The apocalypse has begun

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  1. Story:
    In the beggining of an apocalypse two kids both the age of 7 were playing video games at home while their parents were out shopping. Thomas and Carter heard a loud pop and a long rumble that knocked things off the walls. They were in the kitchen getting something to eat when this happened, they called their mother, their father pick up, "Boys! Pack everything up now we need to g- *your call has been disconnected*" They looked at the phone, "Was that mom that said that?" asked Thomas. Carter just shrugged and said "I wanna play Mario!" Thomas looked at him smiling, "Whoever get there first gets the clear controller." They bother sprinted for the steps knocking eachother over. The police bursted through the door with gas masks on, they boys stared at thim, "cool" Thomas said. The cops grabbed the boys and put masks on their faces, "stop! noooo!" they both cried out. The cops carried them out and into a van full of other people with masks on. "Okay listen up! A nuclear bomb has been dropped on the western side of New York, the radiation is spreading quickly, we do not know who dropped this bomb or why it was dropped, but we will all be okay, as long as the mask stays on!" Thomas and Carter couldn't stop crying. They got unloaded at an inclosed base with lots of food and drinks being uloaded from other trucks.

    1. If you join me please stay active
    2. The other person who joins is Carter
    3. Have fun, please
    4. Don't get stupid
    5. This is set in 2014 so no hover crafts or anything unrealistic
    6. Have fun
    7. Rules 3 and 6 are important
    8. Rule 7 must be followed

    You can make Carter how you want to, all you know right now is that he likes Mario, I did that purposly so you can make him however you want.
  2. This sounds cool, I'd like to join