The Apocalypse

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  1. Ev'r moved quietly through the streets of the underground city in California, her booted feet making little noise on the rooftops. The city was crowded and cramped, but it still had forests and meadows like any normal place. She checked her location, then altered her course just in the slightest, thankful that what passed for "night" here- a dark black sky- could help conceal her, but day would start soon and people would be up and moving. She rubbed the strands of her tattoo and bit her lip. Ev'r grinned finally as she slipped in through a window and moved to the safe on cat feet. She was a thief, there was no denying it. She liked fighting, but at the moment she was a man, or rather a girl, on a mission and she had to move quick. She broke the combination in record time and snatched the small object out of of the safe, exiting through the window and running across the rooftops before flipping down to land, catlike, one hand splayed, on the pavement. She felt like laughing out loud. She had just robbed the richest member of the second inner ring. Mind you, it was for a client, but still...

    She stood and stretched, her eyes taking in every little detail of her surroundings. Ev'r was in the inner ring of the city, where the wealthy lived. The city itself had no name, and was divided into sections. There was the shantytowns on the outskirts, which was where most of the 1 million people lived. The rebels, the drug addicts, the drunks... The outer ring was after that, where the middle-class people lived- merchants and manufacturers for the most part. The market district followed the outer ring, and it was a place where no one, or very few people lived but it hosted the shops, the factories and all of the rest of the businesses in the city, and the public services. Fire stations, police stations and hospitals were crammed in with auto repair shops and other small businesses. Then there were the three inner rings. She was in the second right now. The outer section of the inner rings was home to the company managers and CEO's, the people who were important but not grossly wealthy. The second section was home to the owners of said companies and the minor government members. The final inner ring, the smallest, contained the President's home, all the major government members, and was the home of the insanely wealthy. Ev'r herself was one of the few who lived in the market district, in a flat above her forge, where she made all sorts of things, from weapons to doorknobs.
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    Bill was a squatter down in Underground LA. The place was pretty vast for what it was, though really he wasn't that impressed with the size or the enviroment. Granted, this was good living anymore, even for him as a squatter living in a shack out in the outskirts. He could occasionally get ahold of some cash when he freelanced with the rebels or helped out some of the mechanics or other contractors that were living there. If nothing else, they would give him food and keep quiet about where he was living.

    Work was still scarce around here while the place was getting organized for all the newcomers that came down here for refuge during the nuclear war Above. Bill was one of those refugees, and was one that was still unlisted. Because of this, most of his days saw Bill moving through town avoiding the officials just to keep from staying in one place and to get out of his shack.
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    Ev'r reached the market district, where her home was quickly enough, and unlocked the door, shutting it behind her after she stepped in. The air was still warm, dry and slightly stuffy from last night, when she had been finishing a set of daggers for a customer. She checked the metal she had left on the bed of coals, which gently pulsed and throbbed with a dim orange-red light, and found that it was now pliable enough to be molded. She grinned and went to work, the clanging of the hammer clearly audible as she folded and shaped the metal into a sword blade. She paused when there was soft knock on the door and laid the blade down, careful to keep it away from anything flammable as it was still red-hot, and strode over to the door, opening it and pulling out the item she had retrieved earlier. A small man stepped into the shop and Ev'r bowed, greeting him in the Irish tongue. He smiled and replied in kind and she handed him the item, then shooed him out and went back to working on the blade, shaking her head. Men!
  4. Allayne sat crouched on a ridge just above the entrance to the underground city. Well, in her mind, the city was more like cage. Granted, the outside world wasn't pleasant either, but she found it easier to breath even though the sky was never brighter than a light gray and the ground only had remnants of what was once grass.

    Most people would question her sanity for being out in the wasteland since too many people were scared to come out of the city once they arrived. The answer is See, Allayne is much like a guard. Why would an underground city need guards? Because even people aren't sage underground. Did anything ever really threaten the city? Of course! Every so often there was a mutant of some sort; a poor soul that had been tortured by the radiation. These people only barely resembled their former selves. And what was so dangerous about them? Oh, nothing really.They just dismembered whoever they caught after using them for unmentionable acts. What they did after the body was dismembered? No one really knew. Because the ones who managed to get away... got away so they didn't have any extra facts to add.

    Groaning softly, she fell back on her butt, stretched her legs out in front of her and laid her ice pick across her lap. Pretty soon, she would be able to leave her post, go back in the city and have money shoved in her hand only to do the same thing over again the next day. But who was she to complain? At least she had a job, was still alive and... that was really it.

    “Home sweet home,” she whispered, glancing around her gloomy shack. Actually, it wasn't too bad of a shack for being in the outskirts! That was probably attributed to the money she brought in regularly and , in all reality, she could probably have moved into a real building, but she didn't want to be constrained by the classes that were in each ring of the city. Of course, the outskirts had the most people, and it contained the most unsavory of character. There have been many a night where she has had to fight off some criminal or drunk. It kept her on her toes! That was for sure.


    It has just occurred to the young woman that she was rather hungry. The last time she ate was just before her shift and technically, a few pieces of dried fruit didn't count for much of a meal. With that, she set off to the market district, hoping to find something substantial and something to fill her almost empty cabinets up with.

    Hmmm... green beans. She picked up a bag from a vendor, dropped some many in the man's hand then walked off. I haven't had quality bread in awhile. Allayne stopped in front of the baker's. It wouldn't hurt to splurge some right? Get a nice loaf of bread with some butter? I have a pretty decent ice box to keep things from spoiling.It didn't take long for her to make up her mind and set her course for butter after nabbing herself some bread.