The Apocalypse is Over-rated.

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  1. My job sucks.


    What is this, a Mad Max movie?

    Yesterday I was driving a department-issued Crown Victoria and handing out tickets for littering. I was a good deputy. I really was. I was the nicest, most-helpful deputy this side of Yellowstone National Forest. Sure, we'd all heard the rumors and the news reports. Cannibalism in China. Civil strife in Kenya after plague. Russia threatens to execute those who are ill. All sorts of insane stuff. You know, straight-up out of a Mad Max film. We all ignored it. After all, this is Wyoming.

    Nothing happens in Wyoming.

    We had some warning. Apparently it was getting bad in the cities. Neighbors attacking neighbors. People were really going nuts. The biggest city we had to worry about? Maybe Cheyenne to the south and Boise to the north. Otherwise, we were good. Crow County was a long way off from anything. You could drive two hundred miles in either direction and not see much. I was on patrol when the radio went off. A low, rolling tone followed by a hollow, electronic voice. It warned of a biological hazard in the United States. Martial Law. An insane plan to paralyze the United States in order to contain it.

    In less than thirty minutes, some satellite was going to blast the northern hemisphere with some sort of electromagnetic whatever-it-was. The message was simple: go home and stay home.


    The pulse has come and gone. The Crown Victoria's sitting out on my front lawn. It won't turn over anymore. I've got to get this old Falcon running.


    What the Hell is all this about?

    I'm looking for a post-apocalyptic roleplay taking place in fictional Crow County in northern Wyoming. Set on the day that the undead begin to rise in the United States, which is compounded by a government plan to prevent humanity from spreading it to the countryside: by destroying modern technology with an electro-magnetic pulse.

    The start of this roleplay would feature more character building and aspects of survival and less zombies shambling around the streets and dirt roads of Crow County. After all, they're a long way from anything.

    Who would I play?!

    Someone useful, hopefully. At this time, I'm only looking for females.

    Well, what are you looking for in a partner?

    Someone with a strong grasp of the English language. Someone who wants to build a fictional world with me. Do you like being surprised by your partner? Do you like surprising your partner? You'll be a good match for me. I don't require you to post daily and I don't require you to give me a reason as to why your posts may be delayed. We all have lives. We're all adults. Let's not take ourselves too seriously.

    Well, what now?

    If the above is the cat's pajamas for you, send me a PM.
Thread Status:
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