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  1. Name: Louisa
    Age: 19
    Place of Birth: Cenaria
    Affiliation: Blue Maja/Rat Guild
    Appearance: Quite thin because she has to scavenge for food, her hair is ratted most of the time, her clothes are usually filthy, and she has dirt that covers most of her body. She is 5' 11'' tall. She goes barefoot due to a lack of shoes.
    Personality: She is quiet at times, enjoys hiding in the shadows, also enjoys to watch people suffer. She can be stubborn and rebellious as well.
    Weapons: Twin daggers, one on each hip
    Bio: Louisa became orphaned at the age of eight years old. The Rat Guild took her in when she was ten. They taught her how to take care of herself. When she turned 10, they taught her how to fight. When she was twelve, she started beating people that owed the guild money. She began enjoying it. When she turned 14, she discovered that she has some sort of magic. She was not sure what it was or how to effectively use it. Currently, she is still searching for answers on what was happening to her.

    Louisa waited until the moon was high in the sky before roaming the streets. Her stomach ached with hunger, so that was the first matter to take care of. She slouched down in the shadows, hiding herself from the various guards, and other people walking about. The kitchen at the Inn was closed down by now, so sneaking in would be quite easy. She tiptoed quietly through the streets until she came to the rear entrance of the inn. All sorts of wonderful smells came from inside. Her mouth began to water.

    Right before she attempted to enter the kitchen, a guard started heading in her direction. She scowled, while hiding behind a corner. The guard remained longer than was usually necessary, and her patience was waring thin. This is when the headache started. She grabbed her head with her hands, dropping to her knees from the pain. The pain was too much to bare, but the pain eventually went away. She looked up finding a key laying on the edge of the windowsill. She gave a half smile as she stood, grabbing the key suspiciously. She would sneak over the the front of the Inn, looking around but no one was there. With confusion and puzzlement, she went back to the kitchen entrance. The guard had moved on by then. She tried the door, which was locked. She looked back at the key, tried it on the door, and it opened. "This is quite unusual." With the door opened, she entered carefully, drawing both daggers waiting for a trap. There was none. The kitchen was empty as far as she could tell. She hurried to the cupboards, grabbing whatever food she could. She planted some sort of bread in her mouth, crumbs falling to the floor. She was so very hungry and despite her better judgement, decided to eat the whole piece of bread before moving on. There was money to collect, and she did not want to be late.
  2. Name: Rieker
    Age: 25
    Place of Birth: Khalidor
    Affiliation: Sa'Kage/Wetboy
    Appearance: Rieker is tall and well muscled due to his training. He is built more for stealth and speed, so he isn't bulky. He tends to always wear his greys, though he may wear something over top of it in most cases. His hair is a dusty brown color, kept cut short. His eyes as a bright sea-green.
    Personality: Rieker is considered by many to be very distant. It's not true. He actually has a good sense of humor and likes to mess with people. When he is working or dealing with the Sa'Kage he is much more serious, hardly talking to anyone unless he has to.
    Weapons: Main weapons include a short spear, swords, and throwing knives. But is a master of several other types.
    Bio: Rieker was born in Khalidor, but as he grew older he became disturbed by the way Khalidor treated others, though some of that had rubbed off on him. He left, traveling south to find a place he belongs. When he eventually reaches Ceneria he became an apprentice to a wetboy. Now he is fairly accomplished as a wetboy, having an aura about himself as well by now.


    The Inn that Louisa was breaking into, happened to just be a front for a wetboy's hideout. He didn't mind owning an Inn, under a different name of course, it helped bring money in to him. Rieker happened to be at the Inn, following the guild rat that had struck him as odd. He could sense her Talent, though it seemed to him as if she hadn't been able to use it much. As she came into the kitchen Rieker was standing in the corner, shadows wrapped around his body to hide him more effectively.

    As she sat down to eat the loaf of bread Rieker reached out with his Talent, closing the door to the kitchen and locking it. "You're quick, and careful." His voice seemed to come from different area's of the kitchen with each word. Throwing his voice was a talent Rieker had worked on for several months before he finally got good enough that he would use it. "I think I could use you. What do you know of a man named Rieker?"
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  3. Louisa jumped out of the chair when she saw the door closed, and heard it lock. Both daggers were drawn and ready to be used for a fight. The bread she was enjoying so much fell to the floor. She looked around to try to find out where that voice was coming from. Was she hearing things? No, someone was speaking to her but where was the owner of that voice? She stepped up onto a chair, then onto the table, turning cautiously about. Items that were on the table began falling over but she kept her eyes focused on her surroundings. It was a trap! That key should have been a give away. When she still could not identify where the voice was coming from, she called out, "Are you too afraid to show yourself? If you want help killing this Rieker, it is going to cost you." She never really heard of anyone called Reiker, as far as she could recall. She started to imagine how much she could get, and how much food that would get her. "Reveal yourself, coward!"
  4. "You're a brave one." Rieker's voice seemed to come from right behind Louisa. A tiny needle thrown into her arm gave further credence that he was directly beside her. "So brave, standing on the high ground with your knives, yelling at the wind." Rieker steps into the light, the shadows around him seeming to fall away like mist. It was a good bit of work with the Talent, though it had been difficult to learn to make it happen.

    "I am Rieker. You can put those knives away, I'm not going to hurt you. Even if you are stealing food from me." He cross his arms, his bright sea-green eyes holding an odd hint of humor in them. "Sit down and eat Rat. I think I can help you, if you want to be an apprentice. You're a little old for it, but the potential is there for you to be great." He sits in a chair by the table picking up a tankard of ale and sipping it.
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  5. Louisa dropped one of her daggers while grabbing her arm. What was that? A trickle of blood fell from where the needle stuck out of her skin. "What was that for?" She wanted to strangle him until she actually saw him. Those green eyes sparkling with a bit of humor distracted her while he spoke. She wiped off the bit of blood with her hand before picking up the dropped dagger, putting them into the sheaths. She jumped off of the table when he sat down. She still was not sure about what was going on. Did he offer to help her? Why would he want to do that? It must be the fact that she was a female. In that case, he could forget it! The offer for food was too tempting, though. She sat cautiously and a bit further back from the table to where she could just reach the food. She wanted to be able to react in case he did do something. People can make promises, but that didn't mean that she would trust them.

    "What do you want from me?" Her voice was a bit aggressive, more aggressive than she wanted it to be. She grabbed a bit more bread, quickly placing it in her mouth. Her table manners were a bit more than to be desired. She chewed with her mouth open, wiped her mouth with her shirt, and spat out a seed that was in the bread to the floor.
  6. Rieker kicks his feet up onto the table, watching Louisa dance around for a bit. Once she had settled down, her anger evident in the way she carried herself, he closed his eyes for a moment. He lets her fume, her question about what he wanted left hanging in the air. "What I want is simple. You have potential. You have the Talent. I want to train you to use it, like I do. To become a wetboy. How does that sound?"

    Rieker drops his feet to the ground, placing his hands on the table. His eyes lost all trace of humor, the dimness of the kitchen not doing anything to darken his bright eyes. "If you don't like it, fine. I'll send you back on the street to starve. If you do join me, then you won't be going hungry again." He drums his fingers on the table, the motion seeming to be more related to a need to move than a nervous tic. "You can take time to think about it."
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  7. Louisa sighed heavily, her shoulders slumped down. She kept peering at the door, knowing that if she continued living like this, she would end up starving to death. Who would care if there was a dead "Rat" in the streets? She attempted to avoid eye contact at all costs, his eyes seemed scary. What sort of potential could he see in her? Weren't the Wetboys some sort of magic wielders? What about the Rat Guild? They would be furious if they found out she abandoned them. Wouldn't they come after her? They would kill her for such betrayal. They were the only family she really had. Then again, to not go hungry would not be so bad.

    She had so many thoughts swarming through her mind. This person that she does not even know is promising to help her without mentioning a price. The opposite, by stating she would not go hungry again. Now, the swarm of emotions of fear and excitement started to become overwhelming. Then, there was that drumming of the fingers on the table. It made her feel as if she needed to come to a decision, quickly. She looked at the man with lost eyes, a look of indecision, and helplessness. If this man wanted, she knew he could do her harm. "I really do not know what to do." This was quite unusual, she always had known what decision to make. Now, she questioned herself. That was the scariest part.
  8. Rieker watched Louisa's body language rapidly change as she thought. He was pretty sure what her mind was going through, but it was only a guess on his part. Best to keep up the illusion of incredible powers by making guesses. He sits back, kicking his feet up onto the table in boredom. His shift in position causes his eyes to regain their humor. "Let me guess. You're worried about the Guild. How they'll treat you when they find out. You really think I'm scared of starving kids with rusty pieces of metal the try to call daggers?"

    Rieker shakes his head, examining Louisa. "I don't plan to kill you, even if you do refuse. I left that key out as a challenge. Paid the guard to spend extra time on this street. I wanted to see how resourceful you were. You didn't try to sneak in. You took the easiest route. Sometimes that's the best choice." He shrugs. "You didn't think that the food laying around could have been poisoned. And you didn't piss yourself when a single voice seemed to be coming from everywhere. So either you have an iron bladder, or you've got guts kid. Either way you have the Talent. You just haven't learned how to use it."
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  9. Louisa seemed to relax a bit more, not sensing any real threat. She started believing that she was in no immediate danger. She glanced at the key she had used to get in for a bit. Then, she placed it on the table, sliding it towards the man on the opposite side of her. She quickly brought her hand back, though. She did not fully trust him. Her eyes remained on his again. There was something about him, the way his eyes change, the way he spoke that just told her that no harm would come to her but she had to keep her guard up. There was also the way he knew what she was thinking. How did he know? However, she was grateful, he seemed to have taken quite a bit of care just to meet her, or test her.

    For a few long moments, she stared at him. Not in anger, but in curiosity. This was the first person she had contact with her that did not try to bully her, or use her. Those eyes, she almost smiled in spite of herself but better not to lead him on just yet. Now, it was time for questions. If she was going to get into something, she needed to know the information.

    "What is your name? What is this Talent that you keep referring to? What would I be expected to do as an apprentice? Can you assure me that the Rat Guild will not kill me? How long have you been watching me? What were you speaking of when you said I had potential?" She moved her hair behind her ear, twirling it with her fingers. She did this as a calming method at times. "I am sorry for all of these questions but I just want to know what I am dealing with."
  10. Rieker listened to Louisa, the humor never leaving his eyes. Her questions were expected, but he was still slightly surprised. Most guild rats knew of wetboys, at least a little bit. If she was serious in all of her questions, then she must have avoided rumors somehow. That was interesting. How had she managed it?

    He took a closer look at her, trying to guess her age through the filth and ragged clothing. His best guess was anywhere between 16 and 22. Old for a guild rat. Normally a girl would have done something to get away from the guild, be it whoring or finding a slightly less demeaning job. He shrugged to himself, his eyes never leaving her. It wasn't a major problem, the Rat Guild was an oddity, even among the guilds.

    "I told you my name. It's Rieker." Rieker holds up a hand, a small flame appearing in his palm. He had no Talent in fire, but illusion was good enough. "Talent is the ability to make something that isn't. Most people call it magic. Mages, Maja, and Vurdmeisters all use some form of it or another. The most deadly users though are wetboys. What I am, what you'll be." The flame disappears as Rieker starts to roll a small dagger along the back of his knuckles. Unlike the flame the dagger was real, catching what little light was in the room.

    "The Rat Guild won't kill you, because even the dumbest kid won't attack a wetboy. You do know of wetboys, right? What you would do as an apprentice is whatever I say. You'd learn to kill, to act, to plan, to be more than yourself." He stands up, the dagger disappearing as he walks to the stove. He lights the wood inside of the stove, giving them more light and some warmth. "The rest of your questions will be answered in due time."
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  11. Louisa watched Rieker closely and when he rose to go light the fire, she did as well. Perhaps it was the fear of members of the Rat Guild trying to get in to do them harm? Maybe it was that after all of these years of searching for someone to speak to about what was happening with her? Perhaps it was the need of being near someone friendly? Whatever the case was, she sat on the floor near the stove bringing her knees to her chest. The warmth of the fire added to the need of security. The flames that he summoned to his palm was amazing. That made her feel safe, too. Everything in her mind, all of the questions, all of the doubts, became so overwhelming that just started speaking.

    "My name is Louisa. I was orphaned at a young age. The Rat Guild took me in, teaching me how to steal food, money, anything really that would keep me alive. They taught me how to fight a bit later than that. I had a good friend back then. Her and I never left each others side. She was my best friend, the one person I trusted. We were working together trying to gather food one evening. There was this man, he was huge, well to me at the time. He grabbed my friend and started dragging her away by the hair. I did everything I could..." She stopped speaking for a few moments, allowing the fire to warm her. "She knew something was happening to me. The other guild members knew it, too and started keeping their distance from me. I was only told what to do. I kept trying to find her but it never happened. I never saw that man again, either. She sighed, It got to the point that the rats expected me to know what to do and who to visit. My changes were too scary for them? Each daybreak, I put the coin on the table, sleep until nightfall, and go out to do it over again. When it comes to the term wetboy, I really can not say that I have heard of them. I have heard slight whispers of magi with the power to kill someone in a split second. To be honest, I really had no reason to pay attention. She shrugged I was too occupied finding my friend, and the man I wanted to kill for taking her away. I have been alone since, feeling changes in me, getting bad headaches in some occasions. Such as when the guard stood there longer. I have been having dreams of making things out of nothing but not knowing how."

    She stopped speaking then, keeping her eyes on the floor now. Her hair, as matted as it was, veiling her face trying to hide her tears.
  12. Rieker had stayed standing by the fireplace as Louisa began talking. He had a soft spot for kids, even going so far as to drop coins for younger guild rats so they could pay dues or buy something to eat. Hearing about her troubles caused a great deal of pain in him, and a fair bit of anger. Just the description already had a man in mind. He walks to sit down beside her, pulling his knees to his chest in an imitation of her posture.

    He notices her tears when she is done. He tears off a bit of his sleeve, holding it out to her so she can clean her face. "Have you ever noticed that on bright days you seem to move a little faster, or feel healthier? You're drawn to flames, you feel better when you're close to warmth." He taps his chin thinking. "It's because of our Talent. Light and heat refill the well that is inside of us. Once that is empty, we can't be at our best. Sometimes it can cause headaches or sickness."

    Rieker closes his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. "The man who took your friend. He was tall and stocky, leaning toward fat. Had a scar over one of his eyes? Black hair?" He shakes his head slightly. "If you apprentice to me, you'll be able to kill him, eventually. If it's not the person I think, your job will be to find him. I can promise you that."
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  13. Louisa shyly took the rag torn from his shirt. She cleaned her face and noticed how much dirt lifted off of her skin. She grimaced at that. She used her hands to replace the dirt that was lifted. "I love flames. Another reason why I love being out at night. Sitting by the fire now makes me feel better." Everything within her wanted to reach out and hug this man for his kindness. She kept herself from doing that. It wasn't just because of a trust issue, she knew how dirty she was and did not want to smear it on his fine clothes.

    After he described the man, she gasped with wide eyes, "That's him!"
  14. "Victor Sovari." Rieker shakes his head slightly, tossing another log onto the fire. He takes a deep breath and his feature shift to take on the appearance of the man. He turns to look at Louisa and the illusion shatters like glass, leaving his normal face. "Not a nice man. Sa'kage has been trying to track him for years and haven't been able to get a knife close enough. They refuse to send a wetboy after him though, says it's too much hassle."

    Rieker stands up, holding out a hand to Louisa. "But that's a worry for another day. Right now you need to clean up and I have to teach you to use your Talent. Normally an apprentice is taken at a younger age, but I'm making an exception for you." He tilts his head, his eyes catching the light of the fire. "But if you come with me, you give up everything from your previous life. As far as anyone knows, you're dead. You'll even take a new name."
  15. Anger filled her face when she saw that illusion but a hint of delight gleamed in her eyes. She imagined what sort of pain she would place on that man. To hear screams for mercy from endless torture would be sweet to her ears. She vowed to herself that after she was trained to use her Talent, she would go after that man. That debt would be paid no matter what the cost.

    When he offered her his hand, she hesitated for a moment, then took it while smiling weakly. She stood on her feet but neglected to release his hand. "I am ready to do whatever it takes to learn to use my talent." She said this boldly, and with determination in her eyes.
  16. Rieker nods and walks to the door to the cellar of the Inn. He opens it and motions for her to go in. "I live here. It's one of my main safe houses. This will be the best place to train you as well. You'll eventually learn most of my safe houses and how to get to them without dying." Once she passes him he heads downstairs, lighting torches as he goes.

    When they had gone a decent way underground the torches reveal a spacious living area with multiple rooms branching off. He points to one of the closed doors. "You'll live in there. Take a day or two to rest and clean yourself up. Don't eat or drink anything in here because most of it can kill you." He looks around, frowning a bit. "All of the staff are on my payroll to avoid this place, Talent keeps it hidden as well. I'll have clothes that fit you and the person you are going to become in a day."
  17. She releases his hand, opening the door. It was so overwhelming. She had never had a room to herself like this before. She smiled brightly as she took a look around. She turned to him, "This is so wonderful! Thank you so much!" It was official now, she would be a wetboy. She would find the man that took her friend, she would be get her revenge, and be able to help weaker people, too. She didn't care if she had to change her name or be dead to the world. No one would even really notice she was gone.
  18. One Year Later
    Rieker watched Lunita finish some of her forms. His arms were crossed over his chest, and though his expression was serious there was a glint of humor in his eyes. "Very good Lunita. You've learned quickly over the year. I knew you had potential, but I never expected you to be so natural at everything." He tosses a towel to her and then walks to a desk he has set up.

    "You have one final task before I acknowledge you as a full wetboy in front of the Shinga and you have to take the oaths." Rieker turns to watch Lunita, wanting to judge her reaction. "Your task is to find, and kill, Victor Sovari. It cannot be known that an apprentice wetboy did it. It cannot be done in public. It must look like someone murdered him." He holds out a scroll to Lunita. "This is your final test, your first mission. Complete this and you will be your own master. Fail, and you will most like die."
  19. Lunita smiled brightly, all of the hard work and determination paid off. She took the scroll reading over it while hopping on top of his desk. Amusement plaid in her eyes. She enjoyed causing a bit of mischief for Reiker. She made sure not to knock anything over. She learned how that was a mistake a while back. She used her talent to make the scroll vanish. She then folded her arms mirroring his expression, "I have to go alone?" While going alone suited her just fine as it was time for some pay back, being around Rieker made her feel safer, stronger, faster. Could she manage this by herself. Lunita sighed but kept a playful look. "Are you truly saying that you trust me out there by myself? I may end up causing some sort of trouble."
  20. Rieker watches Lunita as she reads the scroll. He had grown used to her antics and casual flirting actions. It didn't bother him too much. "Yes. You have to go alone. That's not to say I won't be watching, I just won't help. Unless you are really messing things up." He turns and walks back across the room. He turns back, pacing. "You're my first apprentice. So this is just as important to me as it is to you. The culmination of my training you and how well you learned."

    Rieker stops and looks at Lunita. "It's not just a test for your skills. It's a test of how well you control yourself. Can you keep your emotions out of it? Can you do the deed no matter what you see? Can you figure out a way to perform the task according to the parameters?"
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