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    Room C-16 is home to a few kids just trying to get by in life, but that doesn't mean they're not willing to open their door for those who need it.


    + Welcome +

    Hey Everyone! It's Vio here again with a brand new role-play idea. Compared to my previous role-plays, I plan for this one to be on a much smaller scale. There will be a limit to how many people join, because I want a smaller role-play group that will be easier to manage. There will also be a character limit, but I don't really expect people to take on more than one character. This is going to be a relaxing role-play in most of its aspects. The idea above is a work in progress, and I am looking for players that are willing to work with me on the concept and the plot. What I list below will be expectations, and some ideas.


    + Ideas +

    These are some of the ideas that I have so far. For a setting I was thinking of using a place from one of my dead role-plays. Its a city on the west coast of the United States called Biddeford. I already have a map of it that you can see here.

    I was also thinking about making this a modern fantasy role-play, but I want an even amount of supernatural creatures and humans. If we did go the modern fantasy route we would have to decide on whether the supernaturals were "out" to the public or still keeping themselves a secret. We would also have to talk about what kind of supernatural creatures should be allowed in the rp. If we were to exclude the fantasy aspect of the rp, then I believe this rp would fall under Modern Role-play/Slice of Life/Drama. Though all of that is debatable, if you guys wanted to turn it into a mystery then we can do that. We could even make it Sci-fi.

    Basically what I have in terms of details regarding the role-play so far is that it's about a group of friends that rented out a large condo and turned it into a safe haven of sorts. Its a place where people go to get away from their problems, and possibly make new friends. I wanted the rp to be centered around the several different types of relationships, making connections,and the changes people go through in life. It focuses on a small community with in a much larger community, like the LGBT community. I plan on there being LGBT themes in this role-play, but it's not going to focus on just that. It's just part of it.

    Anyways, that's all I have so far on this! If you're interested and have any ideas please let me know in the comments!


    + Expectations +

    1) Dedicated players would be nice, but this role-play has been created in a way that if people were inactive or dropped out then it would not really affect the story as a whole.

    2) I'm not looking for long winded posts. This role-play is supposed to be relaxing and fluid. Single paragraph posts are fine. Quality over quantity here!

    3) I don't tolerate drama and people that don't really know how to be mature with others in the OOC. Try to be nice to each other, if you find you have a problem with someone or something message me about it please!

    4) This role-play is going to center on the different types of relationships that people can share, making connections, and the changes of life. Nothing in life is set and stone, so I expect the same in this role-play. Try to refrain from making official couples (or official anything) before the role-play even starts. I highly encourage that my players plan plot bunnies with everyone and that everyone gets a chance at making connections with each other in the IC.

    5) The player limit is eight, I want a small easy to manage group of people. Character limit would be two characters, but I don't expect people to have two characters.

    6) Have fun of course!


    The over view will be updated after we work with the themes and concepts of the role-play. Below is the character skeleton. You do not have to use this specific character skeleton, but try to keep all the important bits in there. My character skeleton will look different from the one below. In regards to images, please use original artwork. If you need help finding images for your characters please let me know. I will be happy to help anyone that needs it!
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Full Name :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aliases/Nicknames :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Title(s) :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Preferred Name :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age/Date of Birth :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sex/Gender :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual Orientation :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race : [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Voice :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Languages Spoken :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Facial Structure :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Body Structure :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Height :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weight :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Skin Tone :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Scars :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tattoos :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Piercings :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Marks :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Style :[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Five Good Traits :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Five Bad Traits :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ideals/beliefs :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Details :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Quirks :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hobbies :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interests :[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Father :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mother :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sisters :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Brothers :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Grandparents :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Uncles :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aunts :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Cousins :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Arsenal :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Abilities :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Physical :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mental :[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Fears :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Physical :[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mental :[/BCOLOR]


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  2. N a m e
    ∞ Roman Archibald Halloway. He has several nicknames such as; Row, Romie, and Giant. He is not necessarily fond of any of the nicknames that have been given to him. Although, he doesn't seem to mind Row as much.

    A g e
    ∞ 25

    S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n
    ∞ Questioning

    S e x
    ∞ Male

    H e i g h t
    ∞ 6'6

    J o b P o s i t i o n
    ∞ Manager

    P e r s o n a l i t y
    Introverted, Observant, Judging, Assertive. Some defining characteristics are integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication. He enjoys taking responsibility for his actions, and takes pride in the work he does. When working towards a goal, he holds back none of his time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience. He has little tolerance for indecisiveness, but loses patience even more quickly if his chosen course of action is challenged with impractical theories, especially if they ignore key details. If challenges becomes time-consuming debates, he can become noticeably angry as deadlines tick nearer.

    H i s t o r y
    ∞ Born In November
    Roman's biological parent's were a looming almost non existential presence in his life. His mother was a french reporter who had fallen in love with a military man on leave from the United States. They found themselves quickly being enveloped in a heart warming, and passionate love. After several years, his parents now newly wedded found themselves settling in a comfy, yet lavish home. His mother had become a US citizen, and found a job at a popular magazine while his father remained on duty. While on duty his father's unit was attacked and soon enough the man was titled as M.I.A. The news was heartbreaking for his mother as she was already five months pregnant with Roman, and had no immediate family for support. With some help from the US government, Roman's mother was able to get all the essential she needed for living on her own as a single mother, and military widow. Despite the nice accommodations, his mother couldn't seem to cope with the loss and her health began to decline during the pregnancy. He was born on a day where the sky was clouded with grey and a light shower fell from above. His mother passed away giving birth to him, and he was immediately left with foster parents.

    ∞ Cynics and Critics
    Roman after living a few years with a foster family, was then adopted by a distant uncle on his mother's side. Roman's time with the old man was nothing short of pleasant, as his uncle was very strict. His uncle had high expectations, and made it very clear from the beginning that if Roman was going to live with him certain rules and guidelines must be followed. His uncle was a busy man, but despite his hard exterior Roman latched onto him. He admired how incredibly intelligent his uncle was, how everything always seemed to get done. Roman liked the order of it all, and almost became obsessive over it. Unfortunately, as Roman grew older he realized that the old man was very narcissist and cynical to the point that he often belittled Roman. Roman, who liked being in control himself begin to clash with the old man. They got into frequent arguments, most resulting in them not speaking to each other. After Roman's thirteenth, his uncle died of a heart condition that Roman was unaware of, and to this day he feels horrible for how he treated the old man.

    ∞ A New Home
    After the death of his uncle, Roman was adopted by his English teacher Mrs. Halloway. After having befriended Claudia, their daughter, in elementary school Roman had grown on the family. Eventually he became considerably close with them, and became part of the family. It was only natural that he would be adopted if anything where to happen to his uncle. He has many memories with them, one of which resulting in his fear of balloons. It was Claudia's birthday and they all went to party city to get balloons for her upcoming party. Well during the drive home, several of the balloons popped in the car while floating right beside Roman's ear. The suddenness of the noise, and the impact startled Roman. Since then there have been several other instances that only further solidified his fear of balloons. For example, the Halloways were having a huge family reunion, and Claudia's great uncle teased Roman by igniting a lighter under a balloon threatening to pop it. Eventually it lead to a mild case of globophobia, and now Roman gets extremely uncomfortable when balloons are present.

    ∞ Young Loves
    Roman was a straight A student, and very ambitious in academics in high school. He did not participate in Physical Education due to his health issues caused by his freakishly tall height or in any sports. As a result all of his attention was focused on the student council, the year book committee, the debate team, and his grades. His ambition to reach the top only strengthened his high positions in his class and his clubs. Anyone that knew him would say that school was his first love, but it was no match against his affections for Janette O'Neil. She was the first woman Roman had ever had any romantic feelings for. They met in the library, and eventually began dating in their junior year. During this, Roman's grades started to waver and eventually it all collapsed on top of him. He couldn't balance out his time for everything, so as a result he had to prioritize certain things. He left the year book committee, and the debate team. Now that some of the weight was lifted off his shoulders, he had no problem putting his attention to both his high school loves; Academics and Janette. Putting his attention towards his relationship, his role as student body president, and his grades his final year was complete bliss. He graduated with honors, and as valedictorian.

    ∞ Bliss Doesn't Last
    Shortly after graduation Roman was met with bad news, Janette was going out of state to attend university. Thankfully, both were open to the idea of having a long distance relationship. Roman was skeptical that it would work at first, but eventually the both of them got used to being apart. The frequently scheduled skype dates, and planning visits back and forth. It wasn't until Roman was contacted via Facebook message did things fall apart once again. Apparently Janette had been casually seeing other people behind Roman's back, and her roommate noticed what was going on and took it upon herself to contact him and let him now what was going on. This wasn't something Roman was particularly fond of, as he had a strong distaste for dishonest people. Not only this but the ordeal left him with completely shattered image of the woman he had fallen in love with. She had changed since graduation, she let herself go. Roman contacted Janette the moment she was available and ended their relationship via Skype. After the brake up, Roman finally realized just how alone he was in the world. He no longer had Janette, all his high school friends abandoned him after graduation, and he wasn't making any new friends in community college. The only thing that managed to keep him sane during this time, was his family and his academics.

    ∞ Life After University
    After two and a half years of study, Roman graduated from community college early and moved on to a local university. Once there he lived on campus, and worked not only his academics, but his social skills as well. The first friend he made at University was his roommate, Lucas. Making friends in his classes proved difficult, and in the end was fruitless. Fortunately, Roman did decide to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. He also did volunteer work. From both of this combined not only did he make solid friendships, but beefed up his resume. After two years at University, Roman dropped his volunteer work and started searching for actual work. Being employed was something Roman absolutely hated because as an employee he had to rely on other co-workers to complete tasks at work. Never the less, Roman stuck with is small job at a local clothing store he frequently shopped at. After working there for two years, a manager position opened up for the taking. Fortunate for Roman who had just graduated early with a business and management degree. Having an degree in business and management only made obtaining a management position at Eagle easier. He has been manager at Eagle for a year now, and know finds himself loving his job.

    L i k e s

    ∞ Working
    He loves it. It makes him feel alive.

    ∞Control, Order, Rules and Guidelines
    Everything has a place and there are rules for a reason. He feels like clear rules and regulations are the quickest way to getting work done, and he enforces them with a passion.

    ∞Dedication, Honesty, and Loyalty
    These traits and characteristics are probably the most appealing to him for many reasons.

    He could not survive with out it, he is probably a coffee addict.

    ∞Fall and Winter
    He prefers the colder seasons, he feels like his winter attire is much more appealing.

    ∞Scented Candles
    He finds the aroma to be very relaxing. He realizes bubble baths and scented candles are not very manly, but at least he is manly enough to tell you to fuck off for telling him candles and baths are not very manly. :D

    ∞Books, Reading, and Puzzles
    Anything that challenges and strengthens his mind.

    He likes how fluffy they are....

    D i s l i k e s

    ∞ Indecisiveness, Laziness, Procrastination, Unreliable individuals
    Basically anything or anyone that amounts to or contributes to wasting his time. Roman has a very strict quota, and deadlines. If something needs to be done at a certain time, he expects you to have it done at the time. If you can't make the deadline, then it needs to be said the moment he gives you the task and not five days before the deadline is coming up.

    Even the tiniest of secrets can feel like an utter betrayal. If you are not an open book he will not like you. He feels like keeping things from him is an insult, that you view him as untrustworthy. He also views secrets, or information being kept from him as time bombs waiting to go off, something that may seem small at first but will later cause a problem. He hates problems, and dishonesty causes problems.

    He has allergies.

    He has globophobia.

    ∞ Opinions
    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” is a quote by Harlan Ellison that he lives by. If your opinion is not supported by any facts or proof he will turn you away, as he wants nothing to do with uneducated hateful bullshit.

    O t h e r
    ∞ He has a cat, Wintson. Winston is also called Big Daddy by Roman's younger sister.
    ∞ Roman's younger sister Claudia Halloway.
    ∞ Roman lives in an apartment complex across the street called Spring Crossing. His room is 209, and Claudia is his roommate.
    ∞ He is a co-owner of the condo, along with two others. He does his part by restocking food for the palce.
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  3. The relationship part of the CS is optional!
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  4. Watching here as well. I'm not sure if I should make a CS right away, so I'll just wait c:
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  5. Question about the Character sheet! Is the Appearance section required if you have a reference image? I noticed that Vio did not fill his out and has a picture, so I am curious to if I have to fill out that section since I am going with a photo as well (I normally do not fill out appearances if they are in depth, because... A picture says a thousand words, and it is easy to just write in a few things for hair color and such and such XD)

    I have no problem with filling it out, it is just that I would rather not fill it out if I REALLY DON'T have to. Ya know? But, better safe than sorry >.<

    EDIT: Another question; what is the current character limit? I was thinking about making a second character, but I wanted to ask before I made him just in case the character limit is being lowered.
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  6. Since I didn't get a response from Spezi, Salt, or Bugsy, @neptune is our final 8th member. ^^
    Uhm, you dont have to fill it out if you have an image. If there is something specific though that's not in the image I behoove you to detail those bits. Only because these character sheets will be my references when I make my posts. That way I can be at least some what accurate in my details when I describe your character (from my own character's point of view).

    The current character limit is two. Since we only have eight players, I don't see a problem with giving people two characters. Two each would leave us at sixteen characters. I don't expect everyone to have two characters either. It is perfectly okay to have one character. For now I, myself, will be sticking with one character.

    All I ask is that everyone by mindful of the supernatural to human ratio. If everyone makes two characters then there should be 8 supernaturals, and 8 humans. o 3 o
  7. Do you guys want to make a shared google document for us to write out plot points and fluff and all the bunnies?
  8. That would be cool^^ or a skype ooc
  9. Well we can't really make a list of each plot point on skype. I'd rather we talk about it as a group here, and then actually list everything in a google document. I mean technically I can turn one of the tabs into a plot list thingy, but you guys wouldn't be able to edit it. The google document can be edited by all of you whenever, so you don't have to wait for me yanno? it's like cutting the red tape. xD
  10. OH yeah just thought about that xD than google doc it is lol. Me not paying attention it not something new xD.
  11. o: awesome! I'll get to work on a CS ASAP.

    And a google doc is fine with me!
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  12. General
    Full Name : Corinna
    Aliases/Nicknames : Cori, Corin, Inna
    Title(s) : None
    Preferred Name : Corinna, Cori
    Age/Date of Birth : 22, August 9th 1993
    Sex/Gender : Female
    Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
    Race : Mermaid
    Voice :
    Languages Spoken : Atlantean, English

    Facial Structure :
    Body Structure :
    Eye Color :
    Hair Color :
    Height :
    Weight :
    Skin Tone :
    Scars :
    Tattoos :
    Piercings :
    Marks :
    Style :

    Five Good Traits :
    Five Bad Traits :
    Ideals/beliefs :
    Details :
    Quirks :
    Hobbies :
    Interests :

    Arsenal :
    Abilities :
    Physical :
    Mental :

    Fears :
    Physical :
    Mental :


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  13. the fact that its quiet here worries me.... lol >w>
  14. I'll be more active the minute I finish my novel. Sorry! I did manage to pick a face for my character yesterday, though.
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  15. Sorry Vio ! I fell asleep yesterday, and I guess I didn't get your message (I had a "you're worthless" fit again, so... Yeah. Best not to talk about it!)

    I have one character ALMOST done, and she will basically be really childish but she might keep the group in line (you'll find out quickly from her character traits~) My second character will be posted with her, so, I think it might be up either tonight or tomorrow ^~^

    Also, what is the youngest a character could be? My female is 15 (might bump her up a bit) and I was curious if younger characters are also possible? Just curious is all >.< (Plus I like questions >.>)
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  16. Totally forgot about ages. Uuuhm 16 is youngest I'll go for now. >.> and eldest will be 45.
  17. That would be a cool idea!
    I actually like that idea, if everyone has skype that is. It wouldn't be fair to exclude anyone, now would it!?
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  18. The Basics
    Name: Jonas Eldridge Gold
    Age/Birthday: 21, August 5th, Leo
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Orientation: Pansexual
    Race: Satyr
    Languages Spoken: English, conversational Italian
    Occupation: Artist/Painter

    Height: 5'10"
    Body Structure: Jonas is of average weight in relation to his height. He likes to keep active and his body reflects that with lean muscles and somewhat gangly legs. He isn't very strong, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Style: Jonas wears whatever is comfortable and he's a little bit of a fashion disaster. He prefers baggy clothes that he can move around in, and doesn't often go places without a hat. His fondness for head-wear may or may not have to do with concealing his goat-like horns.

    ENFP - The Campaigner

    [ Chemical Smells ]
    Jonas is one of those odd individuals who actually enjoys paint fumes. He's also drawn to gasoline and shoe polish.

    [ Animals ]
    Jonas appreciates all creatures great and small, but there's a soft spot in his heart for almost every dog he's ever come across.

    [ Music ]
    What good is life without music? Jonas will listen to anything and everything, and can usually be found with at least one earbud in. His favorite sounds are experimental and anything with a good beat.

    [ Parties ]
    Jonas loves to go out and have a good time. He's always up for some kind of adventure.

    [ Being Fussed Over ]
    Just because Jonas is a bit of a disorganized mess doesn't mean that he wants others to clean up after him. There is a method to his madness and if you don't understand it, that's your problem.

    [ Ignorance ]
    Jonas hates when other people make assumptions, especially when those assumptions come at the expense of someone else's feelings. He doesn't like to see anyone upset.

    [ Creative Block ]
    Sometimes, it's impossible for Jonas to paint or do anything creative. When that happens, he tends to get depressed and retreats into himself.

    [ Spiders ]
    They're just gross, okay? He doesn't want anyone to kill them, he just doesn't want them near him or his stuff.

    [ Archery ]
    Jonas has been practicing the sport for years and considers himself to be rather good. He doesn't hunt animals, though, only targets.

    [ Art/Drawing ]
    When he was younger, just doodling in notebooks and messing about in water-color, Jonas never dreamed that art could become a career. But somehow, people enjoy his work and Jonas is happy to do anything creative.

    Born to two free-spirits who were single-handedly attempting to preserve the ideas of peace, love and harmony perpetuated by the 1960s, Jonas spent a large portion of his childhood off-grid. Year after year, the family struggled to get by, but while there was a shortage of money and necessities, there was never a shortage of love. Just before the start of middle school, the family left the commune behind for city life and his free-spirited, fun loving parents took corporate jobs that turned them into different people. If it weren't for the abundance of friends that he'd made at school, Jonas would have been one lonely kid. The house that the family had moved into had never been home for Jonas, and throughout high school, he was never home unless he could help it. After graduation, Jonas left his broken relationship with his parents behind and set off to find himself.

    Sleeps on his stomach
    Prefers tea over coffee
    Thinks the moon-landing was a hoax
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  19. Here is my first CS. I'll make the second one once I find out if we need an extra human or supernatural, since my character can go either way!

    --- --- ---


    Full Name :
    Katilynn Archer

    Aliases/Nicknames :
    Kat, Kate, Katie

    Title(s) :
    Little Miss

    Preferred Name:
    She prefers to go by her full name

    Age/Date of Birth :
    Sixteen years old/October 27

    Sex/Gender :
    Cisgender Female

    Sexual Orientation :
    (In between being sexually attracted and asexual. Usually implies being sexually attracted to a person comes from bonding and not from their psychical looks.)


    Voice :
    (Not sure if this is a required thing...)

    Languages Spoken :
    English, a bit of Spanish, Japanese, and French.

    Errand girl.



    Body Structure :
    Eye Color :
    Hair Color :
    Height :
    Weight :
    117 lbs
    She has a few scattered on her body playing rough outside.
    None, but she is wanting to get a heart somewhere on her body.
    Both ears are pierced, as well as her belly button.
    Marks :
    Same scars.
    (Best to explain IC, might fill in later!)


    Five Good Traits:
    Responsible - She will always do her responsibilities. This is what contrasts her childish nature.
    Honor - Her promises are her word. If she promises something, she will always keep to it.
    Nurturing - She is VERY good with children, and will try to protect them at as if they are her own.
    Playful - When in a good mood, she can be HIGHLY playful. Sometimes to the point that she has to be told to stop, since it is either distracting or she has to do her responsibilities.
    Integrates - Possibly the best part about her personality is the fact that she will [more likely than not forcefully] include people into conversations. If she is talking to her roommate and she sees some friends walking past her, she is going to call them over and make them chime in.

    Five Bad Traits:
    (She has six, but Fussy goes with Childish, so I am making Fussy a sub trait for childish! Plus, having six bad traits isn't bad, rather gives her more flaws!)
    Childish - She is very childish in almost every way other than that the fact that she is responsible.
    Fussy - She likes things a certain way. A common insult is claiming that she has "OCD" even though she in fact does not.
    Impatient - She expects whoever she asks to do something to be done with it in a timely manner. If she asks them to make food, they better get their butt in that kitchen that second.
    Indecisive - When given a choice, almost all are difficult to her. Simply asking her if she would like paper or plastic would make her frustrated, since she can not decide which she wants more without thinking for a rather long time--which is the opposite of what she will do.
    Inconsistent (In Mood) - It is rather common for her to have mood swings, which results in comments like: "Do you have to be so bipolar?" or "Are you PMSing?" even though she most likely is experiencing either.
    Stubborn - Almost to the point of bigotry, she can be hard to please either in the fact that she hates most ideas, or has a hard time wrapping her mind around things. New ideas are hard for her to understand at times.

    She believes that everything has to be done one way. There really isn't more than one way of doing something in her eyes. She can listen to someone's ideas respectfully, but will ask questions since she herself does not understand. New ideas aren't something that she can always easily accept. She will accept some, but others she will not.

    She believes that love is love, no matter what. No matter race, gender, size, or shape. She also believes that everyone should do what makes them happy, no matter how stupid she thinks that they are (example: wanting to ride a skateboard down a three floor building's roof, and trying to land into a pool.

    Quirks :
    Physical Quirks

    -Sneezes rather quietly--can even be compared to a "mouse"
    -Writes with her right hand, but will use her left hand more often than not.
    -Loves the flavor of tropical fruits.
    -Will almost always greet a person with a hug.
    -Highly ticklish!

    Vocal Quirks
    -Will only speak in initials or acronyms when scared or nervous
    -Will sometimes use malapropisms without realizing it.
    -Makes sound effects when bored (think comic book actions.)
    -Forgets everyone's name, so gives them nicknames--which change depending on her mood (food for when she is hungry, etc.)
    -talks about objects as if they were people
    -Calls people by family pronouns (father for men, mother for women, grandma/grandmother for older women, sister for girls, etc.)

    Hobbies :
    -Making other people clean
    -Back seat "driving"

    Interests :

    -Ice cream
    -Tropical fruits
    -People who do what she says
    -Toys! (likes them better than children...)

    -Spicy foods
    -Ice cubes
    -Creaked objects
    -Winter/Cold spaces


    Her parents died at a very young age right after her brothers were born. She however is a carbon copy of her mother, but her personality is a split between the two parents. Who she takes after more is hard to say.
    She has an older sister, who she isn't very close with.
    She has two twin brothers, who were the last siblings that she will get. She enjoys watching them, but can't since she has to work.
    She lives with her grandparents, since they are the only parent figures that she has left. Luckily, her grandparents had children young. However, some are shocked to find out that they are grandparents, since Kat's parents have been gone for a very long time.


    Pagophobia - The fear of ice or frost.
    Trypophobia - The fear of clusters of holes, pods, circles, cracks, cuts and/or other asymmetrical shapes.
    Olfactophobia - The fear of smells or odors.

    Size - She might pick a fight, but someone could easily pick her up and drag her off to her bedroom.

    Katilynn at a glance would have a hard life, but to her? She thinks that her life is the best that it ever could be. She has to work to help support her grandparents, since they are getting close to the point when they should be careful. Plus, trying to support her and her three siblings is tough as it is for them. She works as an errand girl at the local elderly center, and also does home visits to the elderly that live outside of the nursing home. She enjoys helping people, so much that she will try to take care of people as if they are her children. In her eyes, everyone is part of her family. And because of that, she welcomes everyone in with open arms, and calls them as such!
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