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    Dr. carol Nanzen (open)

    Name: Dr. Carol Nanzen


    Appearance: Slender, 6'1 with black hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

    Bio: She works for the environmental branch, not at the top but on the way up. She is interesting in the exploration of Oshia and the other species that are present on the planet and the possibility of re-inhabiting Earth. She is also very inquisitive sometimes to inquisitive and smart, but lacks common sense.

    Araya (open)

    Name: Araya, of the Nektobenthos clan


    Appearance: thin, 5'6, blond, Green eyes, extremely pale skin

    Bio: Araya is a rebellious young dweller. She would not have been chosen to be a Arbitrator expect for her abilities. Before she was chosen she befriend a great many octopi and on a hunch that she would keep some of their abilities such as their advanced intelligence she was chosen. The most important ability was keep from a mimic octopus. Araya can mimic others with extreme accuracy and also has some camouflage abilities. These skills can only be used when threatened. She was sent to infiltrate the Environmental branch.

    Silas[/SPOILER (open)

    Name: Silas


    : 143 years

    Human age: 32 years

    Appearance: Silas' human body was on the verge of being rendered beyond repair, but the Dweller took a liking to the particular vessel. Silas has a clean-shaved head, with several scar-shaped bald spots where the damage was unable to have been completely covered up, especially on the right side of his scalp. The eyes are a deep, dark grey, the irises being almost black. He has a firm, square jaw and high cheekbones, with a scar that runs horizontally over the bridge of his nose, and another that goes from his right ear to his chin, intersecting with the right corner of his mouth. He's missing three molars on his bottom right jaw, two on the upper jaw. The shape the body is in is actually rather toned, with thick arms and fit pectoral and abdomen muscles. Standing straight, he stands at roughly 6'3", or 190.5 cm.

    Bio: Not being the youngest Dweller to have been chosen for the Arbitrator project, Silas was chosen largely for his cool head, and wizened tactics. He makes for a kind, yet stoic character. Before having been chosen for the project, Silas was on the council that created the Arbitrators. He is a strong believer in peace, and would like to see nothing more than the two races living in cooperation.

    Ryan Tinilis[/SPOILER (open)

    Arbitrator/Human: Human

    Age: 35

    Human name: (If applicable) Ryan Tinilis (tee-nial-iss)

    Appearance: Has short brown hair, often hid under a surgical cap. Has dark brown eyes, making it difficult to tell where the pupils are. Has several silver teeth in his lower jaw, three molars towards the back (two on the left, one on the right). Stands at around six feet even, and has a decent build despite his job. His skin is pale because of being indoors most of his life, and wears his white coat over his casual clothing almost all the time unless he is at home, eating, or working out. Even though there is no terrain, he wears sturdy hiking boots, mostly in self defense if it is needed, and to make him slightly taller.

    Bio: He is well known for his attitude, self absorbent and arrogant at times. His life practically revolves around his work as he is extremely devoted to it, and his hard work has earned him a high ranking in the medicine/medical field. He is allowed to work on his own projects in his own personal lab due to his ranking, and is able to enter other high ranking labs with his credentials. He is hard to distract if he is working, and will praise his work when he is working alone. Sometimes he will speak with his fellow scientists, but usually for help/opinions on certain projects they need to work on. Females will catch his eye at times, but not frequently. Most of his work is to help humans in water-based planets survive, such as creating devices to recycle air, or finding biological ways to keep humans from being sick from lack of sunlight or help them last longer should they find themselves drowning.​

    Alex Ymir (open)

    Arbitrator/Human: Human/Nonhuman

    Age: 23

    Human name: (If applicable) Alex Ymir (Nicknamed Onyx)

    Appearance: Has medium-long pitch black hair as it isn't often trimmed by those who work on him, but he doesn't seem to mind it. His stance is also tall, around average human height (around 5'5"), so in essence is shorter than Ryan. He has a somewhat skinny frame, but that is usually only apparent when near those with better toned bodies. He is extremely pale, some of his veins able to be seen if one were to focus on him long enough. His eyes are a vibrant grass green color, and he wears a collar around his neck (which appears as a thick necklace) to keep him from wandering far from the research laboratories and to always keep track of his location. He doesn't appear starving, and has some build to him, but isn't offered enough time to work on his own structure, so remains 'skinny'. He wears concealing white clothing all the time, concealing a reddened area in the middle of his back where any injections or samples are injected/ removed (the area is covered with a thick patch of bandages and gauze).

    Bio: Everyone from the research branches know him as a man who volunteered for mild testing to help boost the time and effort into saving and improving human lives in the underwater environment. However, he did not volunteer, and was instead from a space station and treated with amnesia, so he doesn't remember being taken. Since he isn't allowed in most recreational locations (such as the gym, cafeteria, ect) he will often roam the halls of the research facilities, sometimes transferring between branches in case testing needs to be done for environmental reasons as well (such as, whether a certain substance will remove toxic substances from the skin if spilled). Sometimes he will interact with other scientists should they have the time to spare, and move on once they are done. He will always answer when addressed, and should he need to return to his home lab he will start rubbing his neck as if a rash was there before heading back. Many times he is tested for tolerance to lack of oxygen, being mostly submerged in water for periods of time to actually testing how long he could hold his breath, swim, ect. He will not often travel to the other branches, and only does when given the privilege. His lead scientist is Ryan, so sometimes he will be seen following him like a dog to a person, though probably not as excited. He knows to keep out of things, and waits patiently even when hungry as he knows the consequences for misbehaving.​

  2. 'Are you sure about this one?' The voice was telepathic, directed at the figure which floated a few feet to the right. They were all otherworldly, with seal-like limbs and large, black eyes set into practically featureless faces. The subject they pondered was human. It was male, though such a fact wouldn't have mattered, because the human was long since dead. The skin was pale, blue, with several deep gashes along the right side of his face and neck, and along his right arm. The body had gone through so much trauma, the creatures were unsure how much of the damage they could repair.

    'Yes, I'm sure. This is the body I want. I trust in your ability to make it operational again, old friend," thought the creature to the right. It was slightly larger than the four others in the dark room, who floated in the almost non-existent current. They were underwater, where the only light came from luminescent stones that were set into the building where they had gathered. It was a civilization much deeper than any living human could travel.

    On the outside, everything was almost pitch black, save for where the glowing stones gave some light. But, with that little amount of light, it was possible to make out a massive city, a metropolis made entirely out of natural, organic material. Clouds of thousands upon thousands of jellyfish floated overhead, only adding to the scenery. There were many other seal-like creatures, some who floated casually along sandy paths, and yet there were many others who didn't feel the need to use those paths. No other sentient life-forms knew of this place, no humans had even been able to venture so deep. This was the place of an advanced, civilized race who had talked the laws of gravity into submission. The weight of the water around them took no tolls on their bodies. The deep was where they were comfortable. The deep was their home.

    But, their home was being threatened.

    With the arrival of the human race, came pollution. Garbage and human gunk would float down upon the race of Deep Dwellers, causing discomfort and disease. If they had been the only ones affected, perhaps it wouldn't have been such a problem. But the Dwellers were seeing the affect Humans were having on their planet, and they had seen that it would suffocate and destroy them all, likely the same way they had killed their own planet.

    Being a peaceful race, the Dwellers had spent years, looking into the Human civilization, looking for a non-hostile solution. An idea was sparked when the first of the human dead were being buried at sea. The humans were inadvertently giving them a possible solution to their problem. Dwellers had the technology to transfer consciences, and so, they worked on a way to heal the bodies that were given to them, so they could be used as vessels to explore the surface dwellers, the humans, the Aquanaughts.

    Silas was an experienced Dweller, just past his prime. He had been on the council that approved this particular operation, and he spoke strongly of peace. However, The body he had chosen hadn't been sent to rest like others. Other bodies were almost never in such poor condition as this one, which led some to believe the young man had been a victim of extreme violence. Nevertheless, Silas had already felt a connection, and wouldn't let it go. 'This is the one,' he had communicated, adamantly. 'If for no other reason than to give this body a chance to be put to rest the right way...'

    Silas awoke with a start, bolting upright and immediately regretting the action. He felt his stomach churn, and barely made it to the waters edge before he was forced to empty whatever nutrients he had left over the side. No one would ever notice. The water was already filled with all sorts of human waste and pollution. Once he opened his eyes, the sight almost had him vomit a second time.

    Deep breaths helped with the nausea as he moved away, and arm over his stomach. Silas' body had actually pieced together quite nicely, with the exception of the numerous, faded scars down the right side of his face. His scalp had been shaved clean, and the only thing he could do about it was to wait and see if the hair grew back. Otherwise, he looked like a more or less, normal, human being. Who just so happened to be, more or less, naked.

    Clothes first, mission next.

    His mission was to collect the other Dwellers who were currently hiding within the human community. Then, they would gather the information and opinions they had. If more information was needed, they could spend another year where they were. If not, then they had to make a decision. Peace and diplomacy would be the preferred option, but if things ever got out of hand, the Dwellers were more than capable of putting at least a temporary stop to the pollution.

    Atlas wandered the white, pristine hallway of the Genetics wing, his black-tinted visor in place over his dilated eyes. He was looking for someone, someone in particular. A blue light in the left side of his headpiece would blink twice every several seconds. His tail twitched like that of a cat as he walked, partially to help keep his balance on horse-like hind legs, and partially out of agitation, his current situation had gone beyond annoying, and he was having problems.

    'Onyx!' He clicked, carrying a small whiteboard with the same word written across it in blue Expo marker. Onyx was the only one who understood even some of what he could say, and he had given him the whiteboard as a present. It was a present Atlas cherished and carried with him wherever he went, a few markers in his hospital gown pocket. No one had really ever invested in a pair of pants shaped for his particular legs. No one really needed to, since he was the only one. There had been one other, a few months ago, but she had died shortly after birth. Atlas didn't quite understand, but he was able to feel sad. He was the only horse-legged, pale-blue-skinned, cyborg freak in the whole facility. Atlas loved Onyx, but he was still different.

    Atlas was, in actuality, only three years old. The two men who had delivered him from an artificial womb had long since been gone, and he was left with Dr. Ryan Tinilis, the caretaker of his best friend Onyx, a fellow experiment.

    The blue light blinked another two times.
  3. Onyx was currently staring out a large window, viewing the blue scenery outside. Some fish flew by every now and then, followed by clusters of jellies, but otherwise it was peaceful and seemingly empty. His injuries from a past error in advancement had passed, and he was normal again save for his slight differences from normal people. He was lost in thought until his hearing picked up the distinct clicks of a close friend. It was Atlas, he knew that right off the bat. His head turned to the side, his vision exploring his surroundings until his eyes settled upon Atlas in the distance, with his trusty white board in hand. He waved to him quietly, wearing a small smile as he approached. "Hello, Atlas," he greeted once they were within speaking range. "How are you today?"
  4. Dr. Carol Nanzen stared at the computer screen, her eyes dancing. It was finally done. The uppers aught to be happy. Time for bed. She had just spent a week working on a report on the increasing jellyfish population. A project that really need two weeks for it to be done properly. Even though it was doubtful that anyone would read it outside the science branch, it had been interesting to write and might go toward a promotion. Hitting send Carol stood up and rubbed her blue eyes. Wobbling slightly she turned and headed back to her quarters, passing a window filled with jellyfish and jellyfish looking plastic bags. Turing a corner she heard voices coming from another passage, and stopped for a second wondering who it was, then moved on. These metal tunnels echoed so badly there was no clear way to tell where the sound was coming from, and the prospect of exploring was not pleasurable when she had a hard time focusing on walking in a straight line. It felt so good when she was finally laying down in her room. Her final thought was of the marvel of the current situation, living underwater, and she drifted off to sleep to dream of swimming with giant sea turtles.

    *Legs suck* was the principle thought in Araya's mind. Even though she had been working as an Arbitrator for two months now she was still adjusting. At least her body was in better shape then some of the others she had seen, but still she would much rather be outside swimming. The hot (at least to her) and stuffy tunnels and passages gave her a claustrophobic feeling; however, things where finally moving now. After weeks of working at a boring, low level job harvesting seaweed she was finally accepted for an internship in the environmental branch. A good first step seeing as she was suppose to be investigating them in the first place. The sooner that she could find actual evidence that humans where the evil landwalkers that all Dwellers knew they where, the sooner she could get away from this infernal metal contraption. Only the young Dwellers named the humans for what they where, polluting pigs. The older ones insistence on peace made her sick. It would be better for her family and the planet in general if they where all wiped out. Yet here she was helping to find a peaceful situation. *Not my choice* She had to get caught when the rest of her friends got away. Finally getting back to her room * This place was a maze* was a relief. Being able to stare out the window at her true home helped to ease some of the bitterness of her placement. Besides this promised to be a great adventure.
  5. 'Onyx!' Atlas clicked, long, powerful legs carrying him the rest of the way down the hall. Or, at least, most of he way down the hall. The light that had been blinking blue turned red when the experiment was a mere five to ten feet from his counterpart. Atlas stuttered for a moment before crumbling to the floor in a heap of spasms. His tail thrashed about, being a loose, flexible appendage that was uncontrollable during his characteristic seizures. Oddly-jointed, horse-like legs kicked and contracted through the spasms and his teeth chattered every now and then.

    The event only lasted half a minute, thirty seconds later Atlas laying still on the floor, recovering. He wiped his fist over the blue word he had written earlier, and pulled out a red marker. He didn't like red as much as blue.

    'Aggravated', he spelled out, sitting up and showing his friend. Epileptic-like seizures kept happening, perhaps three or four times a day, and Atlas was at the end of his fuse. He stood, clicking and snarling his annoyance, looking down at the board as he wrote more. 'Something is wrong with my head!'

    'Araya.' It was a telepathic voice, meant only for her. Silas was aware of the time of day -- or night -- but he still needed to contact each of the Arbitrators. 'My name is Silas. I need you to meet me at the basement level of the environmental branch's main building as soon as you can.'
  6. Onyx hurried over to try and help keep Atlas from hitting his head on the floor from his seizures, and his face showed both worry and pity. "I'm sorry, if I knew what to do, I would fix it myself," he told him, his eyes watching the blinking lights. His own lead tester, Ryan, was more for genetics than cybernetics, and he wasn't much help either. "I'll try to get Mister Ryan to switch projects for this week," he decided, knowing Ryan was one to focus on one thing at a time. However, he would need to persuade him to help Atlas, and such persuasion was unfavorable. He offered to help Atlas walk in case of another seizure, leading them both to Ryan's main lab.
  7. 'Great timing' thought Araya as she was clunking down the metal tunnels toward the basement. She was on the verge of falling asleep when she heard the telepathic voice, which had made her jump about a foot. It shouldn't have come as a surprise being that it was how Arbitrators communicated in a underwater environment that distorts sound, but it still was. This was the first contact she had since placement. Silent communication would come in handy, she decided, upon further reflection. 'Silas' She had heard that name before but where.... Of course! He was one of the old peace loving council members that made this research project in the first place. Her pace quickened slightly with the thought of meeting him. At least she knew where she was going. Yesterday, her first day as an intern, she was shown around the supply rooms and basement. Tomorrow ( well actually later today) she was going to be shown though the labs and such. Approaching the basement door she was not surprised to find it unlocked. Sending out a message of her own Araya asked " Won't it be suspicious if there are people down here in the middle of the night?"
  8. Behind Araya was the sound of approaching footsteps, two pairs which sounded different from one another. Passing the corridor, one of the individuals couldn't help but notice her. According to him, she seemed puzzled or confused, perhaps she got lost? "Excuse me, ma'am," the man said, one hand held to the other individual. "Are you lost? Are you new here?" he asked further, sincerely. It was Onyx, with his friend Atlas who dwarfed his humanoid friend. Depending on how strong the senses were for Arbitrators, she might pick up how Onyx wasn't human, or wasn't human in some aspects. Atlas was more obvious.
  9. 'I knew this would happen' thought Araya angrily 'Wandering around in the middle of the night in a isolated part of the complex is not specious at all!' For a moment she felt her defensive powers flare. Something was off about these two, they didn't feel like Arbitrators to her mental senses, but they didn't feel completely human either. Well one was obviously not human, given the tail. The normal looking one 'But still not a human' asked her if she was lost or new. With the truth not being an option it was time for a lie. "No, I'm not lost. I was in the store room yesterday and must have lost my necklace. It means a great deal to me. Knowing that it was down here among the flies and boxes and dust did not allow for a easy sleep, so I decided to come and get it. Thank you ever so for asking." Smiling sweetly she just hoped that they did not insist on helping to look for her "lost" necklace.
  10. "I see. If you fail to find your treasure, please let me know some other time," Onyx said, possibly to her relief. He looked ready to say something, but choked, the collar tightening to prevent breathing for several long seconds, and a sore/bruised neck. "Sorry for...interrupting you ma'am," he said hoarsely, gently taking Atlas' hand to hurry off. The collar would continue to choke him until he would return. Once they got back to Ryan's lab, he hurried to open the door, panting.

    "What took you so long?" Ryan grumbled, arms crossed. "I will increase the power if you do that again," he threatened, pulling him away from Atlas.

    "Mister Ryan, sir...I have a request," Onyx asked with hesitation, looking away when glared at by Ryan.

    "What is it?"

    "Atlas' mechanics are malfunctioning, badly. Please, I need you to fix it so he doesn't get anymore seizures."

    "And what is your offer in return?"

    "...Anything," Onyx sighed. Ryan nodded, looking thoughtful now at the offer.

    "Fine, Atlas comes first. I'll get to you later," he said, walking up to Atlas and gently guiding him to another lab. He made Atlas sit down in a large chair, restraints holding him in place lightly to keep him from falling off. "I will need to shut you down during the repairs. I think I should get you perfect in no time," Ryan mumbled, pulling over a mobile tray full of tools, wires, and so on to work with.
  11. Relief washed through Araya as the two not human not dwellers walked away. How they left seemed weird, forced even. Hmm? 'Let's add that to the fathom long list of things to check out'. Turning back to the unlocked door she entered. The room looked just like it had this morning file cabinets, storage lockers, and shelves of different supplies. What was different was the figure standing in the shadows on the other side of the room. Suddenly nervous, but determined not to show it Araya approached "Silas ?" she sent.
  12. 'No one is here, and no one other than you know of my presence,' Silas replied telepathically. On his side of things, everything was quiet and still, as he had known it would be. He had instructed the other Dwellers exactly where to place him in the human world. Obediently, they had entered the trajectory and had sent Silas' conscience in the human body to drift upwards, where the limp form had been sucked into the waterway system, and had eventually landed him where he was. Currently, he was leaning against the fence-like, grey wall that separated the dirty water from the rest of the room. The clothing he had found were inconspicuous for the compound he was in; a white lab coat, button-up shirt that hadn't been buttoned due to the lack of functionality of his fingers for the moment, and a plain-jane pair of jeans. Raiding a strangers laundry for something to wear had proved to be a very unique experience. Silas wasn't sure if he cared for it, for it was frustrating to find something that matched even remotely. Digging and sifting with hands Silas barely knew how to work had been challenging as well. Try not to think of how he was still bare-chested, with a large, exposed scar over the body's heart.

    The man who had previously occupied Silas' body had died a violent death. Rage was evident in the wounds which had been healed to scars.

    Some form of disturbance crossed Silas' thought process, something electric and jerky, and... Pity. He had been tempted to question Araya about her encounter that he had felt, but then the two beings had left. It was odd, but then, Silas didn't have so much personal experience with the human world.

    When Araya finally entered the basement room, he looked up and greeted her with an awkward, half smile. Motor functions were still being processed, and just like his fingers, the more fine and specialized muscles in his face were beyond his current level of control.

    'Yes, Araya, I am Silas. Forgive me that I do not physically speak to you. I arrived a short time ago, and this body and it's functions are still unfamiliar.' He didn't move past tilting his head up to look at her and acknowledge her presence.

    Behind the black-tinted visor that shielded him from what would be blinding light, Atlas' eyes were never disapproving towards Onyx. He looked up to the smaller creature as an older brother. It had been that way ever since he had first met the more human-looking experiment. Onyx could do just about anything he wanted, and Atlas thought he would never oppose him. So, there was no fuss when Onyx came to assist him while he seized on the hallway floor.

    When he was finally able to stand again, Atlas made sure to pick up his white board and Expo marker before letting Onyx lead him away towards the labs. Strangely, the basement really was on the way. At least, the way the two of them preferred to travel. While Onyx could never be disapproved of, most other humans would never be considered so highly in Atlas' book.

    Speaking of humans, Atlas smelled Araya long before he actually saw her. To his senses, she was human. She smelled human. She looked human. She sounded human. He clung to Onyx's arm like a small child would when they came upon the woman. It was a strange sight though, the way the tall, obviously not-human clung to his counterpart. His tail twitched like that of an irritated cat, the same way it had before, and his lips turned down in a frown. He had never seen this person before.

    Words were exchanged for a few moments, and then Onyx tensed, his collar tightening. Atlas had been spared from a similar device. It had to do with the way his body worked in cooperation with the cybernetics. Such choking would have caused major problems, and Atlas would likely seize two or three times as he had been recently. It became urgent that they return to the lab, so Atlas' followed obediently, though he did throw a last glance over his shoulder to the strange woman, his tail flicking and his horse legs pumping as he walked, the pads of his paws plodding over the cold flooring.

    Now, Ryan was one particular human being who Atlas quite possibly hated. He had none of the gentleness of Atlas' 'father', the man who had delivered him from the artificial womb, and none of the patience or understanding of the man, Max, who had replaced the father. Max had moved on, and had left Atlas to Ryan. Atlas disapproved of Ryan very much, though such an opinion stemmed mostly from how Onyx was treated.

    More words were exchanged, this time between Onyx and his caretaker abuser. Atlas understood the exchange, but knew better than to open his mouth and clack and sneer his opposition.

    Atlas' jaws itched when he was led - gently - to the separate lab. He still kept his mouth shut, even as he was sat down and restrained. Max had barely ever restrained him.

    I will need to shut you down... While Atlas couldn't speak English, he understood it almost perfectly. Those English words did not set well with him. Atlas finally opened his mouth, his jaws itching as he barred fangs and sneered, clicking his tongue in protest. 'I don't want to be off! Don't turn me off!'
  13. "Try to relax, it's just so that you won't feel any changes that might upset you," Ryan explained. "By shutting you down, I mean put you to sleep. You'll wake up all fixed, and no pain. I'm not going to change anything except repair the damage," Ryan reasoned, patting Atlas on the shoulder. "However, if you are really willing to suffer through it, I'll do it while you're awake." He was strangely kind to Atlas today, but that was perhaps he focused his rage on Onyx for now.
  14. "So" Araya pondered, " Is there a reason for this wonderfully early morning date"? She had noticed his body functions were not yet under his control. That was to be understood if he was newly arrived. Those skills took time to master. Still she could not help but feel a sense of awe before him. When she recognized the awed feeling she stifled it, not wanting to seem eager. As students, all young dwellers took a class about the human invasion, arrival and then the council that had been appointed to deal with it. Silas had been one of the dwellers appointed specifically to handle the Arbitrators. For the young-en's it was like meeting a legend. The fact that they had sent him to the human compound meant that things really where getting bad. But, that was not the only reason to be awed. His current body was not in the best of conditions, as evident by the scars whipping across his body. Most noticeable was a large puffy looking scar over his heart. Properly drifted bodies tended to be in good shape as seen to by the medical examiner. This body being in poor shape had a scent of foul play.
  15. Daggers. If Atlas' eyes would have been uncovered, he would have been glaring dagger into Ryan. His tail continued to twitch, his lips turned down in a deep frown.

    'Where's Onyx? I want Onyx here! You better not hurt him!' He chattered, tugging on his restraints. He really didn't feel like cooperating right at the moment.

    And foul play it had been. But, such things were of unimportance for the moment.

    'We need to collect the information that other Arbitrators have gathered, and keep track of it all. If we're going to make a decision, it needs to be well informed.' Silas narrowed his gaze, indicating severity. 'And fair, no matter what you young ones may want or believe.'

    Slowly, carefully, Silas pushed off the section of wall/dam to stand on his own before hobbling up to Araya. A shaking hand was placed on her shoulder and he made eye contact. 'War is not the answer. If we can avoid the unnecessary deaths of any life form, it will be worth it, young Araya.'
  16. Ryan could not understand poor Atlas, and sighed before turning him off, thus sedating him. He went to work on the faulty wiring, getting better wires and metal to fix the damages and loose ends. It would be an hour or two before he got it all done, the lights showing good results of his work as he closed up the panels and wires. His last step was to turn Atlas back on, putting the other tools away while Atlas would regain consciousness.
  17. "So what does gathering information form other Arbitrators have to do with me? I'm was only to gather information from the environmental branch." She ignored his jibe about peace. The old ones were stuck in their ways and couldn't see that swift action needed to be taken to prevent anymore aquatic life from being lost. She realized that humans were life forms too, but COME ON. They are suppose to be intelligent. Can't they see what they are doing? Araya , ready to tell him these thoughts as well, took into account his gaze which seemed to mean at this time he wasn't interested in her political views. Instead she glared back and waited for a response.
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