people, we kill people...Hell people kill people so what does it fucking matter eh?"she told him. "Now would you please just leave me alone?!" she told him before storming out of the mall and going back home. She knew he was following her, instantly gaining a hard headed vibe from him. She rubbed her forehead and grunted before going inside her house and getting into the shower. "Do I ever get to cause chaos and not have someone on my back?" she said to herself thinking through the events that had just took place.
  9. Tobias lips formed into a frown. How in the world could this woman think that they were similar? It was ludicrous , and blatantly crazy. Arch Angels were sworn to protect his father's greatest creation. Man. Arch angels only killed when assigned or when a serious crime went unnoticed, then and then only did arch angels take matters like that into their own hands and that didn't happen often. Demons on the other hand lived and fed off of people's pain and misery. Their powers drained from pain and death so they killed in order to become stronger. Angel and Demon's powers were like fire and ice, both powerful but weak together to a certain extent. Because demons fed off of pain an misery angels fed off of joy and happiness and at any given time either or could change the tempo and outcome of the situation.

    The world holy bastard lingered in Tobias's ear and he narrowed his eyes down at the woman and said no more when she walked away. He proceeded on following her until Alex reached her house and he stared. Not at her but the house. There was a gloomy aura around the house that was usually to make the atmosphere feel more depressing so when humans passed it fed off of their saddened mood. It was clever but not clever enough. The woman couldn't stay coped up in her house and Tobias wouldn't let her. After checking his surroundings he closed his eyes and then appeared in his safe-house not far from Alex.

    There was no way he was going to let her get away, as if she could run. Wherever she went he would find her whether he liked it or not. They were like to magnets pulling in the opposite direction but in the end always coming back to one another. A part of him wanted to know what his father saw in that woman and why he even spared her mother and took her up to the heavens if he already knew what she would do in the end. And Just like that Tobias realized that maybe he was also on earth for a far more bigger purpose than he thought.
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  10. Alex
    Alex knew that Tobias wasn't going to just let her go like that, sure she got out of the mall without him pulling her back again but she knew he was close by...she could feel it. The thought of him watching her right now gave her a disgusted feeling, especially because she was naked. Quickly, Alex put on her under garments and walked out of the bathroom then cleaned up a bit before laying down on her couch. "Ok, I'm asking you this because I know you can hear me and I know that you're probably stalking me. Don't you ever feel like a puppet? Like God is pulling all your strings and if you make one move without his guidance you get shot down and possibly thrown down to earth?" he asked Tobias even though she didn't really expect and answer from him...just an understanding really. "Aren't you ever curious? Curious to go beyond his grasps and actually have like, I don't know a fucking mind of your own perhaps?" he asked again looking around and waiting for him to appear. "I mean come on, you don't seriously like being told what to do every time do you? You don't get thoughts of your own and wander off on your own? You must do something only Tobias wants to do right?" she asked a third time. She wondered about the angel, if he wasn't thinking about that..then what was he thinking? HIs meer presences to her is that of an empty body only doing what is needed when God tugs on his strings or presses buttons.

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